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Rangers Starlet Gregg Wylde: I'd Love To Play In Olympic Team


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From the Daily Record.

Rangers starlet Gregg Wylde: I'd love to play in Olympic team alongside David Beckham

RANGERS kids Gregg Wylde and Kyle Hutton last night admitted they'd jump at the chance of representing Britain at next year's Olympics - despite the SFA insisting Scots won't be involved.

A huge row has blown up over claims the four home nations have agreed to allow players to join Team GB.

The Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish FAs vehemently deny they would allow their players to participate.

The Under-23 team will have three overage players, one of whom is likely to be David Beckham.

And winger Wylde admits he would love to feature alongside the former England icon.

The Scotland Under-21 cap said: "I know the SFA are unhappy but if there is a Team GB, hopefully I would be in the squad.

"Beckham could be on one side and me on the other. I'd be over the moon."

Midfielder Hutton admits he would play for Britain - so long as it didn't interfere with his progress at Rangers.

The 20-year-old said: "It would be a great honour but if it coincided with club commitments I'd have to put all my focus on Rangers and leave it out.

"If the SFA asked us not to play but the chance came along I would be swaying towards wanting to do it.

"But the Olympics have never really stood out for me. Winning the SPL is definitely the gold medal.

"The feeling I got from winning it last season was amazing."

Hutton is looking to cement his place in the Ibrox first team after making the breakthrough last season.

But despite six starts in his first campaign, including Champions League action against Manchester United and Bursaspor, the player doesn't know if it's earned him the right to mix with the big boys.

The Scotland Under-21 kid racked up 14 appearances in total last term and is adamant he has everything to prove.

He said: "I need to have the mentality that I'm in the first-team pool now. It's about having the mindset to go out and show what you can do.

"I want to keep going and get a lot more games. It's about progressing bit by bit and keep trying to improve.

"You can't really improve your game if you're on the bench."

Hutton is signed up at Ibrox for the next three years but knows expectations placed on him will now be intense.

In fact, he swears the campaign ahead is the most crucial yet of his fledgling career.

He said: "It's more important than last season because that was all about breaking into the team and trying to get a few games.

"If I get a chance this season I have to grab it with both hands and show people what I can do.

"Playing against Manchester United showed me a lot. It was a really big experience.

"Now I have to develop my fast feet and move them quicker about the pitch.

"I believe my passing is fine so it's now about making sure I get more game time."

Hutton's emergence from the Murray Park youth regime with Wylde, Jamie Ness, Andy Little, Darren Cole and John Fleck has been a shot in the arm for the champions.

And the young playmaker insists the talent will flow again this term.

Hutton said: "We will have more coming through - but the biggest thing is being able to handle the pressure."

Ally McCoist's recruitment drive is gathering pace but the player is adamant the arrival of new faces should hold no fears for the kids.

He said: "It's not a negative - it's a positive. The young boys might be pushed back a little if more experienced players come in but our job is to combat that.

"We need to prove to the boss we are better than the players who are coming in so we have to catch his eye."

New Ibrox owner Craig Whyte has been critical of Murray Park's rate of success for moulding top-team stars but Hutton said: "I train there and see the youth team.

"There are some really good players there and it's all about them getting their chance. There is plenty of ability."

David Goodwillie remains on McCoist's radar and Hutton is a fan of the Dundee United striker.

He said: "I played with Goodwillie in the Scotland Under-21s. He's a really good player.

"He is full of confidence and is in his own wee world but he could handle the pressure no problem."

Good to hear.

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What athlete doesn't dream of winning an Olympic Medal? If given the chance it's their decision whether or not they play, I don't think it's fair for the SFA or Welsh FA to dictate what they can or can't so if they're selected.

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Good on him for saying that, who wouldn't want to play for Britain at Wembley and have the chance of winning an Olympic gold medal? The ramifications for the Scottish national team wouldn't really concern me and in any case I think that there has been alot of scaremongering from the SFA.

We saw the attitude of the tarten army towards Rangers in the Ireland game, I would be amused by the response should Rangers players line up for Britain!

Mcgregor may have a chance as an over-age player and if Barry Bannan has a good season he could make the squad, the likes of Wylde and Ness may have a very, very small chance of making it if they play games in the champions league and do o.k.

The Olympics is taken very seriously by alot of countries, Brazil are desperate (and under pressure) to win it as it's the only trophy they haven't won and Spain are also going to be doing there best to make it a cleen sweep of international trophies.

The Olympics being held in GB is a once in a lifetime event and anyone who tries to prevent Scottish players being part of it is imo small minded and petty.

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There is ZERO chance of any Scottish players being in this team and anyone with half a brain knows exactly what the English are doing . Cant understand why anyone Scottish stick up for these bastards .

I don't agree with you at all. Are you one of the mob that gets all hot and bothered when you watch Braveheart? Why are they bastards? I think you may have mistaken this for a tarten army forum, jog on and find one of those and you can chat with Hamish and co about how friendly you all are, how much everyone loves you and how you will support Mcfadden and co evermore.

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You are a deluded clown thinking any Scottish players would ever be in this team . I am proud to be Scottish and its sad to see so many on here sticking up for anything English

"sad to see so many on here sticking up for anything English"

Are you kidding? Why does being proud to be Scottish mean you have to hate England? Are you 12?

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but its ok for the English to dictate to the rest of the country ?

I don't see anybody moaning when it comes to High Jump or Curling.

The best players available will be selected. If they're not English, great, but if they are then what can we do?

The players are available for selection, if they're not good enough that's another problem altogether.

It's all about having the pool of players available.

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The English never miss a trick to mock and downgrade anything Scottish and thats the way it always has been . They have been told by ALL the other countries this team aint happening and have ignored everyone again !

Plenty Shuggie, away and watch Mel Gibson getting it right up those nasty English bullies. Idiot.

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You two are in the wrong country ...........enjoy sliding up the English arse ......


Please answer my question,

why do people have no qualms with Chris Hoy representing Team GB, as well as countless other Scots doing well in many sports in the Olympics, but the minute football is involved it's blasphemy and we're 'sliding up England's arse'?

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You two are in the wrong country ...........enjoy sliding up the English arse ......

Did Allan Wells also slide up the English arse? Chris Hoy? Th guys fighting under the British flag in Afghanistan? Stop embarrassing yourself.

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Nothing to do with Hoy or any individuals . Its all about the other countries identity and not being told what to do by the English . The sooner we are split from them the better , then the likes of Hoy and several others can win the medals for Scotland and not Britain [England]

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