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  1. Glad the boy has seen sense, anytime I've seen him he's been a standout.
  2. His missus is an Ulster Protestant too, can you imagine them after a few bad results?
  3. I'm thinking of that Simunovic haha.
  4. Hagi needs to start tomorrow, going to be another cup final tomorrow for those sheep shagging cunts.
  5. Aye but he tackled a 38 year old Kenny Miller....
  6. One of the few guys raised as one of them that has seen the light and become a good guy, speaks so eloquently about the game.
  7. A pure defender who loves a challenge, few dodgy moments in the first half but thought him and the rest of the defence did well.
  8. Brilliant from him again, he's still got a few seasons left in him.
  9. Does that all the time, biggest plastic hardman ever to play the game. Can you imagine Souness, Keane, Duncan Ferguson, Gattuso or even his stinking manager pulling that shite? Get it right up him, his clatty supporters, his vile manager and every cunt associated with that club.
  10. Happy fucking days, what a difference a few years make. Our European record has been superb. There's not a team..
  11. It's frightening to think what that front three can achieve when all three of them are at their best. Alfies aggression, Kent's pace and trickery and Roofe's intelligence will give most defences nightmares.
  12. The wee Tarrier bint blessing herself and cowering
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