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  1. See tierney only makes the bench while John Fleck starts this game. Fleck must be worth at least 30 million now perhaps as much as 47 million?
  2. Fucking shite. Fannied about the whole game and totally fucked it.
  3. Nope, no group games on rangerstv, the same as last season. I’m in the us and the only legit way to watch it is thru the bleacher report app. 3 dollars for the one game.
  4. He almost got his second diving header with only the keeper to beat.
  5. Well done to the board, the manager, Ryan Kent but most of all to bronzy for being first to announce it on the bears den.
  6. Barisic will feature in most games as he’s the most attack minded LB flanagan will feature more in games when we are up against it ie Europe away and maybe the paedodome. Halliday will get the league cup.
  7. Yup most positive I’ve seen it in a long time. Haven’t seen one moan, as you say long may it continue.
  8. You mean our 4th goal right ? Anyway fantastic solo goal and he had only been on the park for a minute as well. Top class.
  9. Probably the best ginger in Scottish football since Alex Mcleish, although honourable mention to Stuart McCall
  10. Doing good, keeping it tight at the back against a classy Cyprus side. With a bit of luck they might break away and get a vital goal in this exciting clash for 4th place.
  11. This is dire. I reckon with a decent left back and a bit of self belief we would be 3-0 up against either of these shitebag teams.
  12. Time to bring on waggers, the wagman will ruffle a few feathers and hopefully get them back in the game.
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