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  1. 'Arry on Joey

    Me neither, we shouldn't be solely relying on a midfielder to sort out that shit defence.
  2. Jane Hamilton: Bigot journalist from the Daily Record

    Bears, be sensible about this. Don't go after the lackey journalists on twitter, complain formally in letter using legible english in the correct manner. I've written a formal complaint against police scotland professional standards and will be posting it recorded delivery tomorrow
  3. Just wow. Next stage in blame Rangers really vamped up

    I submitted a complaint to the police online on Saturday night about the 8 vans of useless cops I saw stuck on Cathcart road after the game. I was sent a form today to fill in, I'll be making sure I do. The polis are getting their erse skelped for this
  4. Warburton not in pictures

    I think he's signing for celtic
  5. REd pants is named

    They look cleaner than yours too, shitey erse
  6. REd pants is named

    Am sorry m'lud, I was squeezing some shite oot ma ear
  7. David Weir "We'll learn from final defeat"

    I don't care about soundbites saying we'll learn from it, just fix it. If it's not fixed we'll lose many more games in the SPL with how the current defence is. It's currently not acceptable. I'm in no way yearning for Walter Smith but he'd have had that sorted the first transfer window he got.
  8. We have a lean squad but half of the current first team squad need replaced

    Is cammy bell's contract not up soon as well? Fod has been a better keeper than we've had the last 4 years but he's unfortunatley not that great either.
  9. We have a lean squad but half of the current first team squad need replaced

    He got ripped by that cunt stokes a good few times, that first goal if he was a decent defender he'd have at least tackled him. I can't remember an attack down the right he won. Look, I loved the way he played at the start of the season but since maybe even november he's had a few really dodgy games. It's not just about him though, our defence is rank.
  10. We have a lean squad but half of the current first team squad need replaced

    I probably didn't express my OP clearly It's the thing that MW always says about having a lean squad, we won't be able to get rid of those who probably aren't good enough because they're on contracts but I still can't see him having them having around not playing. He's been pretty quick to tell players they won't get games (like McGregor). I didn't even mention Fodderingham
  11. We have a lean squad but half of the current first team squad need replaced

    That's the point I was trying to make in the OP, I can't see MW having players hanging around as backup but at the same time it's clear we have a terrible central defence. I lost count of the number of headers we lost against Hibs all season, Saturday's mistakes were not forgivable, the same clueless mistakes we'll see more often in the premiership.
  12. We have a lean squad but half of the current first team squad need replaced

    Not sure I agree with that, we've not had many injuries but it was to a couple of important players and those 2 injuries changed the way we played significantly. One of those players wasn't even at the club at xmas
  13. We have a lean squad but half of the current first team squad need replaced

    Yes, 3 of the 4 at the back aren't good enough IMO. Halliday isn't strong enough for defensive midfield.
  14. We need 5 or 6 players better than the current first team? It's not a term I've heard from Mark Warburton so far but it was clear as hell at the end of the season we needed backup (it was clear some of them had downed tools too). It's all great saying we need a lean squad but we couldn't even fill the subs bench at the end of the season. Do you think it's possible we'll bring in another say 5 players of first team quality with the rest being used as floating backup? I said a few month ago Tavernier wasn't good enough and was rounded on for talking pish. I still don't think he's good enough, he is a terrible defender and if he's not able to play effectively as a winger (which is how we have him playing), he's useless for us. I don't think it's a case of him needing a challenge, we just need a better right back. We need 2 much better central defenders. Barton will bring more solidity to the back line but our current central defence is very poor. With Barton and Rossiter IMO Halliday is already backup, he could possibly cover at right back and we've not seen how he'd perform there yet. With how he tackles I don't have high hope. We need another striker, better than Waghorn and with Miller at the age he is now, do we we also need another striker or will MOH be able to step up? So far we have brought in Joey Barton, Jordan Rossiter, Josh Windass and Matt Crooks and let some dead wood go who've had a minor influence on our season so far. I reckon only JB and JR contribute to that 5 or 6 first team players. I don't want to see us down to minimal numbers again next season, you never know how injuries will play out, so do you think we'll go with a bigger squad next season?
  15. Welcome to Rangers FC, Joey Barton!

    Paul Murray is not pleased.