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  1. Mayweather vs McGregor - August 26th

    Pikey cunt getting a lesson here.
  2. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    Fuck off
  3. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    Destroy this shower of shite Rangers!
  4. Friendly v Sheff Wed 30th July at Hillsborough?

    Booom, Windass 1-0.
  5. Welcome To Rangers Fabio Cardoso

    Nice little video mate.
  6. The Official Welcome to Rangers fc, Bruno Alves!

    Welcome big man. Looking forward to some commanding performances.
  7. Rest in Peace, Sir Ugo.

    Terrible news. RIP big man.
  8. Warburton gtf

    Has to go now and take all his wee favourites with him. Just fuck off please.
  9. *** The Official Motherwell vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Fuckin terrible tackle. Miller's lucky to be back on his feet.
  10. *** The Official Motherwell vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    That shoulda been 1-0. Sitter.
  11. The Monday Night Quiz

    13. George McLean
  12. The Monday Night Quiz

    8. Billy Simpson Sandy already got it.
  13. The Monday Night Quiz

    9. Gregor Stevens.
  14. The Monday Night Quiz

    7. Johnny Hubbard 10. Alex Willoughby