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  1. think if they get beat tmor the pressure will ramp up again
  2. they have aberdeen and st mirren at home they wont be played till around feb/mar and they will be another game behind on the weekend of 19/20th dec we have motherwell at home and they have the cup final
  3. a clean sheet and we are almost certain to win as we will score at some point and before anyone says except at livingston
  4. was listening to that as well tom english a list of players that money has been wasted on including rogers time got to say some of them i had never heard of when you here it laid out like that it is amazing how many bad signings they have made
  5. he has een dropped for the last few games
  6. in the hearts game he played adam and dorrans in midfield both good footballers but no legs and hearts just ran through them you would think a manager would get young legs beside these 2 dorrans saw the light and fucked off to australia
  7. i think the dundee manager will be away soon he is out of his depth the first game against hearts his tactics were shocking even the experts at the game spoke about it having said all that it is great they are struggling after they rigged the vote hope they go down
  8. i thought today was summed up when in about the 88th min defoe was back in the left back position trying to win tackles keep up that work rate and effort and we will be very hard to beat
  9. sorry to sound a smart cunt but i think you will find it is the last 32
  10. good stat their equaliser yesterday one of their players pulled a hibs player down instead of giving a foul he allowed the corner to be taken and they scored from it
  11. it will be 3 games soon they have the cup final on 20th dec and we will be winning that weekend
  12. whats the betting that clancy will be the ref on 2nd jan last throw of the dice for them
  13. you have hit the nail on the head we must score first most of their missing players are in midfield or up front so they will still be strong at the back with a decent goalie the fact that mcrorie/ferguson are out is big they have been getting all the praise we must start at a good tempo none of this slow passing about go at them from first whistle
  14. ok fair enough that statement was issued after the bit i heard on the radio where thay said it was only mcrorie who was positive the rest were in close contact
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