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  1. You could say Scotland were cut open with a Schick
  2. Two seasons ago he was a liability at times; brilliant but a liability just the same because of his petulance and getting himself involved in situations where he got yellow/red cards needlessly. This season has seen him transformed both on and off the pitch into a genuine all-round assassin that terrorises every defender he faces and much credit must go to Stevie Gerrard and his backroom team for that. I think we might struggle to hang on the Buffalo next season, unfortunately.
  3. Thanks MisterC you're a champion (3 times over)
  4. Could a moderator please change the title to 2020-21 please. Thanks in advance.
  5. misleading alright... should be 2020-21...that's what happens when you only can see out of one eye.
  6. * If this has already been done, please remove, Admin. While everybody in football are waxing lyrical over our domestic League season records (and rightly so) that only tells part of the story, so I think if we go into detail about our entire competitive season and break it down into sections it might even surprise some of our fans. Scottish Premier League: Played 38. Won 32.......Drawn 6 .....Lost 0.....Goals for 92.....Goals against 13.....Points 102 ....Clean sheets 26. Scottish League Cup: Played 2 ....Won 1 ....Lost 1....Goals for 6 .....Goals against 3.... Clean sheets 1 Scottish Cup: Played 3 .......Won 2 .....Drawn 1 .....Goals for 7 .....Goals against 1 .......( I have not classed the penalty kick defeat as a "loss") ....Clean sheets 2 Europa League: Played 13 .....Won 9 .......Drawn 3 .....Lost 1......Goals for 34 ......Goals against 16......Clean sheets 5 TOTAL: Played 56 ......Won 45 ......Drawn 9 ......Lost 2......Goals for 139 .....Goals against 33 ......Clean sheets 34 Those are amazing numbers when we consider where we were only a few seasons ago.
  7. I think that ship sailed in 1991 when David Murray said we would be guaranteed to be playing in England by season 1993-94, then it was guaranteed to be sewn up for the new millennium. It's like a bloody boomerang that keeps coming back.
  8. Perhaps I'm being cynical, but I'm not having any of this bullshit that Lennon resigned voluntarily, especially when he publicly stated two days previous that he had no intention of quitting. I think the non-Hollicom version of events would be more like this. Lawwell: Neil, we would like you to leave your post immediately for the good of the club. Lennon: Not a chance, Peter, I will stay until the end of my contract and be paid my full salary, or you can terminate my contract and pay me out in full. Lawwell: We can't do that Neil as it will show the club in a bad light and it will not be in your best interest getting another position if we say you were sacked and you can't continue because we will be begging supporters to buy season tickets for next season and if you are still here by May no fan will buy season tickets, so if you officially say you have resigned we will pay you your full entitlement plus bonuses and thank you for your amazing services to the club. That sounds more to the truth for me.
  9. You have to be an old timer from the 1960's to remember these two champions from the Airdrieonians -Rangers connection, both who were friends of my Father. The wee Prime Minister, Ian McMillan & big Dougie Baillie.
  10. Good shout. It's ironic that both Borna Barasic and Niko Katic said that Grezda was the best player by a country mile at Osijek before his injury.
  11. John Livingston "Ian" McMillan. aka; "The Wee Prime Minister". Airdrieonians FC player, manager, Legend and Hall of Fame SFA Hall of Fame Qualifies quantity surveyor. Only player actively working as a quantity surveyor while winning four Scottish League titles, three Scottish Cup winners medals, two Scottish League Cup winners medals, and played in a European Cup Winners Cup Final.
  12. I have absolutely no idea who works for the Record or the Mail and had no idea who Gavin Berry was, but he certainly does attend the press conferences, which is surprising because I thought the DR was non gratae at our club. I wonder what Dave King thinks of this betrayal to our fans who, Don't buy it, don't click it. don't share it?
  13. It was clearly a computer with a virus which fucked up.
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