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  1. Well we are doing better in the first half than we did last week. Hopefully heads don’t go down after failing to score.
  2. Anyone still think it’s just shit refereeing ?
  3. What have kick it out, show racism the red card and all those guys had to say about this?
  4. Decided to skip a champions league qualifier to play for Australia. Never forgiven him.
  5. It was Kevin Clancy after he had changed and was waiting for his lift.
  6. Rangerstv.tv does it if you are overseas, all games apart from Europa group stages live and can then be rewatched any time later. Costs 300 usd a year. Well worth it as you don’t need to fuck around with dodgy streams
  7. You can shove your Kenny Miller up your arse. one Kenny Miller there’s only one Kenny Miller! who sang both? Not me.
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