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  1. She used to pump Chris Mclaughlin, he actually turned her gay.
  2. Genuinely can't see why people have fallen for this, the cunt has zero respect for any of our players.
  3. I don't think I have ever had this intense a hatred of a European side we've come across before, even my hatred of Feyenoord pales in comparison. Subhuman scum.
  4. Would be red carded within the first minute for assaulting Brown or Griffiths.
  5. A tweet summing up the faux Twitter outrage;
  6. Probably my favourite photo of all time, only the inevitable Trophy photo of the pair will top it.
  7. He's delivered the most important title in our Club's history, for that alone he'll forever be a Club legend
  8. It's obviously mocking the cunts.
  9. The reason people are buying unofficial merch, and more than ofter from fan run stores, is because the merchandise the Club sells by in large is uninspiring.
  10. Hill was the best of a bad bunch but far too old to be our main CB, Sendros though... I'll give you another name that will give you nightmares, Russell Martin.
  11. The starting lineup is bad enough but that bench still gives me the fear.
  12. No seen any of his tweets in a while, quality content as usual.
  13. RTV worked perfectly all season, why bother with the change half way through a season? Fucking joke.
  14. If you were to read some of the posts on here with no knowledge of how we were doing, especially on matchday threads, you'd think we were 23 points behind celtic with a squad full of donkeys.
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