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  1. Three or four contenders but McGregor gets my vote.
  2. Can ferdinand not be reported by the compliance bloke in the stand ?
  3. Not good for the blood pressure this, lot better the second half deserved three ponts.
  4. Their supporters working with me were a bit mouthy and confident after beating Falkirk last week, this will shut them up again.
  5. The only train the sheep can get to Hampden for kick off
  6. That happy am away to make the wife's tea for her coming in.
  7. Unbelievable result fantastic effort from our players. Deserve all the praise that's coming.
  8. Morelos is fuckin liability if we go out get rid of him.Concerned now about the ten on park and their fitness on Sunday.
  9. http://vipboxing.net/soccer/iss-430aa9-Rangers-vs-fc-ufa?l=1485917379
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