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  1. you are speaking of a time when Rangers and our fans were in a Scotland that no longer exists. we currently live in a republican fenian controlled country where such a high road/class act, while certainly something to aspire to at a personal level, does absolutely fuck all to change this fenian controlled league or country.
  2. Clearly, you don't get the point so there's fuck all point in defining it
  3. Your opinion that these cunts have got more than two legitimate titles in a row speaks for itself - unadulterated fenian speak! Show me one fucking post in this forum where i have, unlike you, defended these paedos. And until you do, put your 'h' where it it belongs - Lhoyd72
  4. Just wish you'd keep your mouth shut sometimes. Only a fucking putrid fenian would think a claim of more than two in a row is legitimate.
  5. the only work you've done is to lick scum arses which i am not prepared to do. i made it a point of attacking the scum and their advocates - like Paul McConville. but this isn't about me. it's about a Judas cunt like yourself and your 30 pieces of silver. wont address their paedophile complicity. just go fuck yourself.
  6. give me your fucking platform and i'll show you. but make sure you are far enough away when you do so that i can avoid your stench.
  7. Penn State paid 93 million fucking dollars to Sandusky victims. How much did the Paedo FC pay to Torbett's victims? To avoid addressing this scum team's complicity in the sexual abuse of young boys and making them accountable makes you as complicit and as disgusting as they are. May you choke on your fucking Judas daily rhebel pounds once you manage to remove them from your arsehole. Not using your platform to address Paedo FC's complicity - which caused the unnecessary abuse of other kids over a 20 year period clearly demonstrates you do not possess one fucking iota of integrity or morality and are a disgrace to everything Rangers, and humanity.
  8. many of us go to this rhag everyday which gives the bastards hits which generates money for them. we detest doing it but do so because there's so few sources of information for Rangers related info. If there is a Bear on here with some time on their hands, who could start a daily rhebel sticky thread and keep it updated with all Rangers related info, which could be placed at the bottom of the Bears Den with all Rangers related articles, such a thread would prevent us giving them hits.
  9. anyone who thinks funds from seasons tickets and any mythical cash from King for decent new signings/manager will change Savco FC domination of scottish football should wake the fuck up. Savco's dominance is clearly a result of the total control of football and everything else in this country by fenians - terrorists and their supporters. they include a fenian sfa controlled by liewell, a fenian court system that puts Rangers players in jail and Bears in jail for singing songs and fuck all for fenians who attack our players on the pitch, a fenian hmrc who targeted Rangers when dozens of other clubs including the paedos used ebts, a fenian media, fenian controlled police, local fenian government, and fenian snp government. money, unless it's astronomical, will never make us a force in scottish football again. to achieve this we must confront the above powers who control our destiny and who are intent on our failure.
  10. it is indeed quite possible the fan was directing monkey gestures at brown instead of sinclair. although this is sure to get the fan into more racist trouble from the likes of PETA who will accuse him of disgracefully comparing a moronic cunt like brown to a highly intelligent primate.
  11. once upon a time ... in the days of Bill and Ben the flowerpot men when anyone fucked with us the way we were ... ... just another Saturday afternoon in Glasgow. to be fair, though, Saturday night did get a wee bit mental.
  12. i was at hampden that day as well. and i can assure you this is worse. you trying to tell me that getting the fuck kicked out of you in your own hoose is the same as getting a doing at hampden! like fuck!
  13. some would say we have taken the higher road of being politically correct. others, including myself, think this is just a euphemism for 'shiting it'. we shat it when challenged by motherwell. we shat it when challenged by hivs at the cup final. we shat it with the sfa. we shat it when unjustly put in div 3. we shat it with hmrc. we shat it when big Dunc was imprisoned. we shat it when Butcher was convicted. the list is fucking endless. aye, we're fuckin' great at singin' songs but that does absolutely fuck all to stop what is being done to us in what has become this shithole of a country. so i can understand why this Bear confronted brown. violence has always been how we've solved problems in glasgow. but, ok, so you want to take the high road without violence; fine, i feel the same way. shut glasgow down shut the sfa down shut the media down shut the government down with mass peaceful protests and, as said before, not 20 punters outside sports direct - 200,000 of us stopping traffic, blocking buildings, roadways and bridges ... we have a choice - continue to shite it and get fucked up the arse or take them on. songs are not enough!
  14. Regardless of my negative opinion concerning Pedro's tactical acumen, this day, the most humiliating defeat in the history of Rangers - worse than the 7-1 game because that was at Hampden, is something that will, unfortunately, haunt him throughout his tenure as Rangers manager, preventing success.
  15. it's one thing to become a team that allows scum like brown to swagger around our home - Ibrox, intimidating and beating the fuck out of anybody he wants but if you'd told me when growing up in the tenements of Glasgow, that one day we'd let a mongloid cunt like grifiths get away with tying a paedo scarf on our goal post, i would have asked how long you'd escaped from the Woodilee lunatic asylum. just watch this cunt and and listen to the paedo witch laughing at us in this vid http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/football-news/watch-celtic-star-leigh-griffiths-9541974 when management, stewards, and polis do fuck all about this, then its up to us do something about it and we fucking don't. once upon a time.... griffiths would have been scared shitless to do this because he wouldn't have got out of ibrox alive for doing it. changed fucking days indeed! we deserve everything we fucking get!