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  1. hope he comes in and does great and ends up like palacios or figureoa has 2 great seasons then makes us a fortune!
  2. how did he get on in that match? anyone know what his form has been like since the world cup?
  3. great article it's guy's like you we need working in our clubs pr departement the way the press have been allowed to demonise our support has been scandalous but what has made it even more sickening is murray and his lapdogs have supported these people in doing so
  4. was thinking the same thing nothing should be put on the club website unless it is signed and sealed i thought they might have learned from the eagles transfer.
  5. agree that both are not great but it would be worrying if we go down the loan deals route.if it's 3 loan deals we bring in this summer come next summer we'll have nobody left
  6. i trust walter but the problem he's got is it look's like the most he's going to get is 3 shots and with our squad being weak we need those 3 shot to come of big time.
  7. i most certainly can i cant see walter benching webster or weir at all the reason i think walter will bench webster is if he play's the 3 of them every week and 1 pick's up an injury he is goosed for a centre half he might rotate the 3 of them but when the season starts i think 1 of them will start on the bench
  8. would love to see bougie stay but i have a feeling he might push for a move the same way cuellar did
  9. he sound's good but as soon as our interest was made public i think our chances of signing him vanished
  10. i think walter will need to give the younger players as much time as possible in pre season because 3 or 4 injuries to key players and we are in trouble
  11. So our leading goalscorer isnt a legend? What utter pish. Its no longer Friday so fish isnt in as much demand as it was He's not a legend in my eyes. Again, typical example of someone on here no being able to respect someones opinion without resorting to the "pish" and "talking shite" lines. A REAL Rangers man doesn't knock us back 3 times in one lifetime. Simple. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, that's upto the. Anyone thats our regular for striker for 14 years (bar a couple of Souness seasons) should get almost 300 goals. Fuck me, Boyd was almost half way there after 4 seasons
  12. How can Webster be horrendous? He was up for POTY last year. Or is being horrendous good enough for POTY in the SPL now? Get a grip mate. just my opinion mate but i think there is a lot of horrendous centre half's impersonating footballer's in the spl andy webster being 1
  13. don't rate webster his technique is horrendous if our centre half pairing is weir and webster extpect a lot high aimless punts up to miller i was really dissapointed to lose wilson i think he had the potential to be a great football centre back in the short time we seen him play last season he showed he was a far better football playing centre half at 18 years old than webster will ever be
  14. Now call me a cynic, but why do I get a feeling that this is a smokescreen for one of our players heading out the door, rather than signing a new player i'm very cynical too every time we've been linked with a player this summer we've sold 1 the next day
  15. i thought the accounts told us how much debt we are in but it seem's the numbers dont add up if you take the last 5 years of downsizing you would have thought that would have made a significant hole in the debt but it look's to me and i'm no financial expert that we are more in date now than we have ever been.on the jjb deal i thought they payed a certain amount every year but if we sold a certain amount of merchandise that number would rise
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