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  1. Reading the title, I thought a new signing was on the way lol
  2. got to be neil lennon,what a rancid dirty bastard he was.
  3. Clark try's hard but he lack's the quality and technique to lead the line for Rangers,even at this level.
  4. pushing on and getting second place is crucial for us,i think if we take second place hibs will struggle in the playoffs,i have a feeling that if we take second place in the the league hibs will lose the first playoff and we will face qots or falkirk to get a shot at the premier league team.
  5. not for me host,we were better than we have been but it was still a very poor standard.
  6. huttton is terrible ,offers nothing in defence or attack,far too slow.
  7. how can the fans groups influence boardroom decisons about the management of the clubs football department,is that not the ceo's job?
  8. murdoch was ok,played at a higher technical level than black and played at a decent tempo.deserves pass marks.
  9. what im trying to say is,they are both fucking diabolical ,if we dont have under 20 right backs that could play at a higher technical level than these 2 plonkers that are a waste of a jersey,there is something seriously wrong.
  10. what has no other foster or faure got to do with the fact that they are both dreadful,if we havn't got an 18 year right back in the kids squad that is better than these 2 ,the youth team coach should get the bullet,foster and faure are pish.
  11. disagree,foster is shite but faure is rank rotten.
  12. pish,carrying to many shit players,our out ball tonight is our right back,he's the guy getting the space,pity it's fucking faure,i thought that greek guy was the worst player i had seen in a Rangers top,i was wrong ,it's faure.
  13. yes 100 percent,that sort of thing is bang out of order.
  14. you are right,there have been leaks,but never at this embarrrassing level.Leakng peoples wages to try and get the fan's to turn on them is nothing short of shameful,The wages some of these people are on are way over the top,but to treat people who have been loyal to the club for years is not on,IF they have to go,let them go,but at least do it with a bit of class,this kind of garbage is not on.
  15. is this the level we are stooping too.The guy is on too much money,but trying to shame and blacken the name of people who have been loyal to the club for years is utterly shameful,if we need to get these people off the wage bill,at least do it with a bit of class,leaking peoples wages to shame them to the support is shameful,not the Rangers way,but that's the problem ,none of these imposters running the club have a fuckin clue what the Rangers way is.
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