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  1. Was hurting after the game but this really cheered me up. In fact, it feels like a victory. #RangersCelticFamily
  2. Great player. Genuinely thought it was a coup at the time and was surprised there weren't more bigger EPL clubs in for him.
  3. What makes this horrible bigot even more loathsome is the fact he think he's actually a great coach who should be shortlisted for greater jobs. He genuinely think he's a top manager. Clown.
  4. It's not the thread for it, and for the record I wish him well, but we both know why he was forced to go out there. They wanted the sympathy that would flow from it. They've done it with other ill players and even had a very ill Fernando Ricksen attend one of their European games last year. Personally I find the whole ambulance chasing to be very distasteful.
  5. A million quid a week? Where are they getting this money?
  6. Really enjoyed it so far. Got a half-and-half scarf from the first Old Firm game so I could really treasure the experience. Love being part of the #RangersCelticFamily
  7. He's not the man to take us forward and was never supposed to be. He's the interim coach. He is blameless, the problems run much deeper.
  8. It's easy to rescue a joke team where the expectations are minimal and the traditions are meaningless. Wouldn't want her anywhere near Ibrox.
  9. Fuck off.
  10. In no way do Celtic "blow us away in every department". From their squad I'd take Sinclair, Tierney and Dembele and that's it. The rest is much of a muchness.
  11. Here's another good one. From the old VHS club videos.
  12. A vile disgusting man. The pain on his face when we sneaked it against them at Ibrox and then pumped them at Fir Park was truly glorious.
  13. The upsurge in paranoia started with O'Neill. Yes it was always there but he took it to a level that set the tone for years of bad relations between both sets of fans for years to come. Lennon then carried on what O'Neill started and almost dragged the whole of Scottish football into the gutter in the process. Nobody should underestimate the damage done to Scottish football by these two. Very nasty people.
  14. I don't know about Daly (though I'm not familiar with Scottish journos) but there has been talk that there is a media figure who is trying to drag us into this sordid episode. I've heard this person (whose name I don't know) is apparently getting his sister to do the digging (don't know if she's in the media as well) and she has been using some very underhand methods to do so. Reprehensible, if true.