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  1. I have to admit, when Steven Gerrard was announced as the new manager I fully expected the BBC to get rid of Gollum etc to report on lawn bowls as I couldn’t imagine a regional office of a national publicly funded network excluding themselves from access to to arguably the most high profile manager ever to grace Scottish football. Instead they have entrenched themselves in an embarrassing position where they have no relationship with the biggest club in the country and continue to employ biased individuals with obvious agendas. Stewart as a pundit , like the other cronies on Sportsound and Sportscene is utter garbage and provides no insight into football that doesn’t fall under the banner of “master of the obvious” His speciality is being wise after the event which anyone can do if you already know the outcome of the game play and starting every sentence with the irritating “for me”. If you ever have the misfortune to actually listen to him on the radio, he is barely coherent and in trying to sound intelligent is exposed as thick as mince. Hopefully with all the talk of cost cutting and reviewing the BBC funding etc, they get rid of BBC Scotland completely as it serves no purpose other than political and anything that rids us of the embarrassing BBC Scotland channel has to be a good thing.
  2. Hopefully Lennon gets his move, the sooner the odious bastard is out of the UK the better. A dream team with Sutton would be ideal, another class A wanker.
  3. In the good old days Souness, Smith, Advocaat, players coming in the summer would generally have been better than what we already had and that immediately forced the incumbents to up their game. None of these new arrivals are first team picks for me so there’s no threat to anyone who isn’t on their game. Must be frustrating for Gerard too, knowing he could buy 10 Joey Veermans at a mid table EPL club whose peak ambition is not to get relegated.
  4. Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as that. I can illustrate this with a true story. A good number of years ago my brother worked part time in a large Computer factory, let’s say the one with 3 letters. He was asked to apply for a permanent job as he was quite obviously capable and suited to the environment. Mysteriously his invite to come for an interview arrived after the interview date.As my father had worked there since the early days, he went and chased this up as something didn’t add up, the letter had been posted from Ayrshire nowhere near the factory. Long and short of it , there was a cabal at play in the Personnel dept trying to bias who was getting employed to their own bigoted beliefs. Warnings were issued to individuals etc. Some time later, now employed at said factory, my brother had a car accident and was taken to hospital, nothing serious but it was in the local paper. A mysterious letter appeared addressed to my mother to the effect that the individual hoped the accident was serious and hopefully my brother wouldn’t come back out of hospital. By whatever means , I was at school at the time and don’t really remember, it was established this had come from someone within the Personnel dept. My family have no faith beliefs and are not interested in anyone’s big book of stories but to this day I despise that certain kind of RC cabal and their sleekit ways of infiltrating and influencing and that seems to me to be the root cause of what is wrong with Scotland at the moment.
  5. This is exactly it. It’s always been my view that if RCs want RC schools my taxes shouldn’t be paying for them. Same goes for any “faith “ schools. The state’s responsibility should be to educate children, not to indoctrinate children.
  6. My late father was a member of the SNP in the 1970s but that was back when they had serious politicians like Gordon Wilson and they could see the potential transformation of Scotland akin to what was happening in Norway with their sovereign fund etc. Back then they were hated by the very same people who now vote for them, they were branded as Tartan Tories and the RC population were advised to vote Labour by their priests (this was confirmed by a neighbour). The ship sailed on independence in the 1970s and 80s and for the last 20 years of his life he certainly came to despise them. The SNP had made a calculated shift to become a very republican type outfit more akin to something like Sinn Fein and it seemed to start with Salmond and co who were at one point expelled from the party over their views. Look at our railway stations and road sign posts. Gaelic was never a predominant language in Scotland, ever, and real speakers of the language do not retrospectively invent words , they use the English word for anything remotely modern yet the government is hell bent on reinforcing the propaganda that we are separate and different and not the same as other UK citizens as part of their narrative and Rangers are very much in their sights as the antithesis of what they stand for. The only people I now know for sure that vote SNP are, let’s say, not from a non denominational background.
  7. Hope the SPFL don’t have a deal with Nandos 😉
  8. Isn’t the classic rag top phrase “ sun sport understands” the same as “we’ve made this pish up because we are not anymore in the know than you are “ The days of Scottish newspapers having anything we don’t know already are long gone. There are better sources on this forum.
  9. Yip. Drawing a team that play summer football and are mid season was never going to be easy, it’s happened before to better Rangers teams than this one.
  10. I seen Ally Scott play for Morton, same era as Andy Ritchie etc. When I was at school I sometimes went to Cappielow as most of my mates were Ton fans. Pretty sure he played up front and his nickname was Bald Eagle as he had a Bobby Charlton thing going on.
  11. I see BBC Scotland are up to their usual agenda, next to no mention of Kelty , all about “Rangers “ McKee sent off for allegedly saying something
  12. I’m torn on this. Getting rid of two plastic pitches would be good but can’t help feeling Dundee need to suffer some more for that vote treachery.
  13. My prediction is that even if this ESL does go ahead, the EPL or a hastily constructed replacement version of it, will go on as normal and include the six teams. Too many teams in the EPL which are, lets face it, non entities with small fanbases, are built on the TV money alone and they aren’t going to get that without games against those 6 teams. Europe isn’t a big consideration if your modus operandi is to finish mid table and not get relegated. FIFA, UEFA, FA etc are all just administration bodies that fill their boots and can be replaced overnight if the clubs with power decide to do so. So the World Cup becomes the World Championship and so, under a different administrative body, they are kidding themselves if they think they are going to decide the outcome of this.
  14. I don’t see a U.K. League . My prediction is that even if this ESL does go ahead, the EPL or a hastily constructed replacement version of it, will go on as normal and include the six teams. Too many teams in the EPL which are, lets face it, non entities with small fanbases, are built on the TV money alone and they aren’t going to get that without games against those 6 teams.
  15. Had the radio on , Sportsound, not a word
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