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  1. I don't think I've ever felt this devastated about someone I don't know passing, been a mess all day. Words can't describe what the great man means to our Football Club, as many have already said he embodied everything our Club represents. Rest easy Sir Walter, Simply the Best.
  2. A lot of Hearts fans hate him too. A guy who supposedly grew up supporting Hearts claimed his favourite Scottish Cup Final in recent history was Hibs beating us, not his boyhood heroes beating their rivals 5-1 in 2012.
  3. Actual state of that. Doesn't hide when it comes to any hateful behaviour hahahaha.
  4. One nil to Rangers with a dodgy penalty awarded please, as the recent meltdowns haven't been enough.
  5. Probably the most shocking thing is they haven't joined in the outrage yet.
  6. it's funny how the referee conspiracies and bigotry claims always amp up when we are doing well and when we are successful, don't remember them being concerned too much when the Scum were dominating. Ah well Paranoid Protestants again probably....
  7. What a fucking midden of a country we live in.
  8. Definitely think it will look even better as a long sleeve, can't see anything about those being released though.
  9. I see Marvin Bartley is getting vile abuse now from the scummy Czechs now, he was engaging them civilly on Twitter but of course they reverted to type. Horrible bastards. Despite being an ex Hibs player he seems to be genuine in his anti-discrimination efforts, regardless of who is the perpetrator or victim is unlike the the likes of Stewart.
  10. There was a photoshop doing the rounds trying to troll celtic and Hibs fans, certainly caught a few of the desperate cunts.
  11. Cunt knocked out his Slazenger trackies to quote a twitter user haha. The Sparta mobs excuses made me laugh as well.
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