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  1. Happy and will be attending games in Division 3 as much as possible. Let us rebuild quietly and emerge stronger.
  2. I agree with you. I may be wrong and if so I'll hold my hands up. But if I've to choose between John Brown, a Rangers man through and through as you so eloquently put it, and Charles Green, a venture capitalist with no links to the club and who many Sheffield United fans have nothing good to say about, I know who I'm backing and he doesn't sound like something out of Emmerdale.
  3. Finger hovering over the panic button? Ah but what about sporting integrity Stew?
  4. They are quite literally all over the place. I would confidently bet that there's at least one rhat on every single EPL forum that there is (except Chelsea perhaps) professing some kinda bond between the scum and the respective EPL team. Cringeworthy in the extreme I reckon.
  5. In fairness after being 'hut' with a bottle and then repeatedly punched he was probably trying his hardest to diffuse the situation as quickly as possible.
  6. Doubt it, same old same old I imagine. Rangers Chumps Hertz Dundee United.
  7. Towards the end of the last transfer windae.
  8. Sad to hear of someone dying at such a young age. Anyone know what was actually wrong with him? I'd read elsewhere that it was cancer but the news reports only say 'a serious illness'. His wiki page says that he got the all clear from a brain scan a few years ago after suffering dizziness and severe headaches. (Edit: Just noticed this in the above news report as well).
  9. Lovely part of the world is Ayrshire ...............
  10. F*ck Inter. F*ck Juve too for that matter. I hope some gargantuan being strolls onto the park, boabie in hand, and beasts the lot of them all over the park. Preferably while wearing the colours of AS Roma.
  11. Just with the nice things being said in this thread about Wales and Swansea, I chuckled when I saw your name at the bottom. Nothing sinister.
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