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  1. That was a different team anyway, we are Sevco now. Fannys.
  2. Actively looking up shit on Twitter to fuel there agenda it seems, absolute clowns.
  3. Accidently retweeted from an employees phone. Why on earth would they be looking up that shite anyway on a tims Twitter? Idiots.
  4. Greg Stewart starting for the B team today along with Jones and King. Doubt Stewart will be in the starting line up tomorrow then.
  5. Only listened to half of it there on way to work but sums up everything quite well, especially the subs and going 4-4-2 which clearly doesn't work. Would have probably made more sense to put Alfredo wide right and Defoe up top himself.
  6. Tell you one hing, if he scores at Parkhead we are in for some reaction from him, yellow card easy
  7. That's the last person they are needing. Can't imagine the fans will be delighted with that link.
  8. Saying we should sack Europe when we are one win away from qualifying and topping an extremely difficult group is mind boggling.
  9. McGregor Tavernier Goldson Katic Barisic Arfield Jack Kamara Stewart Morelos Kent 2-0 Rangers
  10. We got off to a shite start last December and still ended up level on points with them after it was all over. I'm glad we have this tie on Thursday night, get a good win and get the confidence back up again.
  11. Id have brought Stewart on instead of Barker who seems a very lacklustre signing at this point Defoe never really got a touch of the ball but would have scored if Alfredo had squared it.
  12. Going on yesterdays evidence, he will have a lot more chances to put it right in a few weeks time.
  13. 🤣🤣 sums up my thoughts when my alarm went off there mate. Thank fuck am no hungover.
  14. Aw fuck right off 🤣 created more than Kent, Arfield and Aribo combined. What about them? He had about 6 great balls into the box in opening 10 minutes. All were fluffed by our CBs.
  15. Done fuck all wrong today ya moron, created more chances than Kent, Arfield and Aribo combined. Morelos was on penalties before the game kicked off. He didn't just decide to give him it because he "shat it" like numerous people seem to think.
  16. Certainly no the worst but getting beat in that manner after being so good is difficult. The keeper had the game of his life, these things happen. We have a huge month ahead with still two domestic trophies to fight for. A win on Thursday is absolute paramout to get the ball rolling again.
  17. Seems to be a more natural leader than Tavernier. His football is improving all the time too.
  18. ShanksRFC


    Fucking pitiful comment, you'll be screaming your head off if he scores he winner on Thursday. Mongo
  19. Keeper had the game of his life today, league is still up for grabs. They will drop points away from home and we could quite easily beat them in a few weeks. Qualify for last 32 on Thursday and bounce back from today.
  20. We have better players physically but not mentally, end of.
  21. Jordan Jones doesnt look like he has had much of a setback, curveball on Sunday?
  22. Ruiz even heavier than before, enjoying the lifestyle a bit to much maybe. If Joshua can get through the first few rounds unscathed I think he will win.
  23. Nice to see our captain brimming with confidence.
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