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  1. Best feeling as a fan

    I'd probably say Helicopter Sunday too but not being at the game mines is the 5-1 game against the scum in 88 Ears were ringing after the game for a while  
  2. As I said, it's an argument I think is small minded (again, no offence meant) and it's not one I'm going to base my opinions on the merger. I think the majority of both organisations have already voted in favour, so it's probably a moot point now anyway
  3. I suppose the answer to all those questions is I think with a very much larger organisation, it'll attract even more supporters and have even more influence over the club. It's self fulfilling. Combined I think at the moment the RF and RST are the largest supporter share owner group in the UK, I want that number to keep rising.. 
  4. Yes I'm not following. About being apolitical, surely at some point members of RF will be asked to vote on something that could be considered political, it's then up to the members to decide and they'll make their own minds up. Everything unfortunately is political in some way. Again, I think the crux of the matter for many is the very fact the RST is mentioned. I believe (and don't mean to insult anyone) it's a small minded argument, it's not forward thinking and just holding on to past grudges. As I say, if people can't get over that and realise it's a chance for a different future organisation then we'll never have a united supporter organisation.  I haven't seen any factual arguments yet why a single organisation is wrong.
  5. About Buy Rangers, they operate a one vote system too. The way I see it, these "hangers on" won't be able to continue when there's much more governance and more eyes on who's doing what. I said it in another thread but I took the same view at the referendum last year (as well as other reasons). We're better together and there's less chance of major fuckups when there's more of us to watch what's going on.
  6. But surely the decision will come down to those who vote, no? Like I say, I'm genuinely interested who supporters think are the bogey men here. It sort of appears you think the club (or board of directors) could be acting in an illicit way? That's not a bad point of view to take considering what's happened the last 20 years but this new organisation will surely have to live or die based on independence.
  7. Can you explain why you think it is? I've asked weejoseph the same. I'm genuinely interested why people think this is some type of clandestine takeover
  8. That last bit I really don't understand, they seem to share very similar principles i.e. supporter ownership. For me that's why I think they should merge because the bigger we are, the more influence as a majority we have. If it's a principle based on independence, I'd like to understand what that conflict is (if anyone can enlighten me). I still believe all this nonsense is for many, based on the very name (the RST) and historical fallouts and personality differences. There won't be an RST if this goes ahead, it's not a takeover as I see it. If it is an entrenched view that the RST is an odious and evil organisation then nothing is ever going to change that and we won't see any change to supporter unity, ever.
  9. Rangers First Election

    That's ok and I agree with everything you say. I don't mean to embarrass Alan Harris either and I wouldn't want to publicly disrespect him, it's not how Rangers supporters should act online or towards each other in person. IT conferences nowadays have to have a code of conduct otherwise they're considered not worth attending. We need something similar, anything that breaks that conduct should be ignored, like these anonymous blogs, until we can at least work together like grown ups.
  10. Motherwell escape punishment for pitch invasion

    I still don't get why this hasn't brought an automatic fine, even a small one, for something that so obviously could have caused massive disorder.  If I remember, the club thanked the support for not reacting to the extreme provocation. I can't remember Motherwell saying anything. If this had been in European competition, Motherwell would have been banned for a number of games or at least had their stadium closed to supporters. 
  11. Rangers First Election

    It wasn't from a blog, I've remembered it ever since it happened when the TBK's were trying to buy the club during the CVA.  http://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/vb/archive/index.php/t-42094.html  
  12. Rangers First Election

    I actually remembered that after I posted  but couldn't remember if he still posted here. I stand by my points though. I still do not understand what made him write to the employer of a possible investor in our club, a Rangers supporter, stating that it'd affect his work. That for me is either a personal grudge, or not putting Rangers before his own financial interests. Either way it's not right. And well, Mark Dingwall, not much to say there apart from he's the focus of too much infighting.   edit: And Alan, apologies for speaking about you in the 3rd person
  13. Rangers First Election

    No I don't think so. I was trying to point out it depends on whose perspective who the instigators are. However I do think there are a few that should be nowhere near the process e.g. Mark Dingwall and Alan Harris for different reasons.  I think some people are at the far end of the spectrum who've been involved in causing upset among groups, there's a huge grey area inbetween.
  14. Rangers First Election

    I personally think those people should be highlighted and removed from the process but it depends on whose perspective that's based on. What struck me about the RF list of candidates, most of them were from either financial backgrounds or senior corporate management and none of them spoke of their "people skills". For me, to begin with, that's going be one of the most important skills to have because as we've seen throughout the years, there are many who have very high opinions of themselves but also harbour personal grudges towards others. Maybe someone universally respected like Richard Gough is fit for that role but managing people with historical conflicts is a tough role and it takes skill.
  15. Morton game moved

    I kinda do too but it seems ridiculous that the police would rather have 40000 people travelling during rush hour rather than on a Saturday. Or maybe that's the whole point