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  1. Sitting in The Louden and the Burnley lads are all brand new. Thier all commenting on how friendly and welcoming we've been and how they despise the dirty mob.
  2. You see a game down south for us as a reward?
  3. Stopped for a coffee and after being off them for nearly 4 years, a smoke. Depressing having a couple of hours drive home after that.
  4. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/477161/ Man Utd agree deal with Bayern Munich for Toni Kroos.
  5. Terrible tactical awareness by Rogers by bringing on Moses, Agger or Toure needed brought on to stem the flow of Palace attacks. Sakho and Skirtel are a shite partnership, only had one clean sheet in the 17 games they've paired up in. Suarez
  6. I recall Sturridge playing wide right alot of the time at Chelsea as Torres was a must up front as the fee was so big. He is branded as greedy, you see Suarez having a go at him alot too. I remember Sturridge was asked about peoples opinion of him being greedy and his response was that he felt he could bury any chance he gets!
  7. http://.youtube.com/results?q=froch%20shoves%20groves&sm=3 Froch is a dickhead, I reckon he's gonna get a tanking this time.
  8. Love how this title thread gets more depressing for Arsenal near enough every time it's changed. Arsenal
  9. Think City showed last night that they are rightful favourites for the title. As for the rest of the pack it can go any way really, fk even United are only 6 points away from the Champions League places now. Think Chelsea will go the distance and finish second, the draw last night was a blip, but they battered West Ham and should've continued with their recent form.
  10. Nearly all Chelsea fans support the unwashed haha, load of shite. I can confirm the vast majority hate them with a passion. Even more so after the shameful Rigby shenanigance (sp) last pre season.
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