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  1. You could say Scotland were cut open with a Schick
  2. Two seasons ago he was a liability at times; brilliant but a liability just the same because of his petulance and getting himself involved in situations where he got yellow/red cards needlessly. This season has seen him transformed both on and off the pitch into a genuine all-round assassin that terrorises every defender he faces and much credit must go to Stevie Gerrard and his backroom team for that. I think we might struggle to hang on the Buffalo next season, unfortunately.
  3. Thanks MisterC you're a champion (3 times over)
  4. Could a moderator please change the title to 2020-21 please. Thanks in advance.
  5. misleading alright... should be 2020-21...that's what happens when you only can see out of one eye.
  6. * If this has already been done, please remove, Admin. While everybody in football are waxing lyrical over our domestic League season records (and rightly so) that only tells part of the story, so I think if we go into detail about our entire competitive season and break it down into sections it might even surprise some of our fans. Scottish Premier League: Played 38. Won 32.......Drawn 6 .....Lost 0.....Goals for 92.....Goals against 13.....Points 102 ....Clean sheets 26. Scottish League Cup: Played 2 ....Won 1 ....Lost 1....Goals for 6 .....Goals against 3.... Clean sheets 1
  7. purely out of interest mate...how often do u manage to get back to watch Rangers? I have been thinking about moving to Oz but the thought of not been able to get to ibrox often enough puts me off!

  8. Hi Oz,Here is a crazy question.Did you know Jimmy Rooney and Jimmy Smith?Both are from Dundee as I am and although I was a few years younger than them we did play football together.Rooney was with Peterborough at the time and he would play in a few unorganised local matches during the close season. What a player.Smith and I played together for NCR amateurs.I can tell you lots more.

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