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  1. I met Walter about 3 years ago at a concert in the SECC. Wasn’t passing up the chance to speak to him and he was brand new, a real gentleman. Probably terrifying if your a player, or arsehole reporter, but a top bloke if you get a chance to meet him.
  2. TLB has just said he thinks some of his players don’t want to be there, all of them now I should think!
  3. This is the first time I have started a topic on here but I have been saddened by some of the comments on here of late so here goes. I believe that AM has been a good servant to our club. He has always been honest that he viewed us as a stepping stone to enhance his career, many of us diehard Rangers fans would say that he already plays for the best club in the world but he is Coulumbian and had probably never heard of Rangers before he joined. He has, generally, performed very well for us and at times carried the team in Europe. On top of that he was a bargain, thanks go to JJ, and h
  4. It's a terrible reflection on the state of Scottish football and those members who don't value the truth. As a retired soldier, I'm buggered if I'd want to go to war with 33% of my Regiment prepared to publicly show their distrust in me. Bullet in the back stuff that.
  5. The definition of contradiction......make an impassioned address about a proposal and then abstain I really hope so!
  6. Sorry mate, not putting a link to that rag on here, it was a message I received but it has been verified they quoted between 30-45%
  7. Could be more than 14, the Daily Rhebel now reporting it could be up to 45%.
  8. Moral high ground is a trait for that club. Lawell knows that this will all be forensically investigated one way or the other, his silence confirms that. I could be wrong, not ITK or anything, but I have a feeling that this is how it will play out.
  9. I think this vote is irrelevant in many respects as we are not leaving it there, and they all know it. However, I have a feeling that the media narrative has changed over the past few days and there is now much more backing for an II. It is noticeable that many of the celtic-minded media hacks and ex-players are now publicly backing an II and even the bat-shit crazy Shill (Jackson) has stepped back a bit. Sutton will always be a mouthpiece for Lawell but has also cooled the rhetoric in recent press releases. Could it be that the SPFL and the puppet master have realised that an II is probab
  10. In summary, pretty much everything the SPFL have used to justify their actions has been picked apart by Tom English and he has used Rangers dossier to discredit and answer each point from Doncaster.
  11. Tom English has picked Doncaster's replies apart line by line and the interviewer must be totally embarrassed that his interview is also being picked apart.
  12. Absolutely agree with this. It amazes me how this has been escalated by the SMSM that the dossier must now contain 'nuclear' evidence but I'm even more amazed how many Bears have bought into this transparent narrative. We have called out the anomalies in the build up and execution of the vote, stated that there was several examples of mal-administration and provided sufficient examples to justify an Independent Inquiry. We also called for the suspension of those in senior managerial positions. We have then stepped back and allowed the SPFL to execute a tail-spin. It is only
  13. I accept that fans have been royally shafted by previous boards with empty promises and bullish statements followed by no action. For me, this feels different. I believe that this board have concrete evidence that will utterly condemn the SPFL. I also think the club are following the correct protocol and are patiently going through the process to prevent accusations of improper conduct down the line. It's paying off as the SPFL board are further incriminating themselves with each action. If other clubs do not back an II then I am convinced this will be addressed in another way, ultimately
  14. Utter push, as has already been said in this thread, there is more than enough evidence of malpractice in the public arena to justify suspensions. Any self governing board with nothing to fear would recognise this and initiate an independent inquiry.
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