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Who Should We Sign ?


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Theres a few on here who fancy themselves as a Scout.

So who does everyone think we should go for, realisticly ?

(Edit: This should maybe be in the Transfer Section, feel free to move it.)

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If I could have any SPL (outwith the tims) players I wanted:

Benji from Hibs (warming to Brown too - can't be worse than Burke)

Berra, Mikoliunas, Fyssas, Gordon, and Brellier from Hertz

Can't think of any others. We've signed the only other I'd want; Gow.

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I think the two essential players we haven't alrady signed is Healy and Brown, would have loved to see Mpenza come in but he seems to be staying at Man CIty going by reports over the last couple days.

Koevermans from AZ looks good, but according to Numan, we would be lucky to get him for anything less than £4m which is a bit excessive IMO

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Healy, Brown, Balaban, Culina, Barr, Naismith, would love koevermans. and try and get Soren Larsen from schalke, im not sure if hes getting a game because schalke have peter ( a fellow dane who im sure could sell us to him), altintop, kuranyi

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Pre-Contracts(some of them would be difficult to get, but if you dont try, you dont get!)

Zoltan Gera

Timo Hildebrand

Petter Hansson

Robbie Fowler

Matt Jarvis

Mark Delaney(cover for Hutton)

Scott Brown

David Healy

Steven Naismith

Kew Jailens- Swap for Buffel, plays RB

Or swap Buffel for Koevermans + cash annd go for one of these guys, Birger Maertens/Mikael Dorsin- Both RB's, Dorsin can play both RB and LB.

Andy Webster

Alan Gow

Kirk Broadfoot

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heally and brown are musts imo

heally..£3 million to much tho

brown £4 million to much

if we could get them both for about £4million

then half enough for kovermans...£4million

thats £8million...hopefully murray will give that..

then Petter Hansson free transfer...

that will give a strong team next year













team capable off winning the league and more if you ask me

back up

robertson - wants to go on loan though




murray for rb and lb




buffel (could play a major part if he stays tho)




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would like to see us going for zolton gera , basturk and hansson on bosmans. Then get healy brown and kovermaans. Would also like to see us signing steve davis and aaron hughes from aston villa ( hughes can cover hutton at RB and is also a very good centre back ( although that moron oneill cant see that) Cullina from psv would be good as well. I wonder would man city be interested in selling Isaksson. Hes a fantastic GK but hes only played for them 7 times this season, probably wishful thinking on that one :( I would also try to get van der meyde from everton. Hasnt done well for them but he was a cracking player, i would try to get him on loan, european football might appeal to him. Would try for jason koumas as well. i know he hasnt been mentioned here for months but i would still love to see nicolae dica come here, goalscoring midfielder and can play up front as well. I think he would be a grea signing for us. Unfortunatly i dont think we could afford any more than 2 or 3 of the players i want though :(

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These are a few that I could think of right now;

D. Healy

S. Brown

Z. Gera

Hameer Bouazza

D. Koovermans

S. Naismith

A. Webster

O. Onyewu (Newcastle on loan, American guy)

J L Samuel (Villa)

JP Angel (Villa)

Cisse (Marseille)

Sorenson (GK, Villa)

P. Hannson

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Think we should try raid man u and chelsea for some loans.

Ben Sahar & Michael Mancienne.

They are loaded so we won't need to pay their wages.

too much football manager mate :pipeguy:

Unsurprisingly it was playing football manager that got me interested in looking at them. Chelsea youth and reserves alone could probably handle themselves in the SPL.

Sahar is also an israel international.

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Guest therabbitt
Think we should try raid man u and chelsea for some loans.

Ben Sahar & Michael Mancienne.

They are loaded so we won't need to pay their wages.

too much football manager mate :pipeguy:

I think we should go for Niclas Millan and Bennedict Vilakazi ;)

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Right i've done this in comparison with what money I think we will have in the summer and have tried to stay away from guys who we have already been linked with:

Kevin McNaughton- Cardiff (right back/leftback) Will not be seen by many as a good option but I think he could be. Was very impressive for Aberdeen when he got his head right after the whole Scotland issue. We need players who can handle themselves in the SPL first and foremost and this guy has proved that he can since he was 18. Has been pretty impressive for Cardiff this season. The only negative is that he has had a few injury problems. He could easily be a good back up at right back/left back/ right mid/left mid and even in the centre of midfield. A player who is solid enough and has that type of versatilty could be vital if we serioulsy want to compete next year.

Vikash Dharasoo- Another player who is unattched after being sacked by PSG. He was briefly linked to us when PLG was in charge and I would still take him now. Might be getting on a bit but is still a quality player.

Wayne Routledge (Loan) - Tottenham. I rate this kid so highly and can't believe he doesn't play week in-week out for Fulham. A season here would be good for him as he could experience Europe and also adapt to the more physical side of the game. He can also play on both wings which is always a bonus.

Zoltan Gera - WBA On a free. Has been discussed here already. Versatile and quality. It's that simple.

David Healy - been discussed at great length here already but I think he would be a quality addition to our squad and mentioned his name in January as a potential signing.

Daniel Majstorovic - A Swedish international currently playing for Basel. Looks like thug and could play like one too if he wanted. Would be a massive asset both defensively and and set pieces.

Obviously another player or two would be handy but it would give us a team of:





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