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  1. Apologise to BEE

    Did you no phone him to let him know rather than post it on here?
  2. ****Official St. Mirren v Rangers thread****

    Now thats a good goal!
  3. ****Official St. Mirren v Rangers thread****

    You don't seem to understand the distinction, it's not difficult. We aren't pish, we are playing pish, it's called form.
  4. ****Official St. Mirren v Rangers thread****

    We're hardly pish for fuck sake but we are currently playing pish, our current form is pish and that in itself is a major risk to winning the cup
  5. On A Cold And Grey November Morn

    There's a wee spot in Europe It's a place of great fame, it lies to the northland and Ulsters it's name It has only has 6 counties....
  6. On A Cold And Grey November Morn

  7. Cup final ballot it's official

    Cunts in the boardroom section are weirdos, unfortunately I occasionally frequent there to shout abuse at the total weirdos, so I'm a semi weirdo.
  8. Cup final ballot it's official

    No you can't
  9. Cup final ballot it's official

    More than agree with this. I'm sure I saw on the HIVs forum that their season ticket holders were able to buy 2 tickets each, there'll be a pile of spoon burning cunts who've never been to a game this year, or maybe ever and now they'll get a ticket. Personally for me I'm ok as I ticked the box but it's not on that a fairweather support like them are allowed that percentage
  10. Fav Murals

    For me what was clear (again from that documentary) was how poor the unionist community were at politicising their effort; the nationalists had them beat and still do to this day. The nationalists used imagery with the aim of garnering sympathy from other human rights issues across the world, which they more or less got.
  11. Fav Murals

    Haven't all the paramilitary murals been painted over now? I got the impression from that documentary there was £3 million given towards making them more community focussed, they did say occasionally paramilitary ones popped up.
  12. Fav Murals

    Just watching the art of conflict on netflix at the moment, hadn't seen this before, it's really interesting.
  13. MW's next team talk against the filth...

    Putting it politely, that was fucking shite
  14. Ally included in celebrations?

    If those people are actually Rangers supporters,don't you also find it appalling the behaviour towards him compared to theactual alleged criminals and fraudsters who were involved in our club, whether on the board of directors or otherwise?