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Summer Football No Chance


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I still don't understand why we don't have a winter break and start the season in the middle of July rather than August. Surely that would make more sense. That would also mean that we wouldn't lose players for the African Nations Cup as well

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The football season should start at the beginning of March and finish at the end of November, the days for players at all levels e.g boys clubs, Amatuers, the Juniors and the pros. ploughing through muddy parks should be gone. That why we cant play passing football because our players are up to their ankles in mud and all they can do is get the ball and boot it up the park, also the warmer conditions would mean we,d have to slow the game down which again would lead to a more passing game.

It is madness to have young boys from the ages of 8yrs through to 18yrs when they are learning the game out in the pouring,freezing rain up to their ankles in the mire and then ask them to learn how to play football no wonder our game is rank.

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