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  1. Cumdog in Training

    Horrible name. Picture him grinning whilst jiizzing over a toy poodle's face like a right beasty bam. Cumdog isn't a very nice name either.
  2. Cumdog in Training

    I will reserve judgement until he does something noteworthy for us. I remember MOH used to play brilliantly against us and look how he turned out. He has everything to prove IMO.
  3. **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    2-1 to the mighty. The sheep to score first and us to come back and grab the win. They will crumble under pressure yet again as they are a team of shitebags managed by an even bigger shitebag.
  4. Imperial Bears

    They heard admin 2 was imminent. No club to support. Took up lawn bowls instead. Go on the booools!
  5. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    Should change it to the OBAF&R act. I want fat, balding, middle classed rubgy fans jailed for singing. And their husbands too. Seriously though, it should be repealed as it descriminates against football supporters and Bears in particular.
  6. Players' Autobiographies

    Asked the librarian for Nicky Law's autobiography but it was nowhere to be seen. I habe read Weirs and Jigs. Have Sttuths and SW Smith's (managers obviously) in the house yet to read.
  7. H&H Podcast 15.1.2018 (McInnes rumours)

    Knocked back his one and only (shows how desperate we were) chance of being Rangers manager to settle for mediocrity with the sheep. Total shitebag!
  8. A bit of realism

    Fair point. The position of striker is dependent on confidence though. Waghorn let the pressure get to him and his confidence took a nosedive. Cummings on the other hand oozes confidemce which will be boosted even further by being signed to such a huge club.
  9. A bit of realism

    We will soon calm doon and be more realistic when we drop points to some diddy team at Ibrox. DoF oot!
  10. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    Couple a fannies!!!!!
  11. Rancid BBC

    I blame David Attenborough. All nicey nicey on the Blue Planet 2 to dolphins and star fish, but fucking despises Rangers with a passion. Evil!
  12. That skint that players have to share shirts. Admin is looming.
  13. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    GCC SNP are never easy to work with. The yesers aside, i think the memorial garden is a great idea. Rangers aren't just a club, we are a family and the garden will commemorate the efforts of our great club and our support. Our armed forces, the Ibrox disasters. Supporters can get their ashes put there too. . Must edit will. Ashes at Ibrox.
  14. Rangers next manager

    He is a shitebag. Embarrassing as fuck seeing people bunny boiling over an average manager.
  15. How nice is this

    Bp9 would look great in one. Celebrating his Britishness. No Surrender!