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  1. So just a troll then
  2. You probably don't realise how much a ST actually costs
  3. You posted that like you're doing him a favour ffs, hope that was a piss take but it doesn't look like it
  4. That's the ridiculous thing about all of this, there isn't anything the club can do. They shouldn't have to, the SFA should be protecting players but they've basically said it's fine to attack players and staff (although obviously not for the police)
  5. 100% record but Spent all his life waiting on that job too nae luck ya fat greedy loser
  6. Fucking embarrassing writing a dear john letter on a forum
  7. Far too many misplaced passed again today
  8. Unfortunately nearly everything you say is true. I'm not holding out much hope for tomorrow with how we've played so far, we need to see improvement and soon.
  9. This isn't news. The videos were posted not long after the game and anyone who called those taking the videos (or those involved) idiots, were rounded on. Like every club, we have stupid cunts in our support. I don't have any sympathy for those who are caught
  10. Bet the cunt has seafood in it though, mussels, shrimps, clams, scallops etcetera. Calamari et al are just posh friday fenian foodstuff
  11. I still keep hoping we could shoehorn shuggie burns into the formation.
  12. Exactly, it's because hes "kaflick"
  13. Wilson and Hill, though against weaker teams played so far, seem to be the best partnership.
  14. hahah, yasssss. confidence boost us