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Santa's Bluenose Billy boys


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Fuck knows how this came about but its class. :sherlock:

Billy Dunbar and Santa's Billy Boys singing their new song written by Jim Lindsay !!! Merry Christmas !!!

Words .....

Santa and Rudolph they are Billy Boys ,

when it comes to Christmas we will jump with joy

we've asked for a striker , another to adore just like our Ally who scored the goals galore .

Billy is an old Scottish word for friend and we will all be billy's to the end .

We cherish our friendship Rangers is our team , so come and be a billy boy and you can live the dream.

When it comes to Christmas turn the lighting on and let the supporters sing their favourite song.

All of the songs they've sung through the years for there's not a team that the billy boys fear .

bring out the flutes and bring out the drums and let the Billy boys play for everyone. Have a happy new year and a great Christmas day for Rangers and the Billy boys they will show the way !!!!

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