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  1. Thank fuck for that! Biggest win of the season so far for me, considering our form. Completely changed my mind on Lundstram too, composed in the middle throughout 👏🏼
  2. Just a shite night to add to what has been a shite season. We need to click at some point surely
  3. So disjointed. Looks like our starting 11 have never even met, never mind played in the same team. Lundstram looks surprised every time someone passes to him. It’s ridiculous.
  4. He’s got a proper incel/school shooter vibe.
  5. I’d say it’s more due to the fact we’re winning now rather than who our PR guy is? These nonsense articles from the DR etc and the desperate Twitter attacks always seem to pop up after a win against them or after we celebrated 55
  6. High score win for us. Kent, Morelos, Hagi, Roofe all getting at their dodgy defence will be good to see.
  7. Wright changed that match. We'll be a different side next week once Kamara is back in the middle of the park, he's easily our most important player.
  8. Exactly that mate. Getting them back to Ibrox just 2-1 down is a relief and we can’t play any worse than that
  9. Fuck sake mate. Aye we’ve been pish tonight but that’s a ridiculous thing to say.
  10. Calmed down from the initial shock there… aye, 2-1 isn’t a disaster
  11. Europa league it is. Pathetic 5 minutes there
  12. Ryan Kent is superb. Even with the shite beard.
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