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  1. I got a friend who works in a bycicle shop and he decided to surprise me with a gift. So i got a new bike. Imagine my disbelief when i found out the brand of the bike is Nakamura As it is a gift, i cannot change it, and aside from the brand, its a cool bike. So ill stick with it for few months, before spring comes so i can buy a road bycicle. This one is MTB and kinda heavy, but i enjoy a challenge, so next week ill do a 120km trip to the mountains with it. Seat and tires were changed immediately though, so the picture is from google, but exactly the same model as mine. ...8 ma d
  2. It was an intense game, but very weird to think that they only had like 2 shots at goal the whole game... Mcgregor barely had anything to do.
  3. Copenhagen own goal sums up the whole 2020
  4. http://livetv.sx/bg/eventinfo/981073_rangers_galatasaray/#webplayer_alieztv|130123|981073|1457753|900|1|bg A little advice: MUTE IT!
  5. Well, we wont win shit this season if we fuck up like this.
  6. If they were indeed bulgarians, Ferencvaros wouldve been my favorite bulgarian team as of tonight.
  7. Ginger saying some of his players dont want to be there surely will get him trouble in the dressing room. Hopefully this time we take full advantage of their fuckups.
  8. The defending for the 2nd goal was a pleasure to watch And the fact they didnt put their new striker on the pitch says enough really. Plenty of times they had lost games by playing their best midfielder at left back, and today they dropped some 20m by not playing a striker. Crazy stuff. Slowly but surely we are catching up on them.
  9. Reading the BBC report of the game now.. James McFaggot is a wanker. But hahahahaha :D
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