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  1. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack Red

    Clearly there are divided opinions on this battle but there's no fucking way Ryan should have been given a yellow let alone a red. Why? Because this is my 1690 post on the site - so how the fuck could I possibly be wrong! Case closed!
  2. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack Red

    FFS, Goat, Ryan made a side footed pass - he didn't make a fucking tackle on May. Ryan had fuck all intention of contacting his ankle, and he was not reckless in his attempt to pass the ball. The fact May's nearly snapped his ankle was because the fucking idiot drove his foot towards Ryan's boot when Ryan was making a natural follow through with his pass. May endangered his own safety.
  3. baxterboy

    McCrorie,Wilson,Alves and cardoso

    McCrorie, even though he is still learning, is our best centre backs and should be playing every game. However, one of the most critical aspects of managing today is the amount of game time given to young players. Too much game time will seriously affect the long term development of McCrorie. We should have varying formations relative to who we're playing - most times 2 centre backs but against the likes of the scum - 3 cb. Like brenda did against the sheep. With a mainly 2 centre back and periodic 3 cb formation, along with occasional rotation, all four get game time.
  4. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack

    To intimidate scared as fuck players, like Savcos' sinclair, and throw them off their game, you don't have to risk seriously injuring them with hospital tackles. All you have to say is, "Boo!" or Jack to make a hospital tackle on their minder - mutant broon, and sinclair will shite himself and hide for the rest of the game . Any hard man beating the fuck out of a wimp would be considered right poofy by other hard men, though, then again, I've heard queer folk might not find it so.
  5. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack

    No, queer, as you know, is getting your ass fucked.
  6. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack

    I had season tickets for the Habs when Lafleur was in his prime, lived in TMR. Those Bruins v Habs games - incredible rivalry. And those wild nights on Crescent and St. Denis after the games...
  7. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack

    ...emmm... s_d, you have to go back to the last century to find a Stanley Cup with the Habs name on it Then again, it could be worse - you could be a Maple Leafs fan!
  8. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack

    My favourite tackle of all time is Bartley's on brown, so your preachin' to the choir! And such tackles are definitely never red cards because of the way a cunt like brown plays the game - just as Black deserved it with us because of his history - tackle on Jelavic. But such tackles on a player like Miller or Jelavic or the likes of a sinclair? C'mon, it's just not on for such players, no real hard man would get any satisfaction out of doing that. By current laws of the game simunov's tackle, when it endangers a player's safety, is a red card all day long. Sure, we'll agree to differ, and have a pint on it, but since you're wrong you're fucking buying!
  9. baxterboy

    Saturdays Display

    The ol' man, a sergeant in the Royal Marine 42 Commando Brigade, passed away a few years ago in his hospital bed on Remembrance Day at 1 minute after 11am, wearing his beret and medals, would've loved the display.
  10. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack

    You cannot be seriously trying to suggest simunovic's tackle did not endanger the safety of Miller? Can you?
  11. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack

    A scum player runs at full speed and hits Miller launching him high into the air upside down and, if Miller doesn't break his fall with his arm when he hits the ground, he could end up with a broken neck. You won't find a clearer example of a tackle that falls into the category of an automatic red card for endangering the safety of an opponent. Under this rule, making contact with the ball before making contact with the player means absolutely piss all. Red card all day long, mate!
  12. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack

    To me it was clear you said the opposite in the post I quoted. However, since you actually believe we're getting fucked by refs then we're on the same page. And, as for the slaggin,' remind me I owe you a kick up the arse.
  13. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack

    You're seriously trying to justify your contention that Rangers get equal treatment by refs using the examples of us getting a fucking throw in, Morelos kicking out and some foul Pena did compared to a Rangers player getting red cards for fuck all and motherfuckers do this to our players and go unpunished .... this.. or this... We didn't lose a critical game against the hivs, as you say, because we were a shite team. We fucking lost it because we had to play with 10 men for more than half the match because of a biased ref, who sent our player off for fuck all, and who didn't send off stokes for clear red card fouls. And we lost a critical cup game against motherwell because a ref allowed them to batter the fuck out of us. And, mate, who the fuck needs a tarrier to make a wee list to justify your contention when you're doing it! All your attitude does is give refs carte blanche to continue fucking us, and no matter what players we sign and no matter what manager we sign we will continue to fail until we demand a level playing field. "... that was never a throw away to thistle..." gimme a fucking break ffs! Our players are getting fucking mauled week in week out and you're talking 'bout how we got a throw in we didn't deserve!
  14. baxterboy

    Ryan Jack

    Ryan Jack gets two reds Well players can take this further ... Players don't do that sort of thing in scotland, well, with the exception of scum players like Ciftci who grab refs by the throat. Paedos fans also take it further by scaring the fuck out of refs when they make calls they don't like ... The paedo board also take it further when liewell uses his acolyte Regan to put pressure on refs - causing the first referee strike in the history of scottish fitba. While the paedo ethics are certainly deplorable, one thing is fucking clear - they work! That's why a mutant like teflon broon fouls and intimidates whoever the fuck he wants and, as even the fenian cunt English admits - gets away with it weekly! Our current approach, on the other hand, effectively causes a Rangers player to get red cards regularly at critical times for absolutely fuck all, and for opposing players like Bowman to smash the fuck out of a Rangers player's face without punishment! Why do scum like broon get away with it? For the simple reason that refs are scared as fuck to make critical calls against the scum. Their job is in jeopardy if they do eg. Craven, they will get physically attacked and their homes will be vandalized.
  15. baxterboy

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I don't care what Brenda or the Sun says, I will not change my stance on transvestites!