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  1. Pedro will be away today

  2. Pedro will be away today

    Sometimes it's best to imagine inside your head without it spilling into the real world.
  3. Josh Windass

    He reminds me of MOH. Plenty of pace, thinks he is better than he is and shits it in big games. He makes a little bit of progress and automatically thinks he's become a world beater. Apparently the lad is as thick as fuck too. Pedro probably has to tie his boot laces for him.
  4. Goal Keepers

    He was at least partially to blame for the goals. The whole team was shit though so he blended in well.
  5. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    A traffic cone?
  6. Getting dragged round St. Enoch by the wife mid October for Xmas shopping. Pedro feels our pain.
  7. Rangers players who played for teams in other sports

    Wasn't he a knob jockey too?
  8. Millers Agent

    Astounding how much people on here are getting wound up by unsubstantiated rumours and heresay. Place gets more like Facebook by the day.
  9. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Will he be singing their ira songbook too? Guy is an appeasing cunt.
  10. Millers Agent

    Miller's agent is only making things worse for all parties concerned and should shut the fuck up.
  11. Ashley

    He wasn't the only one. Lots of Ashley supporters in the Boredroom section have been saying for years that; our board couldn't alter the retail deal (wrong!), that he would take us to court and win (wrong!), King would go to prison (wrong!), Ashley would starve us out (wrong!), he'd run rings round the sfa (wrong!), and he'd sell Newcastle and buy us (wrong!). All because he is a billionaire. There were times when I thought Mikey was paying people (less than nmw of course) to post in there.
  12. Ashley

    How can he sweep Club 1872 away? Is he going to eat them?
  13. Ashley

    He can't own 100% of our club.
  14. Ashley

    Aye, he did so much for us first time around.
  15. Ashley

    Fat mess won't be buying shares in Rangers.