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  1. I don't get excited about loan signings any more. Most of them are mediocre and the few that show promise are developed by us for a season then never kick a ball for us again. Often a waste of a wage.
  2. Preferred it when the OP was negative. This positive shite will never catch on.
  3. Worst cunts. Hope it's not a medical condition and he emphasises random letters when talking. Admin might ban me.
  4. Your random uppercase lettering is systematic of what's wrong with our Club. Buy a new phone instead of patching it up with a cheap cover you bought from Amazon.
  5. Carefull, there's stupid cunts on here who will beleive that.
  6. Put him out on loan and he will score every week, sell him and he will get hatricks. It's the Rangers way.
  7. You can't blame the board for not buying a game that hasn't been released yet.
  8. He is probaly right. The taigs will ome first ans the sheep 30 points or more behind. I am glad Alex didn't predict where we will be. That would be a total reddy!
  9. I was all for giving him a new contract as long as he was used sparingly as a sub. Sadly he has started every game. He is becoming the new Jig. Starting every game, played in positions he does not feel comfortable in and losing any pace he had whilst the fanbase gradually turns against him. I'd start young Hardie before him or play one up front and pack the midfield.
  10. Because of last weeks refereeing farce Pedro introduced poor refereeing decisions into training. Next week he is going to have the team train in the shower room.
  11. Agreed. That result was bad enough without all the bunny boilers swooning over duds that couldn't make the grade with us.
  12. Because Kenny trains well?
  13. Brass neck. 65% possession,10 shots and only 2 on target. Too many chances wasted and nobody to convert any of our 13 corners. Truly pathetic!
  14. Anything to stand up for your pal King!! Should maybe pull down Stirling and Edinburgh castles too. Well past their sell-by dates.
  15. Fucking drama queen!