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  1. Runny Diaherria
  2. How about orange with some green and white?
  3. And Mandela supported them in their claim.
  4. Too bad he supported SF and the IRA calling them old friends and allies. Supported Castro and Gadaffi too.
  5. So it will be universal across Scottish grounds to hold a minute’s applause for Mandela – a man with unashamed links to Sinn Fein and the IRA – and yet there are clubs in Scotland who can’t even hold a tribute for the actual war dead of their country!? Pathetic.
  6. This is illegal. The IP address of this guy should be handed over to the polis.
  7. Lemon and Fartson are bigots.
  8. Personally I'd like to see the Irish tricolour.
  9. It’s a false analogy though. The UVF or Ulster Volunteers of the early 20th century were not a terrorist organisation. The IRA from every period have been engaged in what most people would call politics designed to terrorise or torture. The suggestion that the IRA from the early 20th century was some kind of decent benevolent force is just ludicrous. Not only did the old IRA target Protestants on a relentless basis, they also targeted many Catholics. They shot Catholics who didn’t agree with them, as they were leaving mass.
  10. And what difference would that make? The so called old IRA waged an ethnic cleansing campaign against Protestants in Cork. The old IRA were just as bad if not worse than the Provos. They killed over 2500 innocent people between 1916 until 1925.
  11. If it is because this was a third division side, then expect another few embarrassments this season. We are not going to go the entire fixture calendar without dropping points. No team goes through an entire season winning every single game.
  12. No doubt we’ll have threads like this every team there is an odd hiccup this season. It was the first game of the season. Of course, we were never going to win every game. I don’t know where that notion came from. We’re playing in some horrendous little pitches, where anything and everything is possible. If you put Barca in the 3rd division of Spain, they wouldn’t win every game either.
  13. How can you support more than one team? Mines is Shamrock Rovers BTWW
  14. A lot of short-sightedness in this thread. I can see him being a great signing.