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  1. Another game we should have won at home this year. Shit to take a last min equaliser. We had enough chances to win it, front players just not at it. Cant drop points in home games of you want to win titles.
  2. Baffling. Rotating GKs - Rotating Cdms - Bacuna to Start. Away from home so need legs and runners. Let's start Davis and Bacuna. Persisting with players way off form - subbed Kent at half time for a shit performance but others get to carry-on. Maybe others teams just have our number now and its easy to counter out tactics. Who even is the first choice 11 now?
  3. Fullbacks just not contributing. Tav has been fucking awful and not in comparison to last year just poor. Barasic crossing from far to deep and again just not hit the ground running. The result isn't the most frustrating thing - have both first choice CBs out so conceding from a set play/cross could be anticipated. But not to create much again is the hardest part to take. Can easy say 5-6 players are way off form. Others being given a chance aren't stepping up either.
  4. No even Tried man! Again no one shoots, all to slow. Sick of seeing Davis pass it back. Set plays shit again. Fullbacks found wanting - team set up to allow two well off form players to shine. Pointless.
  5. Think the plan to maybe rest players for the weekend isn't working. Suprised by the starting line up. Feel we can still win this.
  6. Right, Bassey can't Head there is no way the boy has played CB before. Always going yo be tough. Need to take all chances now.
  7. Could be the worst we have played all year. The intensity has gone - players just strolling about at 1nil Few players I just don't see it with but will give them time. Tav is a shadow of last year - back to 2 season ago. Caught out, skinned, wrong position and now not really delivering at the other end of the park Lucky to get the 3 points. Take them and move on.
  8. What's happening, It's now pointless to play 2 CDMs to cover the Wing backs if the wing backs are not performing. Tav and Borna well off it this year, Seem to be crossing way less. Our set plays are poor- first man to many times. So many touches in the final third - no one wants to shoot and and have no one to head. Davis vacant play International football and 2 games a week for us. Looking his age this season - highlights the lack of depth for his position. Didn't mind the starring line up, again made to pay for not taking chances or creating that many.. Big opportunity blown here.
  9. Not enough tackling for me, need to be in strong in these games, last two euro games I feel we have not been in strong enough. Unlucky with their second goal, but again not ruthless enough with chances we do get. I didnt really expect anything out of this game, but always a chance when at Ibrox. Poor night - shite ref.
  10. Also played 3 away games of the 5 so far...... Top to stay!
  11. Good to see him get out an hopefully gets some game time.
  12. Superb Interview! Deserves all the praise was solid today
  13. We shall see what the draw brings first. Staying in Europe I always think is important. League is huge this year though, maybe worth taking the groups less serious.
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