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  1. that made me laugh might be now was grass when i played
  2. i played there many years ago but dont remember much about it was at least 20 yrs ago i do remember one hole think maybe the 17th where you tee off high up at a par 3 i nearly had a hole in one thats my claim to fame
  3. i wanted arsenal to win as well but could only blame themselves not the ref first time i have seen a ref giving a player a yellow card for holding up a imaginary card to get a guy booked
  4. i watched the whole game and i thought the ref had a terrific game arsenal are so poor they put everything into the last 10 mins but did not play the first half same as last week
  5. saw a bit on the bbc gossip thing today saying if derby stay up rooney is going to try and get duffy for next season
  6. he started last night for raith rovers in the play off dont know how he did
  7. most good lowland league teams would beat league 2 sides we will see that soon when kelty fuck brechin city
  8. thats got to be the poorest madrid team i have ever seen chelsea should have won by at least 5
  9. just transferred £20 to your bank a/c for the erskine fund  dont like using paypal

    please let me know you got it ok



  10. hi there

    do you have any concessions for petrofac final


  11. hi there


    if the cup final ticket is still available i will take it off you


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