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  1. Given that you would still be receiving a wage and doing work, I have to disagree.
  2. Can still train. Can still play bounce games. You can still be an employee of the club.
  3. Rangers can employ and pay any player we wish. The SFA have put no restrictions on employment. You would lose a lot of money in court.
  4. Would need to hit three figures.
  5. A few months back the SPL made a decision to damage themselves just to try and fuck us over. And we laughed at them. Now we're discussing damaging ourselves financially just to fuck over a team like Motherwell? No thank you.
  6. The SFA have not put a ban on us employing people. They simply cannot do that. All they have done is put a ban on us registering player to play in competative matches. We can sign whoever we want at any time. We just can't register them.
  7. Some guy on Twitter and Rangers Rumours. This does not constitute a rumour.
  8. Liquidation? What liquidation?
  9. I sit down the far end in the final section. 2/3rds of that section was empty.
  10. I think there must be an issue with the sale of Bar72 tickets. Two games at Ibrox this season and it's been dead both teams. Dozens of spare seats for last week's sell out. But I know they weren't available for sale online. Not sure if it's a glitch or something else.
  11. We don't do walk away
  12. I just think this thread was set up for "Frankie talks a load of shite" type replies should Tuncay not sign (which he probably won't)!
  13. Okay, let's clarify something. Frankie has not said he's coming. Frankie has said he's heard there's a rumour going about. He is not a source. I'll show you the exact Tweet. He is saying that there are rumours, not that he's heard anything.
  14. Aye, he plays centre half.
  15. He looked in his 30s as well.