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  1. You've made a cunt of it, slagging off The Germinator when it looks like he was just helping out a mate.
  2. Fabulous Candles is run by a scouser called John Pritchard. I'm guessing he's a mate or a relation of the G-Dawg, in which case he's a top bloke for helping out.
  3. It's a bit embarrassing tbh. Surely he doesn't need the money so why is he doing it?
  4. Couch, covers, chicken soup, a comic and a bottle of Lucozade. Cures all known illnesses.
  5. is homesickness actually a real condition that makes you feel sick? Sounds like a made up illness tbh, like M.E.
  6. I read the follow up comments before I clicked the link, so I really thought I was suitably prepared to tackle something horrible. Nothing prepared me for that though.
  7. Thank fuck the tims have been shite this year or it could have been much worse by now.
  8. I've always thought we employ too many blokes to stick forks in the pitch. We could pay them all off and just get the ballboys to do the job instead.
  9. 'Challenge League' makes it sound a bit special needs.
  10. Looks like he brushes his hair with a toffee apple.
  11. Relax, there's no way that Doncaster will allow this to happen.
  12. Graeme Murty has been and always will be an asset to Rangers.
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