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  1. and they have just scored leicester up against it now
  2. the 3rd goal tonight was as good as you will see anywhere in europe brilliant team goal
  3. thats the rule so it is not the linesmans fault but so crazy must be the stupidest thing in football somebody could get hurt when the game should have been stopped
  4. he is always on the radio as well talks like he is an expert and his record in management is awful
  5. not a word in that article about rangers being unbeaten etc all about celtics mistakes typical scottish fenian journalism
  6. i think what is forgotten is what he gives the club off the field as well sponsers wanted to sign up players wanting to play for him class in the way he deals with the media etc we are getting far more positive publicity world wide than ever before a lot of that is done to winning of course but a lot comes from the name of steven gerrard
  7. think they gave a stat yesterdayon rangers tv that goldson has played every minute of every game this season and has played 73 concecutive games
  8. you have to hand it to our recruiting team aribo for around 200k kamara for 50k balugun was cheap wright looks like he could be a player simpson we will have to wait and see but he is a big guy must be more but cannot think off right now
  9. it will be difficult now for them to hit clubs etc when they cannot get it right surely though the linesman must know he should be self isolating
  10. billscott


    ok i was counting it as winning the next 3 we will beat livvi and st mirren think i can just about relax now 3 wins from 8 should be easy
  11. same for me i buy it every game which is not on sky and never had a problem
  12. billscott


    think 9 will be enough if we win at parkhead
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