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  1. The only thing Popcorn teeth got right this season.
  2. Got on the pitch in a difficult moment for the team, took him 16 seconds to score and give us the lead. And we never heard of Lukaku ever again. What a performance and a good way to earn your teammates trust back.
  3. On the other hand - having 4 penalties awarded against your team over the 2 legs. Their manager must be fuming
  4. Amazing result against a solid side. Another great performance by Kent, seems to be well on form at the moment. Delighted for Patterson, imagine how much this means to him right now. Wright looked very good again and did well for the penalty, happy for Itten to score. But what a performance by Alfredo. Take a bow. Overall a great night.
  5. Scott Wright - from playing for a shite sheepshagging team to playing for the champions and part of Europa league in a matter of month. Must be enjoying life.
  6. When i saw your the highlight of your post i thought damn, weve conceded another
  7. Hhahaha yyyyaaaassss Patterson! Took you some 1 minute. (Slow stream)
  8. That Balogun tackle on Lukaku was reckless and lucky not to be a penalty and a 2nd yellow if caught. Needs to be more careful, because he will be under a lot of pressure in the 2nd half. The whole team needs to realise that this is not over yet(yes indeed, Charlie Adam) and earn their place in the next round. Make it happen, Rangers!
  9. They are gonna put Balogun under as much pressure as possible now. Stupid yellow.
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