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  1. demise


    Still think he didnt have a good game, and first touch wasnt great either. He just doesnt look as sharp as he used to. Thats just imo. Its good that this season goals are coming from everywhere, so we dont rely on him to do the most part, as it was the past 2 years.
  2. demise


    Alfie needs to keep his head down and stop acting like a 12-years old when things dont turn out the way he wants them to. This season is massive, and his fitness level isnt what it used to be. Or so i think. He is important for the club, hopefully stays here to lift a trophy or two this season, but level of contribution hasnt been great last night. That being said, the whole team had a bad first half.
  3. Any win + no injuries would do. A strong start is a must. RC will have some belief after the win vs paedos, we need to make sure they lose it quickly to avoid trouble. Another step forward on the way to 55th. Lets go Rangers!
  4. Usually when a game starts like that and you fall behind twice, you know youre in trouble. Especially the fact that 2 min after we equalized , we lost another goal and another 4 mins later we equalized again. What a comeback and a great second half. Shows how far we've come when it comes to maturity and confidence.
  5. Time to do changes, hopefully this time there are changes.
  6. Midfield needs to do better, the only one trying seems to be Kamara at the moment. Standard are using their wingers well and keeping Tav and Barisic deep. We are not enough of a threat right now. Come on Gers!
  7. https://www.viprow.me/rangers-fc-vs-standard-liege-2-online-stream
  8. Any win with no injuries would do nicely. Get it done, Rangers!
  9. Edit: sorry for repost, but still funny
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