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  1. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: That fuckin cracked me up nae end. Aw mammy daddy, git me a doacter
  2. There was never a doubt he was a talent, it was just that certain events like his injury held him back....I'm glad he is changing the opinion of some of our fans who said he was a dud.
  3. Maybe the fans might start believing that this kid has talent and lots of it after his winner against Hearts. Keep it going son!
  4. The tattie howker wants 32 senior players for his assault on the three domestic trophies and a massive run in the Europa League. This way he can have two different teams for any given match to combat the opposition no matter who they are playing or what tactics they use.....I kid you not.
  5. My deepest apologies to you, McBoyd. I was totally 100% positive that I had made a comment on this when you first posted it...I'm getting Alzheimers for sure It is a great project mate and I look forward to further additions to it...Excellent work.
  6. I think their board know that if the mhanks don't deliver this season, they are all out on their arse mate, so they are giving said bigot the money they got for the plastic paddy to try and put bums on seats at the piggery and save their bacon, so to speak. Reid and Lawwell know their coats are on a shoogly nail,Thermopylae and they are not going to be the fall guys for any failure that's ahead, so the bigot has no excuses about the board not backing him financially. Bacon & egg on their faces is a wonderful menu for the piggery canteen.
  7. That's a possibility,Scott....I never saw the game the other night (morning here) but as you said, he is a decent player, but I can sense Mjalby fingerprints on this move. In the Sydney games that he played, he seemed steady without trying anything flash, but pre-season games are a bit deceptive to form...I've no doubt he will be put to the test by our guys...no sweat!
  8. Looks like Lennon is trying to strenghen their shonky defence by signing AEK Athens central defender Daniel Majstorovic. I saw this guy play in the Sydney tournament and he looked very composed so it seems that Lennon might be getting jittery about our signing of Beattie and the proposed move for Jelavic. http://www.setanta.c...tball/Scottish/
  9. I've got to agree with you mate!...The whole week was a cracker, both in the Fox & Lion and at the games & training. I "interviewed" quite a few fans about their experiences of their trip to Sydney for my final blog for Rangers Media about the tour. It was very interesting to hear the thoughts of our fans regarding transfers, how they reacted to the players appreciation (or lack of) at the completion of the games etc, and of their general views of the tour, so I will post it to therabbitt, as soon as i get back to the Blue Mountains tomorrow. To all the guys I met in the week, thanks f
  10. Seen BeutifulSeas (again) in the F&L and at the ground...I'm positive that S actually lives in that bloody pub because every time I go there, he is there. Brissyger was doing the boys proud in the ground with the RM flag...excellent stuff young fella! Now it's all over,I am glad I got to meet some of the RM guys. I hope we meet again guys!
  11. I'll be at the Fox & Lion at 12.30pm Saturday....I'll have my RM name tag around my neck with OZBLUE written in RED. If be at the first table nearest to the bar ( I'm the oldest and claim seniority ) if you hear somebody say...Freddie, and a guy answers to it, then that's me. I'll be wearing our Tennent's shirt with long sleeves. I was talking to BeautifulSeas at training today and he will be at the F&L tomorrow also. Look forward to meeting you guys.
  12. I was at the Fox & Lion all day Wednesday before the game and then for a few hours after the game but I never came across any other RM guys. I'll be there from about 12.30pm Saturday and I'll have my RM name tag on just as I've had on for the last two games with OZBLUE written in RED...plus i will have the new long sleeve shirt on....other than that, just look for the guy with the Scottish accent. I actually met 'roboscot' in the F&L toilet on Sunday (didn't shake his hand BTW) and then I saw BeautifulSeas in the stadium with his new shirt on with the #8 THOMSON on the back I'll DEF
  13. I was talking to the ORSA lads on Sunday at the Fox & Lion about the songs we would be singing and while we are inside the stadium we can let rip Billy Boys etc, I think a full blown march to the ground with flutes and drums, singing songs like The Blue sea of Ibrox, Rangers, Rangers, Rangers OK, along with follow follow etc! would be great and show Sydney people that we are not what others try and make us out to be....Only my opinion. Fox & Lion @ 1.30pm Wednesday for me.
  14. I'll try and get on to Fox tomorrow mate! I am still waiting for a reply to my question why there is no Saturday games listed to be shown. Bloody hell! Fox Sports have apparently changed the LIVE showing of the Wednesday games to Thursday morning (on the electronic tv guide) Here's what they have advertised now... THURSDAY 29th July: 7.00am - 8.30am AEK versus Blackburn Rovers " " : 8.30am - 10.00am Rangers versus Sydney FC I have no idea what they are doing....and there is still NO Rangers v AEK game advertised at all. The best I can advise is to keep watch on the station to find out what
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