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  1. How many times has Crocker mentioned last Sunday and Alfie's missed chances? Did Thursday night not happen you fat tarrier prick?
  2. Can't believe how shite we've been. Were the cunts out on the piss last night? Horrendous display.
  3. That was fuckin pathetic Rangers. Rocket needed up every single arse in that dressing room.
  4. The fact one of their players is wearing a gum shield sums up these hammer throwing fuckers.
  5. Thought Gerrard showed his inexperience with his use of subs for a second game running. We didn't deserve that result but thought it was due to poor decisions at the end.
  6. The wee ginger scrote celebrating finishing 4th and drawing at home against 10 men after blowing a 3 goal lead. ? Crackpot
  7. Piss poor again. Clueless in the final 3rd. So looking forward to a summer clear out.
  8. Just home from work. Fuckin YAAAASSS! C'mon Stevie lad.
  9. That was tense, no fingernails left after that. Total smash n grab job Walter style. Well done Murty.
  10. Canny believe we've went in ahead at HT. Fuck it, I'll take it.
  11. Not a red for me. I don't see how Jack can get his foot out the way after making the pass. May goes in like a shite bag and gets himself hurt.
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