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  1. Doing good, keeping it tight at the back against a classy Cyprus side. With a bit of luck they might break away and get a vital goal in this exciting clash for 4th place.
  2. This is dire. I reckon with a decent left back and a bit of self belief we would be 3-0 up against either of these shitebag teams.
  3. Time to bring on waggers, the wagman will ruffle a few feathers and hopefully get them back in the game.
  4. Is that common knowledge about John Hughes then? Also the dates you’ve got 96-00 he was a hibs player it was later he was hibs manager.
  5. I think Morelos will stay another season. Be in the best interests for the club, at least financially, and for the player. Smooth out some of the rough edges we get more money and he gets a better transfer. Even if he does stay there will be transfer funds available.
  6. Didn’t Billy Mcbungle win MOTY in the season Jock Wallace won the treble? It’s a load of shit. Speaking of Billy Mcbungle what’s he up to these days?
  7. Don’t fancy Wallace at lb? I think wallibally has potential
  8. Good to see the goals and a big thanks to Helen Keller for the editing.
  9. Onto the second page and nobody’s complained about it being held before the season is over. So I will. It’s ridiculous that it’s held before the season is over.
  10. I admire your optimism because I cant see us scoring shit.
  11. RTV doesn't have it until tomorrow. 10pm uk time.
  12. Compare and contrast with the under 17s yesterday, no drive, desire or heart. Shitebags got one good result in December and have been coasting ever since
  13. Compliance officer will sort it out and kung fu guy will get a ban.....doesn't benefit us it'll benefit their next opponents.....Id bet money on it, they have the twigs next....
  14. By a mile, best Rangers player for years
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