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This is not another have a go thread at Davie Weir but we are severely lacking a true captain and it shows.

Fair enough big Weir has a great football brain and we don't see what he does off the park but is having the brain, being good with the younger members of the squad and having a word with a ref every now and again good enough?

In my opinion no, we need a captain with fire and true determination to push the team on and lead the players on the pitch.

This team badly needs a Barry Ferguson, Terry Butcher or Richard Gough type captain and I can't see at the moment anyone in our squad would have it in them.

So what is the answer is there someone there who could step up to the mark or do we have to look elsewhere at the end of the season for a leader on the park?

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wee have missed lee since his injury. we need some fight in the midfield. edu is making kayal look brilliant! :disappointment:

kayal is their best play at the moment. but i agree, none of our midfield 4 (or 5) have shown even half the bite that kayal has - pathetic really.

PS ACTUALLY whittaker tried but got fucked over.

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In better circumstances I wouldnt have mcculloch as captain , i just dont think he has the right attributes . But unfortunately We dont seem to have many choices at the moment .

Mcgregor - lead by example performance wise . maybe not right image for a rangers captain

Mcculloch - Rangers man , gives his all . Doesnt seem to motivate too much (for me )

Davis - Lead by example , rangers man , not a motivator , drifts in an out games too much

Naismith - Gives his all , great player , never really thought of him as captain material though

For me these are our most realistic options . I would love to see someone like ness really hold down a place in the team and evolve into a rangers captain much the way ferguson did . Although in ferguson when he was first in the team I always knew hed be a future captain . I Dont see that in any of our youngsters at the moment . Ness , Hutton etc prove me wrong

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I just hope next season we actually have a squad wiht 4 or 5 players who could be captain material.

In the 90s we werent half spoiled for choice, I Ferguson, McCall, The bomber, Gough, i would have had Hateley as a good shout too, the guy was a winner, just to name a few.

And now......there is just nobody who really merits the honour other than weir, whos legs have finally packed in.

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