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  1. You have a tarrier mate who wotks for the sfa? You have very low standards.
  2. Very true. Also people telling you to buy/not to buy a football top for your wain are all pricks. I will decide what is right for my wain not some moron on the internet trying to dictate to me.
  3. The guy sounds more interested in getting his name in tbe paper than he is in Rangers. He has gave the scum fans a good laugh at his expense. The soon to be married couple's wedding will be doomed due to the tainted tops. Send his presents back, withdraw his wedding invite and block his number on your phone. Sorted.
  4. So when is Fifa 2018 being released and what ratings will our new players have?
  5. Stranger things have happened.
  6. My source told me the SFA have provided us with a budget up to 20 million in unsecured loans. No interest charged and we can pay it back whenever we like. Apparently they were embarrassed for Scotland when Barcelona raped the taigs in Europe last season and decided to take direct action. They sensibly decided that as multiple world record holders we are the right Club to reinstate some pride in the Scottish game within Europe. This is of course all unofficial as the taigs would start crying about sporting integrity. Also hear that all of our non EU players work lermits will be rubber stamped even if they don't meet the criteria or if the application is made late. The SFA plan to move heaven and earth to ensure we have every advantage possible in European competition. Not all of their board are aware of the plan but we have a sleeper cell who will vote everything through regardless of inteference from diddy clubs like the scum and the sheep. Happy days!!!!
  7. Rangers FC star? Aye, right you are. He is a MW flop with no bottle who runs with the ball for 25 yards twice a season then loses it. Can anyone tell me what he brings to our team? Get rid of asap imo. Waste of a wage.
  8. This is a strange place to come out.
  9. Na
  10. That picture is the worst GIP ever.
  11. I Agree. Gave you a like for that you fat wee cunt.
  12. Tad far!!!!!!! They are not all the same. Just kill the ones with beards.
  13. As long as your wife is up for it.
  14. That hurt.
  15. Having sex with women. Try it.