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  1. Liked the look of him as well. We've been missing that bite in midfield, it should help defence too
  2. That's really just a ridiculous post. I've no idea who you are other than occasional posts I've seen. You not think your argument that the club has been overzealous when you yourself have admitted disorder at football, is slightly ironic?
  3. I've never been involved in situations like that at football and I'm no angel. Cunts like you don't help Rangers
  4. Definitely think you're a taig
  5. I've been involved in none and to me, you sound like a mentalist. The fourth time, just unlucky to be caught or lucky you weren't caught the three times prior? Bragging about that, fuck sake
  6. Michael is a mongo, michael is a mongo na na na na He's the epitome of the unintelligent football player, trying to look intelligent by being stupidly controversial. He's worse than sutton, that tells you how bad he is
  7. I see him in edinburgh a lot, he's a right stupid cunt. Ginger as well.
  8. I fucking hate michael stewart, he's a stupid, stupid cunt
  9. He needs stamina, not pummeled to death
  10. Can we just call him dave from now on?
  11. Is she still in KFC?
  12. Good goal Niko. More of that mentality is needed and hopefully it rubs off on the rest of the team, stick your boot through it and shoot
  13. My worry about this season is we're a team of midfielders. Not getting my knickers in a twist but we aren't clinical
  14. So editting, please stop liking my posts ya cunt.
  15. I don't know what people expect on here. If you run onto a football pitch at a cup final and then start fighting, you're going to be on camera. I was at the game and I didn't feel the need to run onto the pitch like 95% or more of the Rangers support. If I did then I'd likely suspect I'd be at risk of some sort of action.