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  1. I agree. The MSM up here have had a free hit on us for far too long, truth is no longer a requirement for most journos. The club should go further and charge for access on a sliding scale depending on how much BS each media outlet spews out about us.
  2. Jermaine Defoe and Stevie G have more integrity, honesty, respect and sense in one eyelash than Krankie, Yusuf, Swinney and Harvie have put together.
  3. Ahhh......the Union flag is not suitable for Scotland’s streets though, according to the Krankie clan.
  4. The ‘Golden Rule’ that obviously never applied when Lawell was ripping the push out of our glorious club at their ATM a few years back. Usual Daily Rhebel shit stirring, gotta love it🇬🇧
  5. Thanks for posting this mate, great story and always amazes me how our club originated from an idea formed by a few teenagers. WATP
  6. How low can the scum go? Letting off fireworks during the silence for HRH, they truly are sub-human.
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