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  1. And to think that Akpa Akpro just came in 60 seconds earlier and conceded the penalty...
  2. Their bench today looked ridiculous. Squad depth will destroy them. Substitutes: Bain, Scales, Bitton, Soro, Montgomery, Welsh, Moffat.
  3. To be fair they have been solid in their chase for European football next year.
  4. Nicky Clark to score the winner?
  5. Jesus Christ, thats a 1000% penalty.
  6. So far they have trashed the bottom of the table teams at home, first time they meet a somewhat stronger opposition and they struggle. Long may it continue.
  7. Sheep wins 1-0 Brown to score.
  8. paedos scored, and then 1-1
  9. 3 points are most important. But we do need to improve and need to do that quickly. paedos have tight schedule and now is the time for us to be on the front foot and get as far away from them as possible.
  10. Jesus christ. We look like we can play all night and still not create a clear chance. Lyon is quality, but we are awful. Its gonna be a long season.
  11. Damned, we need changes fast, if they continue to hold posession we will be put under pressure and trouble will come.
  12. If we want to take something out of this game we need to up the tempo and we need to do it quick. Tav barely played with the ball in the first half. Borna has been poor, Kamara, Davis and Lundstram do not create enough and Morelos barely has any service. Crossing the ball in the box when Lyon have 2 tall centre backs wont work, we need to use Kent and Aribo more and provide for Morelos. If we manage to get the ball moving quicker, and create chances for Morelos, i think we can win this one. And hopefully players remember that theres 50 000 extra reasons for an extra effort tonight. We havent been up to full speed this season. Time to show our best. Mon the Gers!
  13. We are not creating enough. Morelos barely has any service and i dont see how a midfield of Davis, Kamara and Lundstram can create much. We need to improve and be solid at the back. At this point ill be happy with a draw.
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