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  1. The reactions are understandable though. Nothing wrong with high standards. But I agree, this season has to be put into perspective: not one opposition side has been impressive, not one. We're not firing on all cylinders, yes, of that there is no question. But it will come.
  2. Peformances have been pish but has anyone really been blown away by any of the opposition? Second will be very very doable. It's not nice to hear but this season was always about consolidating. I'd rather take it steady, get the right players and structures in place to be able to mount credible challenges to the title each and every season - which I what I think will happen if Warburton is given sufficient time.
  3. If you discount our goals we basically lost that match 2-0.
  4. Two good Bluenoses with a stellar record in management thus far. I would take Lennon too, but as I said, I don't like the fact he's managed Bolton. And the fact he managed and played for Celtic makes me think he prefers them to us.
  5. Would take Paul Lambert or Owen Coyle. Wouldn't mind Lennon either but feel he is tainted by his association with Bolton.
  6. Runny Diaherria
  7. How about orange with some green and white?
  8. And Mandela supported them in their claim.
  9. Too bad he supported SF and the IRA calling them old friends and allies. Supported Castro and Gadaffi too.
  10. So it will be universal across Scottish grounds to hold a minute’s applause for Mandela – a man with unashamed links to Sinn Fein and the IRA – and yet there are clubs in Scotland who can’t even hold a tribute for the actual war dead of their country!? Pathetic.
  11. This is illegal. The IP address of this guy should be handed over to the polis.
  12. Lemon and Fartson are bigots.
  13. Personally I'd like to see the Irish tricolour.