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Nostalgia Trip - Glory Days


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When I first started regularly going to games, I was about 14 (had been to games since about 4 apparently), used to stand in the West Enclosure, and despite this all pre-dating watching the majesty of the greatest player I ever saw gracing our jersey in the Prince of Denmark, that team was the one that will always live with me as out greatest. Not every player was a diamond, but the team spirit was out of this world.












And yes, Huistra and Miko came in sometimes, even Gary Stevens was fit on occasion but that eleven is the one that trips off my tongue.

Went unbeaten for over 40 games iirc, and for those who were around at the time, I don't think we ever thought they could lose.

Treble, cheated out of winning the CL when unbeaten in it even had Ally's second consecutive Golden Boot award.

Truly the glory days in my lifetime, although I am sure older bears have equal (they may claim better) memories.

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Always had a soft spot for the team from the Souness revolution , particularly after Graham Roberts signed in Christmas.

Woods , Nicholl , Roberts , Butcher , Munro , McMinn , D Ferguson , Durrant , Cooper , McCoist , Fleck.

After being brought up with Rangers teams that played the ' big center forward ' game , it was refreshing to see fast , flowing attacking football. Hard to believe our midfield comprised of two 19 year olds , while Fleck , I think was about 20. Even Souness , just back from the captaining Scotland in the World Cup , struggled to get a game !

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