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  1. F*ck Inter. F*ck Juve too for that matter. I hope some gargantuan being strolls onto the park, boabie in hand, and beasts the lot of them all over the park. Preferably while wearing the colours of AS Roma.
  2. Welcome Djoof! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCGiQKDtLAE AH SPIT ON YOU!
  3. Hyperbolic bollocks. You'll soon change yer tune if the guy DOES sign and goes on to help the Rangers pick up another title.
  4. Would be nice to bow out the CL with a win. Come on the teddy bears.
  5. Kids wanting/having kids. Neither wonder the world is fucked. Aw the best.
  6. They have the right but they're still a shower of morons. Fickle in the extreme.
  7. Disappointing in the extreme but there's not a chance in hell that I'm sticking the boot into the team tonight. Not after the start they have to the season. Chin up lads, a wee draw in Valencia will make up for this nicely.
  8. "He dives to the left, he dies to the right, mrmytto shags 10 birds a night"

    I could get used to that hahah

  9. No bother mate, any time. :)

    You must know of my McGregor-esque antics on and off the park then... :ph34r@


  10. You obviously don't follow us away in Europe then? No, I don't I rest my case m'laud. What case? You don't follow Scotland anywhere so for all you know the atmosphere at Scotland games might be far better than following Rangers abroad.
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