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has plg torn the heart out of the team?

maddog 64

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gers go into an oldfirm game on sunday with a team that has no heart.

can you imagine the likes of andrews or ricksen in the team now ?? dont you think both would walk into the starting 11.

the back 4 are weak and lack leadership i e gough..butcher..roberts.

hope that they sign pressley and at least get some aggression back into the defence.

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Marv was too old and was likely to be as inconsistant as Svensson

Ricksen was punished rightly btu he would walk into the team

You are right though, we lack leadership at the back. Baz is our own only real leader in the team, but Prso drags also drags the team by the neck

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I agree that there is no Gough type player in our squad but i wouldn't have Marv back in our squad & Ricksen, IMO, was never a very good RB, he was always much better in midfield but he disliked playing there.

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WE definately are lacking more BFs Dado, Nacho type players - especially in defence.

If we play like vs HIbs 1st half we can do it all the same.

I tend to agree with you that PLG does not seem to like any opposition and therefore may NOT buy these aggro type of players. Hope he changes his tune quickly!


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No heart in the Rangers team?

How do you come to that conclussion?

McGregor, Hutton, Smith, Ferguson, Prso and Novo to name 6. Rangers might be struggling to find a team capable of producing good football each week, But you cannot question the players heart, commitment or passion.

Andrews was a bombscare and Ricksen was a hot head. Would they walk into the 1st team?! No, no they would not. Andrews struggles at Raith Rovers and Ricksen would only find himself on the bench.

All this talk of Steven Pressley being the answer to Rangers problems at the back, couldnt be further from the truth. At Hearts, over the last 2 years he constantly fouled players in dangerous areas, got sucked in and beat for pace all the time and was part of the Hearts team that has fallen apart. He has too much to say and if things dont go his way he goes running to the press or calls for a change at the top. Why do you think Craig Gordon became Scotlands number 1?! the ammount of times he bailed out that defense was remarkable. Also, Why disrupt a defense that has only conceeded 1 goal in 5 SPL games? PLG will target a commanding centre back in January, to play alongside Karl Svensson. If he cant get the right man, I expect Hemdani to continue at the back

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