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  1. The players are mediocre by Rangers standards but they are capable of much better than they are giving. They keep breaking all the wrong records week in week out. They need a strong manager who will shake up our tactics and formation. Suicidal trying to play like Barca when you have second rate players with no nerve.
  2. Can I bring my dug? Chews on the sofa and barks at the neighnours if I leave ot alone for too long.
  3. Agree. The guy is an under 20's coach who stepped up when asked. We were a mess on the park well before he took the reigns. Had he made the 60 minute subs that MW would have he'd still have been replacing one sub-standard player devoid of a winning mentality with another. The majority of our squad are doing themselves out of a job. Our next manager would have watched that game and comsidered 2 or 3 worthy of a place, and one of them is a loanee (Hyndman).
  4. Why the selfie?
  5. Away games are a 90 minute nightmare. Any player who doesn't gove 100% should be shown the door in the summer.
  6. We haven"t done too badly considering that in football ".. randomness is a big thing".
  7. Cut out the sectarianism. Against forum rules. I will let it slide this time as you have "UK" in your usernqme but consider this a final warning.
  8. I think he was talking about shirts, not weights. But I won't judge you either way.
  9. Lol. No, just forgot it was an away match.
  10. Will never work. We usually run out of pies 5 minutes into the game. Apparently the caterers can't work out how many people it takes to fill Ibrox. How about eating salt n vinegar crisps?
  11. Should have been an option for the players being to blame surely? They have a responsibility too. I voted that they are all to blame. Nobody has met the mimimum requirements from board members to the management team to the players. No individual comes out of this smelling of roses. Can anyone name a person who has met our supports' expectations? I certainly can't. It's easy to single out an imdividual or a sub-section of our great Club, but ultimately none of them have produced the goods. I wish it was as simple as singling out a few who are failing, but our problems are more far reaching than that. Sad days.
  12. What's this "fake news" patter all about? It is an outright lie formed by a Rangers hater. Sad day when we steal patter from Donald Trump who slaughters the English language every time he opens his mouth.
  13. Broxy Bear.
  14. He's livid he is stuck in division 10 on FM2017. Takes him a season to change to the 442 formation.
  15. He is no great loss. Miller is the only player we have with the ability and bottle to score against the filth.