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  1. Yip, couldn't wait to put the boot in at the first opportunity.
  2. Someone is at the wind up. No way would he have been interviewed.
  3. Watched Warnock on goals on Sunday yesterday and thought the same. This is the kind of manager we need. Knows exactly what he is doing.
  4. That will do me Panthers to win then!
  5. Ffs there are some right moaners on here. Sign a player moan, Don't sign a player moan. Get a player on loan moan. No one really knows what is happening behind the scenes. As long as MW is happy with what we are doing so should we be. Bit of support. We just might be looking at the bigger picture with regards to what we bring in now and the summer.
  6. It's starting heavy again bud. Pitch n stuff will b fine vut its roads near stadium are bad.
  7. mate am 5 minutes away and its right heavy roads are a mare. There is a possibility being off if it keeps going.
  8. They sat back and hit Hamilton 4 times on the counter attack. They wont come to Ibrox and go for it.
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