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  1. they just beat Reading - effectively ending Reading's bid for automatic promotion to the EPL while distancing themselves from relegation.
  2. poofters
  3. this is a despicable post that should be deleted for its abuse of a transgender football player.
  4. sorry, Keyser, it's basic tactics to get defensive coverage for a wing back if he takes a corner. on the topic of exposure to counters - arguably warburton's system's biggest failure. warburton failed to implement the tactic used by every successful team using the same system - an immediate tactical foul as soon as the opposition get possession.
  5. aye, those specific free kicks posted in response to your post are world class and as good as anything i've seen from beckham or carlos. and for you not to see it, as a Rangers supporter, is embarrassing.
  6. .... emm... the topic of my posts, which you've clearly missed, was McKay's complete inability to hit a corner kick with any pace, swerve, or spin, into dangerous areas. and since Tav is capable of doing this, he should be the one responsible for taking corners and not McKay. and, whether you like it or not, the goals he has scored from dead balls are some of the best i've ever seen in a Rangers strip, and world class which, in those particular instances, are clearly phenomenal. lol
  7. i've watched Rangers wingers since Scott, Henderson, Wilson, Johnston, etc i've never seen any of them shite it the way McKay does.
  8. scoring world class class free kicks is significantly different than taking corners. those videos were used to demonstrate Tav's talent to strike a ball using the dead ball technique alluded to. McKay currently does not have the dead ball talent that Tav's demonstrated and because McKay lacks it, he shouldn't be anywhere near taking corners. With Tav, at least there's a chance of good corners whereas with McKay there's not. To persist with McKay taking corners with the expectation of creating danger in the penalty area - now that, mate is clearly delusional!
  9. what ratio of corners does Tav take compared to McKay 40-1? and you pick one example. Tav has phenomenal dead ball talent compared to McKay and should be taking most corner kicks instead of McKay. Your inability to recognize this, mirrors the ineptitude of the coaching staff.
  10. the point was McKay's inability to get pace, spin, swerve, and dip from a dead ball at corners. Yet he, as yesterday, constantly takes on the responsibilities of corner kicks from both sides. You trying to tell me, if Tav had taken as many corners as McKay this year you'd have seen as many pathetic corners?
  11. bullshit. McKay has never shown the skill Tavernier has with a dead ball.
  12. The amount of abuse players take on the site - calling them cunts etc is fucking well ott. however, there's a distinction between abuse and constructive criticism. and McKay's dead ball attempts and serious shirking from tackles, needs drastic improvement in these two critical areas. and what is more serious than McKay's weaknesses in those areas is the former and current coaching staffs' failure to recognize them and do something about it.
  13. At least Tavernier has demonstrated the technique i'm talking about, and has scored some of the best goals i've seen in a Rangers jersey from free kicks using it. Whereas McKay, from the hundreds of corners he's taken, demonstrates a complete inability to use the technique that delivers a very fast, spinning, swerving and dipping ball into dangerous areas from corner kicks.
  14. double post
  15. hats off to any punter travelling to away games and having to endure this.