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  1. Nicky Walker made some decent contributions Even after the arrival of Chris Woods. I’m sure he was in a couple of Skol Cup finals or something. I remember thinking my mate was at the wind up when he said he his family business was Walkers Shortbread, but it was actually true !
  2. A lot of people are hurting, rightly so, as Ally would say, but a sense of perspective is required. I first went to Ibrox when John Greig was the manager and those days weren’t exactly glorious. Then Jock Wallace returned and you could still turn up on a Saturday, pay in at the Half empty Copeland Rd and get gubbed by Aberdeen or Dundee Utd. Souness was a game changer , but Souness had many advantages over a modern Rangers manager. Income was about fans, not TV, there was no Sky money in those days. English clubs banned from Europe, and we sign Butcher, Woods, Roberts, Stevens and Steven
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