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  1. Hope he gets fit quickly and doesn't suffer any more injuries. Getting Niko and Rossiter back could help strengthen a very weak midfield that lacks creativity.
  2. Fitness levels start to fall after 2 weeks of inactivity. Scientific fact. None of our players should be allowed more than a fortnight off as we pay them to maintain a high level of fitness. If they want long holidays I suggest they consider a career in teaching.
  3. Agree that it isn't their salaries. Estimations of their market values are in euros too.
  4. Aye, you have got me there. I went for a piss. Not as uber as yourself.
  5. He should have let the man who was already marked go and marked the goal scorer who was standing alone in his position with all the time in the world whilst Andy was nowhere to be seen. Picked up a yellow for no gain to us and gifted them a goal.
  6. Taigs winning at ht and is to win ft @ 40-1 for me. Also Beerman anytime 12-1.
  7. Sober opinion? Shite patter. They had a narrow win, were time wasting and fouling wee Gilmore every time he had the ball. So imo we deserved a draw.
  8. Pedro knows how to control inteviews. He is media savy and lets the reporters know he is the boss whilst retaining his composure. He is clealy an intellegent man with a passion to win us silverware. Have high hopes for him.
  9. Was good to see our youngsters play on TV. They made a good game of it after a very poor start. We vastly impoved in the second half and were unlucky not to go make it 2-2 as I think we deserved that much. I hope they enjoy their cup......it will be the last their shitey wee club gets this season.
  10. Well worked goal there.
  11. Already have a ticket. Huge stroke of luck. Was walking past the ticket office on the day of the Kili game and and an envelope fell out of some old codgers back pocket and blew into my hand. Low and behold, was a ticket for the old firm match!!!! Finders keepers loyal.
  12. The refs are poor enough without tags adding even more pressure on them. Hopefully it backfires and important decisions go against them.
  13. The police don't arrest smelly student hipsters with beards and jeans hanging half way down their arses.
  14. Surely this cannot be! Who will stare at our younger players at kickoff in a vain attempt to intimadate them whilst coming across like a pedophile standing outside a primary school?
  15. Good to see you have learned from it Martin