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Rangers Report Article On Mw's Signings

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Would disagree that a players peak years are 23-29, but a good read.

I agree to an extent

I think it depends on the type of player - some pacey players do peak at around 23-25 but generally 28 is about the peak age I think of - though its really down to the individual.


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The bit i liked was the squad value going from 2.7 mill to 6.8 mill for an outlay of 600,000.That sounds like good business.

I know..that is pretty crazy. Did they specify which player's value doubled overnight and why? Was their value too low on Monday and then correct on Tuesday?

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Disagree with this but enjoyed reading.

Everybody knows different players and positions peak at different times.

I would say 27 for a striker, 28 for a midfielder and 29 for a defender.

They need to mature physically and learn their trade for many years. Messi is at his peak while ronaldo is at the end of his sadly

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I like this approach. He does see footballing value in older players and will play them, but the emphasis on signing young and hungry players is the way forward. Older players would normally demand higher wages or large signing on fees. Unless these players are going to make a real difference to your success or you can make a good deal financially, there is not much point in pursuing them. Not in the position we are in ATM.

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