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  1. It's frightening to think what that front three can achieve when all three of them are at their best. Alfies aggression, Kent's pace and trickery and Roofe's intelligence will give most defences nightmares.
  2. Goth? Metal? Whatever Pete Steele was the fucking man and Carnivore where even better.
  3. I probably protest too much about not listening to Death Metal
  4. Not a big Death Metal fan at all but loving Skeletal Remains at the moment; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VwHkydTeKp0
  5. I've never heard him speak but when he raps or whatever they call it in UK Hip Hop he sounds like a black man.
  6. Do you put a wigger/saff landahn accent on along to your tunes?
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