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The Rangers

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I've honestly never known why people get bothered about it. I've 'seen' (metaphorically) people foaming at the mouth because someone has called us 'Glasgow Rangers.' I know it's not right, more people know it's not right, but it seems like 'uber-fan-ism' to slag someone off for not knowing the precise name. Why not slag everyone who doesn't call us "The Rangers Football Club Limited" in every post?

Same as 1872/1873. If you've read the history, 1872 is the formation year. There's almost a witch-hunt for people who dare to believe the (incorrect) published literature which claims 1873 as our formation date.

Smacks me as people trying to get one over on fellow fans because they know more about the history, but I could be way off the mark....

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why do people say the "the rangers" i just dont get it,u read a sentence when folk write it and doesny make sense sometimes.

we are rangers not the rangers!

Glasgow Rangers isn't it? :BELM:

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I have in the past, am happy to still, and will in the future call us Rangers, The Rangers and Glasgow Rangers depending on how I feel. The Rangers lends an air of nobility and superiority befitting our great club, and anybody who dislikes it is clearly a wretch. On the other hand, Glasgow Rangers lends a kind of unpretentious, working class, four lads in a park kind of sound that I also like, depending on the circumstances.

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