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  1. Utterly devastated on hearing the passing of the legend that was Walter Smith. Had the honour of meeting him socially and he was an absolute gentleman, a true blue. Heartfelt condolences to his family, we will all remember him with great affection.
  2. Pat Bonner “I’ve enjoyed watching ‘the scum’ tonight”. Not as much as I have you throbbed!
  3. I don't know the answer to this, maybe somebody does. When, if ever, have Sutton and Lennon been 'selected' by BT to roll up at Ibrox for European match punditry - specifically those 2 haters? Might just be a coincidence that BT chose them at a time when Rangers are imposing access restrictions on the media and FARE were taking a particular interest in this match!
  4. I think it’s commonly acknowledged that the SMSM always try to get Rangers, and to a lesser extent celtic, into their headlines. This increases hits and sales, especially with Rangers in the headline as we all know fans of all clubs take an irrational interest in our club. Regardless of who this clown does or did play football for, he made a conscious decision to leave a kid critically injured to evade any punishment and that should be the focus here, not how SMSM choose to headline his affiliations. He should be locked up for a very long time if the evidence condemns him.
  5. Everyone should be free to vote for a political party of their choice, that’s democracy. Sport should never be a political issue. Responsible voters should vote based on the politics and doctrine of the party. The SNP’s universal attempts to smear Unionists and anyone associated with Rangers is an integral part of their politics - that must be clear to anyone with half a brain. For that reason, surely no true fan of our magnificent club can support these policies with a clear conscience? Religion shouldn’t even be a consideration when choosing a Political party or a football team. Our club is repeatedly accused of discrimination against RCs, easily rebuffed with evidence, I wonder how the SNP could argue that they don’t discriminate against Unionists/Rangers given the continued attacks on us and the fact that one of their so called MSPs (Dornan) was confident enough of retaining his position to refuse to represent Unionists in his constituency last year. I still can’t believe that more was not made of this at Holyrood and Westminster. Vote for who you like, but do it in good conscience.
  6. Ignoring the H&H apology, the evidence of DR staff tweets over the past few days should see the H&H guys reinstated unless the DR fires their bigoted staff.
  7. Sorry can’t agree, the principle of supply and demand applies to football as much as any business so there’s no imperative for anyone to buy if they feel it’s not vfm. I sympathise with all those who bought STs last season and got very little in return and agree the club could offer something back to the loyal fans. However, for those in the financial state described above, buying a ticket maybe shouldn’t be a priority. Our club hasn’t got the income to operate any other way.
  8. I agree. The MSM up here have had a free hit on us for far too long, truth is no longer a requirement for most journos. The club should go further and charge for access on a sliding scale depending on how much BS each media outlet spews out about us.
  9. Jermaine Defoe and Stevie G have more integrity, honesty, respect and sense in one eyelash than Krankie, Yusuf, Swinney and Harvie have put together.
  10. Ahhh......the Union flag is not suitable for Scotland’s streets though, according to the Krankie clan.
  11. The ‘Golden Rule’ that obviously never applied when Lawell was ripping the push out of our glorious club at their ATM a few years back. Usual Daily Rhebel shit stirring, gotta love it🇬🇧
  12. Thanks for posting this mate, great story and always amazes me how our club originated from an idea formed by a few teenagers. WATP
  13. Not really the case though was it, we weren't at our best but created more than enough to win it and had little luck. Even so, a last gasp equaliser was needed and then the lottery of pens. Strange that you seem to be revelling in this result, or is it? You clearly know SFA about serving your country so I'll treat you last paragraph with the contempt it deserves, you clown
  14. Don’t be a clown, StJ have played well closing down and working their balls off. We’ll work it out like we have in the past.
  15. Proved his ability in an advanced role but the key for me was watching their players absolutely bricking it every time he got the ball, especially in their box. Such quick feet they were shit scared to go near him.
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