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  1. You embarrassed yourself posting that shite. Away and howl at the moon.
  2. Agreed. Living in edinburgh, anyone here interested in football think we're given favourable reports by the media. It's only because they've been trained to think anything Rangers is evil. It's endemic and entrenched in their beliefs so anything we do from now on has no effect, good or bad. I know there's many in our support that don't do the internet and still read papers, it's up to the club to give them something else to read.
  3. I'd be happy if he gave only our media department interviews from now on and only to RTV. For years we've seen numerous threads asking for the same, I can't see it sticking but the longer it does the better.
  4. ...... fishing effort was probably far too late
  5. We definitely looked sharper but no idea if that's just against poor opposition or if the training we're putting in is making a difference, hopefully the latter. Have to focus much more on the last third and shooting.
  6. WTF is going on?? Have I missed our 2 subs?
  7. If holt had went down thats a penalty
  8. Stop fucking about FFS Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass, pass, then fuck all
  9. Stop this fucking about and score. If we had a decent defence I could relax but we haven't so we need more whilst we're on top
  10. MILLLER TIME 100 Some fucking goal!!
  11. I hope McKay proves me wrong but he's been fucking shite all season, useless cunt needs to do something for a change or get the fuck out of the team
  12. Fucking cunting defence. Fucking shitehawks
  13. Michael Stewart talking about penetration, only when yer taking it ya poofy shit footballing prick
  14. Why are people going mental already? Games no even started
  15. I take it he doesn't get shouted when you quote a @gogzy ? What happens when you do multiple shouts to @gogzy @gogzy @gogzy ?