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  1. I think that ship sailed in 1991 when David Murray said we would be guaranteed to be playing in England by season 1993-94, then it was guaranteed to be sewn up for the new millennium. It's like a bloody boomerang that keeps coming back.
  2. Perhaps I'm being cynical, but I'm not having any of this bullshit that Lennon resigned voluntarily, especially when he publicly stated two days previous that he had no intention of quitting. I think the non-Hollicom version of events would be more like this. Lawwell: Neil, we would like you to leave your post immediately for the good of the club. Lennon: Not a chance, Peter, I will stay until the end of my contract and be paid my full salary, or you can terminate my contract and pay me out in full. Lawwell: We can't do that Neil as it will show the club in a bad light and it will no
  3. You have to be an old timer from the 1960's to remember these two champions from the Airdrieonians -Rangers connection, both who were friends of my Father. The wee Prime Minister, Ian McMillan & big Dougie Baillie.
  4. Good shout. It's ironic that both Borna Barasic and Niko Katic said that Grezda was the best player by a country mile at Osijek before his injury.
  5. John Livingston "Ian" McMillan. aka; "The Wee Prime Minister". Airdrieonians FC player, manager, Legend and Hall of Fame SFA Hall of Fame Qualifies quantity surveyor. Only player actively working as a quantity surveyor while winning four Scottish League titles, three Scottish Cup winners medals, two Scottish League Cup winners medals, and played in a European Cup Winners Cup Final.
  6. I can't remember Neilly Gibson playing, but I know his Great Grandson, Mel Gibson; A brilliant player and a real Braveheart to boot.
  7. He still does it at times. The easist way to find out is to ask Tavernier how he pronounces his name, and stick to it.
  8. Not quite that old, mate, but I know of Billy Arnison, who we sold to Luton. No idea about any Norman though.
  9. Oh I don't know mate! I've seen a heap of Dire players at Rangers over the 60+ years I've been a supporter 🤣 I actually wonder how to pronounce his name correctly; I'll bet if he makes it to the first team Tam Miller will make a cunt of it.
  10. Great title for a song; Trolling in the deep. I will fucking well guarantee that we, nor the tarriers, will ever play in the English football pyramid anytime soon. I remember vividly being over on holidays and walking into Ibrox with my cousin to see us beat Hibs 2-0 (Hately and Gough scored) and my cousin and his mates were all talking about us going to play in the English leagues. I almost pissed myself laughing and told them there was more chance of Ian Ferguson becoming the pope than us being allowed to play in England. They insisted we would because David Murray had said we would be playi
  11. To be fair, it's not the daftest post I've read on this thread; gets mighty close to it though.
  12. Apart from scratching my head on how the fuck BJK, Bobby Evans, and Bertie Peacock were all "brothers" unless they were all Masons, Obviously at Rangers it began with Moses and Peter McNeil in 1872. Since then I can only think of Derek and Barry Ferguson, the De Boers, Robbie and Ross McCrorie, Dire and Dapo Mebude. Jim Forrest and Alex Willoughby were cousins, Robert Fleck is the uncle of John Fleck, Ian McMillan is the Grandfather of Ian Russell, Ted McMinn and the tin man from Oz.
  13. I would bet the bookies will have him at very short odds for that appointment. unless the cunt has a heart attack the week before the game.
  14. I didn't know whether to put my thoughts on Barišić on a new thread, or continue on this one, but here goes. I doubt very much if many 'Gers fans had heard of Osijek before we were drawn against them last season, and I'm sure even less had heard of Borna Barišić. The common consensus is that we signed him on the strength of the two games against us, so if that is the case, what exactly did we sign him as? If we signed him as a player in the mould of a Saša Papac or a Jon Flanagan type full-back, then we fucked up badly, but if we signed him as an attacking left sided midfield type player
  15. I'm very sorry to hear that, mate! Your videos were always brilliant, so thanks for everything you have done. Best wishes for you and your family for the future.
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