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2022 World Cup: High Tech ways to beat the heat in Qatar


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Qatar won the bid to host the 2022 World Cup by promising that its nine new open-air soccer stadiums would be air-conditioned. Now the Qataris have announced another cool twist to their hospitality -- an artificial cloud to hover above the stadium and provide shade.

The head of mechanical and industrial engineering at Qatar University said the cloud would be positioned by remote control and run on solar power.

Based on the design shown in local Qatari news outlets, the cloud isn't white and fluffy. It is flat and rectangular, resembling a giant cell phone, and will be built using light carbonic materials. Perhaps something was lost in translation from Arabic because the invention is more spaceship than cloud, but ultimately players and fans will benefit from the shade.

The cost of the cloud is $500,000, but money is no obstacle for Qatar, which is one of the world's richest countries thanks to vast natural gas and oil reserves.

There have been concerns about the heat ever since Qatar began its campaign in 2009 to pursue a World Cup. The average high for July in Qatar is 106 degrees, and temperatures have reached 120 degrees in the summer. That is one reason why Prince Ali of Jordan suggested shifting the 2022 World Cup from its traditional time in July to January, which is Qatar's coolest month with an average high of 71 degrees.

Temperatures were in the 60s for the 2010 World Cup championship match in Johannesburg, South Africa, held on July 11, between Spain and the Netherlands.

Qatar, which is roughly the size of Connecticut, will be the smallest nation to host a World Cup. The other finalists to host in 2022 were the U.S., Australia, Japan and South Korea.


The link above is about Qatar unveiling plans to build 9 football stadiums. In the article, on the right, you can click to view the slideshow of the artists' rendering of what the stadiums would look like.

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Best looking stadiums the world has ever seen. How will they really turn out though?

it wont be far of. They will want to show off so IMO they will be lovely stadiums. it’ll be a good world cup and the Quataris will be great hosts. I like the ME a lot, but wouldn’t live there

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Hosting the World Cup should be earned, not bought. Qatar has contributed virtually nothing to the global game.

Fair dooz. It’s good for the region though, but yeah, England and Oz/The States should have got those two WC’s

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How do you mean? Is it not rich enough already?

(I'm being genuine by the way, as I know you travel around quite a bit, so probably know the region better than me.)

No nothing to do with money i am talking about the footbaling side of it, the social side and all that.

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My main issue with Qatar, apart from the bribery, is that they still ban homosexuals for being homosexuals.

Well, at least they don't kill them I guess. :(

They will if they get caught at it. :craphead:

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Those stadiums will be awesome once finished - Imagine the crowds they will get in one of them to watch a woman being stoned.

Couldn't have been put any better.

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