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  1. I remember Sebastian Faure's interview painting the setup under Ally really well, players being allowed to eat what they want and Ally's bare arse shooting practice spring to mind.
  2. Will probably wait until after Flag day before they consider letting full crowds back.
  3. Has a real hate-able face, that's not even taking into account his history against us.
  4. Haha roon the Junkie cunts, hope Porteous has a horrible weekend.
  5. Class act on and off the pitch, still at his age the best finisher in Scotland.
  6. Did you not see his no look pass in the Old Firm? Well deserved imo.
  7. To any Rangers fan who voted SNP, I hope your fucking proud of yourself!
  8. Delighted for Tav., cannae believe they gave Turnip Heid YPOTY😂
  9. Kieran (@kieranmcl96) Tweeted: https://t.co/ZNYQYyysKy
  10. The small minority of bams yesterday were a disgrace but i'll not take morality lessons from a fan base who have a history of stabbing each other and fighting with the Pollis.
  11. Saw this elsewhere, the Dentist knows better though. Professor of bacteriology from the University of Aberdeen.
  12. Lustig shat it everytime he came up against Kent but aye he would never have let this happen. Biscuit hips was a traitor bastard and had threats sent to his family but aye he would never let this happen. Dembele couldn't get away quicker but aye he would never let this happen.
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