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  1. Never mind getting 2nd, we'll win the league
  2. Could always be worse, Martin Bain would have paid his contract up in full
  3. Were there any concrete offers for him in January from any of the teams who have apparently been scouting him?
  4. I wonder if the hold up was St J wanting to get the deal done as late as possible to give them the excuse not to spend the fee. I can't remember if they brought in a replacement
  5. Who is the Journo who asked the question at around 3.35 asking about Rangers commitment to spending any cash? Every press conference I listen to I hear that same neddy voice asking negative questions whether it's about, form, spending, warburtons commitment etc. he's like a broken record
  6. Pleased if Law goes, 3 seasons to finally screw the nut. Law can be replaced easily. He has no dig about him whatsoever.
  7. That scotzine blog/article is horrific. How angry and bitter must he be to have written all that drivel
  8. Shite thread worth it for this post though, made me laugh
  9. Watched this with my Dad remember him going absolutely tonto. Always puts a smile on my face
  10. I can't think of many more ways that the officials and the people who are unfortunately running Scottish football could make more of a cluster fuck than they have recently
  11. Not poetic or witty but for the sheer euphoria afterwards.
  12. Listening to his interviews makes me wonder why it took so long to appoint him, his interview must have been brilliant, his knowledge of the English leagues, networks to other top clubs, positivity and known to play great football.
  13. Young Walsh's control from the keepers ball out was outstanding he had a player chasing him down as well. It was really classy.
  14. I hope the reply to DiscoDavey was "batter the corduroys right out of him"
  15. I still can't believe a team down south didn't take a punt on Warburton, the guy is immense, he speaks and you listen. Everything is all positive with him, players, staff, subs, youngsters must all be buzzing like we are.