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  1. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Make it a point of never wearing anything green let alone one of their paedo scarfs! When I was 5, it was dead important to me that there were more blue things than green things. When I got to adding the grass, I was fucking sweatin', then when I added the blue ocean we were on easy street, and when I added the blue sky I knew blue ruled - we were The People!
  2. Jorg Albertz

    Yerr Da was dead right on all four counts!
  3. Jorg Albertz

    I had the privilege of watching both every week. Trust me, Goat, the Hammer was indeed great, but it's not even close. When Pele says Slim should have been a Brazilian that gives you some idea. Baxter is in the category of one of the greatest players who ever played the game.
  4. Jorg Albertz

    Best shot, yes! Best left foot in scottish fitbaw? No one comes close - the one and only ... Jim Baxter.
  5. Nemane

    Why Nemane wasn't put on sooner so we could see what he has to offer certainly did my nut in especially considering Windass's awful contribution. But y'know, Oz, your situation is a reminder to all of us that there are some things, believe it or not, that are more important that football.
  6. Nemane

    Your spirit is strong, Oz, and in those moments when it's all getting to you a wee bit, remember, mate, the strength and power of the blue blood running in your veins which will get you through it all. All the best!
  7. Andy Goram

    Me, gladly..... (for a change)!
  8. Andy Goram

    double post
  9. Andy Goram

    The cool brilliance of that fucking unbelievable save on Van Hookidonkey with the whole Broomloan bursting with rancid paedos behind him. Andy, in a instant, single handedly shattering every one of the scum on the park, and in the stand. After watching Fod's experience in front of the baying Broomloan in the last game against the filth, I think he'd benefit from a wee chat with Andy over a pint.
  10. How many goals did John Greig score for us?

    Best memory of John was at the piggery when wee Johnstone had the ball at the half way line on the wing doing his usual shite - going round in endless circles staying in the same place, getting nowhere. The jungle, as usual, were lapping up his bullshit. Greig had enough of watching his shite, nonchalantly paraded over, shifted his hips and there was the wee ginger bastard flying high six feet in the air, landing on the other side of the track and almost rolling into the jungle. As we pished ourselves laughing in the Rangers end, the jungle was fucking bealin', foaming at mouth to get to big John.
  11. Pena

    Never forget SD - you're only as old as how who yerr feelin'. And the wife is 22
  12. Pena

    Great inside right - tragically killed by lightning. I went down to White Hart Lane in '62 with thousands of Bears along with high hopes that a great Rangers team would beat a great Spurs team - we lost 5-2 to White, and his fellow legends Greaves, Brown, Blanchflower, and MacKay. Loss was hard to take but some experience for a 12 year old!
  13. Pena

    Ok, so there's Pena in the first half, demonstrating a pathetic inability to make even the simplest of passes, and possessing a close ball control that is nothing short of embarrassing. Then, in a millisecond, I'm sitting up, eyes popping out my head in disbelief when I see this same player in the middle of the park, chest control a very difficult ball then with magic timing and touch volley a pass high and to the side and behind into the path of a moving winger - fucking unbelievable! Then shortly afterwards, he has the vision to anticipate Tav's far post cross and, with perfect timing and skill, hit the ball on the half volley with great pace, bursting the roof of the net. Pena's timing and control of the volleyed pass, and the volleyed finish for the goal were nothing short of world class. Pena, Rangers' Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde. I've seen it before, though, in a Rangers jersey. Some of the older Bears may remember another Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - George McClean. One minute he looked like a fucking clown of a football player, then, in the next, he'd score an amazing goal out of nothing
  14. Anybody else miss the old Ibrox?

    So you were one of the bastards who wis throwin' those cans full of pish we had to dodge doon at the front when a goal went in against us!!
  15. Anybody else miss the old Ibrox?

    Running battles between rival gangs were nothing compared to the dangers of jumping across and navigating the overflowing rivers of pish from the lavvies, and those not bothering to use the lavvy.