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  1. would put money on talbot to win that
  2. according to sky rogers has said he has no interest in newcastle job
  3. went to cumnock v auckinleck many years ago for the reasons you have it was the scottish qt final ended 1 1 draw cumnock won the reply and went to the final where they lost to bathgate campbell money was their manager i think it was a great experience thankfully trouble free my main memory from that game was the ref had a great game his name was john beaton how things have changed
  4. the 1st 15 mins of the 2nd half he was sensational
  5. i watch the whole game on gers tv we had 6 players on international duty our 2 centre halves were 16 and struggled early on cumbernauld were clever they had the wind behind them and they sent long balls up the middle and won the 2nd balls. the 2 young lads were up against it that is the 2nd time i have bought the game on gers tv and both times we have lost 4 1 so never again i have been to several of the away games and we have won them all very comfortably
  6. was quite surprised listening to radio scotland they had english collins kevin harper and levein on the 1st 3 we know who they support and collins harper ex hibs but the 4 of them all said it was a definite red card and hibs are not helping porteous by appealing
  7. look up spfl lowland league and you will get them or bbc teletext bonnyrigg are top but we have 2 games in hand which if we win would take us clear
  8. agree with that but wright is a waste of a jersey maybe he will prove me wrong today but doubt it
  9. if we win or draw tmor it will be top 2 meeting in a couple of weeks
  10. i heard the hearts chairman on radio today and he understood the situation with fans it is a government ruling he said hearts and rangers were in discussion and hoped to get something sorted out before we meet usual paper trying to stir things up
  11. when they play their strongest team they are great to watch think he rested a few of them last week when we lost to gala as they had the uefa game on tuesday night
  12. to me most of our problems come from the front 3 we never look like scoring and that has been the case for the past few weeks our front 3 never press the opposition just allow them to come out of defence with the ball and that puts pressure on the midfield we have a back 4 midfield 3 front 3 and at no time do they link up and play as a team it is 3 seperate units i know we have no money but the signings have been poor
  13. we will be 30 mill richer if we win the league this year which will give us the chance to invest in better players that was the point i was making
  14. sunday is a far more important game than this sure we want to win but to be honest it is very unlikely we would get any further than last 16
  15. i dont think pep will ever win the champions league at man city certainly not until they have a proper striker it is ok having all this possession and weaving fancy patterns with no end product top teams have got wise to it now and dont say they beat chelsea on sat they played well but chelsea were poor if they meet again in the champions league i would put money on tuchel getting the better of him
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