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  1. Denton


    Just going from what I heard on H&H
  2. Denton


    Neither do I mate, just going on what I heard on H&H today
  3. Denton


    Killie and Hearts are allowed to sing their version, nothing stopping them Any incarnation of TBB we do isn’t allowed, as blatantly unfair as that is
  4. People would seriously give up going to Ibrox because of all this? I sense it’s just hysterical nonsense.
  5. Getting tired of the patronizing shite from popular Rangers pages on twitter etc.
  6. Hope this galvanizes the support
  7. Very curious as to what the atmosphere will be like - could be explosive or could be resigned
  8. Should put flags over the closed sections and we should have a massive display over the Govan stand
  9. Ooooft club obviously not happy with UB
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