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  1. my flat is surrounded by fenian cunts. blasting tina haha. werre in control now. die ya cunts
  2. The title is now in our handsI hope some of cunts get stamped tonight.
  3. Dirt rattling cunt. We won today despite him. Duck the loft of the
  4. Merry christmas to every last one of you. dont post much but look in quite often. Have a great day people and enjoy tomorrow!
  5. Cunts shouldnt have made it out of there to even post that video. shouldve been glassed and stamped on. cunts
  6. These cunts are gony snap big time here. the team and the rat fans
  7. That ikpeazu seems to have fuck all but strength based on this game. Hope our links to him are bullshit
  8. Apart from Kent I'm genuinely struggling to think of anyone since before we were domoted. My point was more meaning I think it may be older bears who are the most critical of candieas based on who they've seen in the past
  9. I think some of our fans have been too spoilt with the past wingers we have had. A bit of perspective is maybe needed when looking at the guy. Always puts on a shift and does his best. Underrated overall I'd say
  10. Absolutely. As good as the wee man is. There's something much slicker and smoother about our play since he's been suspended. More players involved and more rotation at the front. Promising to see
  11. As good a performance as this has been. Can't help but feel annoyed at our mentality. Rangers teams are supposed to play like this when it really matters. We don't seem to have the appropriate steel to do this when we're closer on points with the manky mob
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