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  1. Thats our Church of Scotland reverend speaking. Pipe down.
  2. Thomson was far more expressive on the park. His aggression in the tackle endeared him to the fans. A very clever player and in my opinion above Jack, at present. Jack continues to surprise me though, I didn’t think it would work out when he first signed and indeed last season was a bit stop start. The signs this season are very encouraging.
  3. When we emerge stronger from this we must never allow our great club to slip below our usual high standards. TBK and a United fans group can ensure this, we are the heartbeat of this club and I'm thrilled liquidation now seems unlikely.
  4. I think it will be a very enjoyable game to watch. They will struggle but ultimately I think celtic will win as they know they have to. Soon they'll slip up to a home game at Parkhead where they're expected to win its only a matter of time.
  5. Guy in work saying 10 mill for Jela? Happy with that if we can spend it all. Please don't take my Davis away though.
  6. Australia is a market we really need to tap in to commercially as well, we have Ian Ferguson and Craig Moore over there who would surely keep us informed. I see they have gave good reports on Mckay, so hopefully they are right.
  7. We have no chance of getting Goodwillie let it go move on.
  8. Verhoek! How hard is it to send a fax using the money earmarked for Goodwille for him!
  9. Wouldn't give a flying what they think If we got Barton we would win the league. I understand your point but what do you expect from them eh?
  10. Leave Kevin Thomson out of this! Thompson though Also Whyte ? Really? I shudder to think what would have happened to us without a buyer
  11. C'mon Goodwillie tell them chicken munchin bassas where to go and bring Dioufy back up with you...if you can find him
  12. Boycott them regardless its a shitehole and they don't deserve our cash
  13. OK simple one for David Goodwillie, its clear Rangers after several bids are a bawhair away from having a bid deemed acceptable by Rangers. So why not either reject Blackburn or ask for time to consider the offer. Not much risk for him delaying it, If Blackburn really want him they will give him the time he needs. So Goodwillie HAS the choice to make Blackburn or Rangers.
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