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The Opening of First Ibrox 20th August 1887.

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Why does it list it with PNE vs Rangers rather than Rangers vs PNE? Isnt the home team always listed first? Maybe it was different back then.

I cant be 100% certain but I think in the very early days, the away team as "guests" would be titled first in the line ups as a courtesy

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Wow, what a wonderful ad and picture! (tu)

"Copeland" Road was how it was spelled in those days.

"Ladies free" - Liewell has just complained to the SFA that we were guilty of sex discrimination in 1887. He wants all our results that season changed to 0-3, and us issued with a fine equal to the amount they will lose when Maribor knock them out the CL. Sporting integrity, and all that.

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Copeland Road?

From Gary Ralston's Gallant Pioneers 1872 book.

The name of the street was correctly spelled out at the time in maps and journals. but was later changed to Copeland Road after a spelling blunder by builders who were constructing the local Copland Road School.

The erroneous letter 'e' was allowed to stand unchallenged for much of the first half of the 20th century , but the street name has long since been restored to the original.

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The evening after the match Rangers hosted a Dinner to mark the opening of First Ibrox for both teams in Ancell's Restaurant which was part of Trades House Glassford Street Glasgow.

Our Founder Peter McNeil, who was standing in for Tom Vallance read a rousing speech he said :

'' I have been a member of the Rangers since it was first ushered into the world and i cannot recollect an event which will bear comparison with today''.

Trades House.


Trades House today.


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