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  1. Fuck knows how this game goes. We've played shite so far and it's been ongoing since last season, the team is unsettled and unorganised.
  2. So it's the supporters fault now? Braindead
  3. I can't see the manager doing that, Holt's been out for a while too and had no game time.
  4. Dirty fucking bastard - he needs to get a bigger fucking ban, dirty cunt
  5. YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS About time Tav. Get in
  6. Dick Advocaat? Spent what, upto 80 million or something and the the team still got beat. Too many people ignoring the fact the players aren't performing
  7. I agree he deserves some criticism but I think it's mainly down to the players. There hasn't been the urgency we seen last season, passing has been much worse and no one seems to be making the runs and space they previously did. The only exception to that I think has been Rossiter
  8. What a stupid comment, do you not think the players deserve some criticism here? Last season the 2 games we played against Killie we bossed them, the same with Dundee. Nearly every player has been below par this season so far
  9. There's no way we'll win this season unless we drastically change this fucking shite we've been playing even since the end of last season
  10. Thats a penalty, without doubt Bet we'll hardly hear of it again
  11. This is fucking shite again Rangers, there's been no change in performances.
  12. He's white
  13. I didn't realise anyone was overtly boo'ing the team and I'm on the halfway line in the govan. Thought like others it was directed at the ref. They did deserve it TBH, it was a terrible performance and collectively they were a disgrace in the first half. They didn't look like they were trying, unacceptable
  14. Wes? He's not brilliant but he saved 2 goals today. Midfield looks fucked at the moment. No urgency.
  15. I can go back to calling him burnt heid again