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Are Mark And Davie Just Too Nice ?


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Can't fault Mr Warburton and Davie Weir as gentlemen. Professional, knowledgeable, polite. The sort of guys you'd love to meet in the pub and spend hours chatting. All round nice guys.

Now there may lie a problem. Football is not just about the niceties, it's about being successful and sometimes you need to be tough, ruthless, even brutal to grind out success.

Managers like Clough, Revie, and our own Jock Wallace, Graeme Souness and to a lesser degree Walter Smith would take no shit. And achieved phenomenal success. Whereas Ally was always everyone's chum, the funny guy and.......unsuccessful..........

So do our management team need to toughen up ?

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I think they need to re-think the fact our team starts to slow and need to go a goal down before they react. Also, that all of our players seem to think it's okay to congregate into meaningless parts of the pitch, hold the ball for countless minutes, but forget that we need to get the ball into the net. 

Miller proved today, that as a striker, being in the right place at the right time is crucial. If we're asking them, plus everyone else, to come deep then it's fucking pointless.

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I think they are. 

I get the impression, for example, after the opening game against Hamilton and the draw away to County that the dressing room was full of praise for each other. I get the feeling that MW and many of the players, sometimes are actually happy with picking up a point. That isn't good enough. 

I like the manager and want him to succeed so much but you couple that mentality with his loyalty to certain players and he will ultimately and unfortunately end up failing here. 

He needs to grow a bit of a backbone IMO and let the players know that dropping ANY point is below the standards of this club

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