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  1. Sensitive topic and for that reason how about we all wait until the club issues a statement before taking this any further? We are already in territory where Bears are being accused of wanting to cover up CSA, I don’t believe any Bear wants that and have only seen a few question the voracity of aspects of a SFA report. Anyone who isn’t suspicious of anything the SFA produce is, IMO, very niaive. I agree that a considered and measured statement will mean more in the long run than rushing out a generic statement. I would like to think that we are in detailed discussions with legal and oth
  2. I have spent the last few hours reading the report and this forum, Christ I must be bored! I agree with Bluenoz that any report involving the SFA must be treated with some scepticism, it took over a year to get it to a format that the SFA (Lawell) thought was acceptable so no influence there then. Conspiracy theories aside, if you don’t subscribe to our broken country being corrupted by the sitting authorities and you haven’t yet seen Adam Tompkins contribution to the Whitehouse/Clark debate in the pretendy parliament, have a watch - he doesn’t miss! It can, and does, happen. Unlike ou
  3. Absolutely raging at Gollum’s comments here. Names several clubs (including Rangers) but refuses to name the Scum CHOOSING to use Scum Boys Club instead. If you’re reading this thread you little shit, hang your head in shame - open and honest journalism in this broken land is dead.
  4. Not having a pop here but how do you know that the club doesn’t take these issues up with the authorities? Knowing what the media response would be it makes sense to do it out of the public eye. Just a thought.
  5. We’re all pissed that this has happened again but Alfie (who I love watching in a Rangers shirt btw) has to accept that he was stupid. Most of our fans are honest and recognise that if that had been Griffiths on Goldson we would have been screaming for a red, no point arguing that. I’m sure that given all the OTT media outrage RM comments haven’t been the deciding factor on the citing.
  6. As expected. Personally I don’t think the club can or should fight this, it was a red card offence imo. What the club must fight against is trial by media and the lack of Citing of numerous incidents over the past 3-4 weeks. It is so transparent that the SFA only take action when it is Rangers/Morelos.
  7. Alfie lost the heid and it was a clear red, no denying it. The obsessive going over the incident and biased comments from the biased Sky presenters was shocking, no denying it. Alfie scoring the winning goal that secured another excellent 3 points made it all the sweeter, NO DENYING IT,
  8. Lawell got his bonuses for what he could do for them by controlling the SPFL and SFA, not for what he done as CEO of a so called football club.
  9. I don’t often agree with the Dude but he’s bang on here. Media hacks routinely troll through fans forums to get a steer on what’s worth headlining. N&V started by their forums has been picked up by ours and the media have won a watch!
  10. Personally don’t think it warrants a red or the CO involvement (like that would happen anyway) but interesting to see that the BBC have it as a result of a ‘clash of heads’! You’d be excused for thinking they are intentionally playing it down😳
  11. I don’t think anyone is downplaying it, we’re all gutted about missing out on a trophy after all this time but the rush to class this team as bottlers 30secs after the final whistle is absolutely baffling. It’s almost like they couldn’t wait to slag the team off.
  12. Amazing the same posters were slagging off the taigs for their ott reactions and sense of entitlement last week react to our first defeat in exactly the same way. It was poor from us but ‘bottlers’, gives peace.
  13. Some RM posters are like Jonesy off Dad’s Army, FFS calm down. We have been excellent all season in all competitions but you won’t win every game. St Mirren played their game tonight and deserved the win because we had an off night...shit happens. Bad enough hearing the shit Craigan comes out with without our own fans joining in after one defeat.
  14. Away and don’t talk push, St Mirren deserved that for the effort they put in which equalled the effort we have put in on our unbeaten run. Hysteria indeed, must have taken you about 30 secs after the final whistle to start with your negativity
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