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  1. I admire your optimism because I cant see us scoring shit.
  2. RTV doesn't have it until tomorrow. 10pm uk time.
  3. Compare and contrast with the under 17s yesterday, no drive, desire or heart. Shitebags got one good result in December and have been coasting ever since
  4. Compliance officer will sort it out and kung fu guy will get a ban.....doesn't benefit us it'll benefit their next opponents.....Id bet money on it, they have the twigs next....
  5. By a mile, best Rangers player for years
  6. aiden singing joy division songs in the Rangers end - changed days.....
  7. can just imagine levein texting with one finger.... u r a dick lol tb x
  8. gregory vignal, who was co-commentator on Rangers tv, awarded him MOTM. im not impressed with grezda yet, hope he gets a lot better
  9. 3 mins played, 3 clear chances, 1 goal. TOP OF THE LEAGUE
  10. Des fotheringham the first choice from last season.
  11. Why's fotheringham not the sub goalie? Have I missed something?
  12. 5 grand england to beat NI wouldve returned 6 grand, easy 1k right? david healy had different ideas ?
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