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  1. He's not the man to take us forward and was never supposed to be. He's the interim coach. He is blameless, the problems run much deeper.
  2. It's easy to rescue a joke team where the expectations are minimal and the traditions are meaningless. Wouldn't want her anywhere near Ibrox.
  3. Fuck off.
  4. In no way do Celtic "blow us away in every department". From their squad I'd take Sinclair, Tierney and Dembele and that's it. The rest is much of a muchness.
  5. Here's another good one. From the old VHS club videos.
  6. A vile disgusting man. The pain on his face when we sneaked it against them at Ibrox and then pumped them at Fir Park was truly glorious.
  7. The upsurge in paranoia started with O'Neill. Yes it was always there but he took it to a level that set the tone for years of bad relations between both sets of fans for years to come. Lennon then carried on what O'Neill started and almost dragged the whole of Scottish football into the gutter in the process. Nobody should underestimate the damage done to Scottish football by these two. Very nasty people.
  8. I don't know about Daly (though I'm not familiar with Scottish journos) but there has been talk that there is a media figure who is trying to drag us into this sordid episode. I've heard this person (whose name I don't know) is apparently getting his sister to do the digging (don't know if she's in the media as well) and she has been using some very underhand methods to do so. Reprehensible, if true.
  9. The "special" woman at the end always gets me.
  10. A truly revolting specimen. Knowing how much he is hurting add that little bit extra to the joy of winning.
  11. YAssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  12. It was a poor choice of words though, surely that can be agreed? For what it's worth I think it is entirely plausible that anyone could use those words and for the meaning to be benign. But there is something about Sutton, there is a really nasty streak to him that I wouldn't be surprised if he meant it as a kind of pun.
  13. Wasn't at the game but was told there were many (and I'm not talking one or two but hundreds) making obscene gestures at the beginning of the silence. Like putting their hands up to the throats and pretending to be choked and this is what caused an idiot to shout over at them. I'm not in any way suggesting the guy who shouted was right (as has been said above, it was utterly stupid) but it was not unprovoked.
  14. Very doubtful. As someone who grew up in Northern Ireland during the worst of the Troubles, I lost count of the various left-wing organizations and people who would spout ignorant support for the IRA. Just look at what has been elected leader of the Labour party. And he isn't a one off. And didn't Stalin kill more people than Hitler? I'm amazed that 'left-wing' is seen as some kind of synonym for 'good'. From what I can see it's very much a synonym for evil.
  15. Exactly, it's the little sly look beforehand which makes it intentional.