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FAO ADMIN! or anyone else for that matter


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A while back, I asked admin if they would run a competition for us all to vote for the greatest Rangers goal ever scored. Someone said they would get the ball rolling (Can't remember who it was, sorry)

Just wondering if this is still going to happen?

It's just for a bit of fun, and I don't think it has ever been done with any sort of Rangers medium. Maybe a trophy could be presented to the winner (if he's still alive) or his family (if he's past away).

What do you all think?

I see no reason for not doing it.

Would be great publicity for the site if we could get a "Rangers friendly" jurno to get his paper to do a story on the presentation.

Although that's not important.

Seventy2 mag or something could do a story on it.

Anyway, the point is, I don't think it has ever been done, and it would be good if RM could be the first to do it.

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I started it, that's for non-Rangers goals.

This is for Rangers goals only.

I'll start it off with this.

Think that would also finish it off :lol:

That and his free kick v the sheep are the first goals that always pop into my head.


Wilkins v them

Hateley and McCoist at Elland Rd

Wallace v Dortmund

Albertz Free kick v them

Nisbet v Brugges

As contenders

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Must be Davie Coopers goal against the immigrants at the refugee camp - where he lifted the ball over a few heids before knocking it past their keeper.

Unfortunately, he's not around to collect an award - but he's one, if not the Best Ranger (player), ever - (obviously cannot compare with what Ally has done for us helping with our club). I'm so glad we have such brilliant people to look back on.

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