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  1. Can we actually get started in this Second half and wake up. Fffs. Need to work harder without the ball, cover the full backs. Big team talk and get intae them.
  2. Getting murdered on the wings, they are free to cross, often two players. Davis and Kamara have to come across or Kent and Roofe have to come back. Leaking goals in Europe.
  3. Beneficial Athletic are a top team
  4. Rub of the green. Didn't get the break with the Handball or a few half chances. Own goal..... Then a price of really good football get them the equaliser. This is Benfica we are playing FFs.
  5. No sure I agree to be Honest. Expect a benfica win so a draw should be enough.
  6. Gutted at 2 draws with Benfica. Says how well we have played this year. Unlucky at their first , and same story wasteful with other chances. They are a very decent through, and we showed a good account of ourselves in both games.
  7. Stick with it we will get another chance..... Unlucky with a break of the ball in the last goal
  8. Really sloppy..... Dont like Goldson tuning his back there....
  9. Bang Bang Bang!!!!!! Love it We are unreal. Perfect wee rope a dope tactics.
  10. Good to get Minute's for the Subs - be better if one of them had scored. Could all be playing against Falkirk* Great 3 points, Great scoreline, Great start to Sunday.
  11. I wanted 8! Coasted through the Second half, rested players for midweek. Game of Ping Pong there! Shoot, surely learned anything can happen when you take a shot on target. Big 3 points, we March on.
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