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  1. We are the only Scottish team still in Europe. We get the top euro spot, it’s only fair.
  2. This game should be cancelled or postponed. Only reason it’s going ahead is because it’s at Ibrox and the thought of 50000 bears getting infected and passing it on to their families is giving the fenian bastards in charge their biggest hardon since they saw torbetts photo albums. if this was at the paedodome it would be off by now.
  3. Captains Rangers, drives a Ferrari, shits it against Hamilton. BYE!
  4. Think it’s a unique code for each subscriber so they can identify who is putting up the free streams and shut them down.
  5. Well we are doing better in the first half than we did last week. Hopefully heads don’t go down after failing to score.
  6. Anyone still think it’s just shit refereeing ?
  7. What have kick it out, show racism the red card and all those guys had to say about this?
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