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  1. This is the start of the propaganda war watch it heat up as the week goes by. We still have the usual suspect to get pulled out
  2. Always nervous before a big game but think we will do it 🤞
  3. We look after no’s 1 only🇬🇧 They did not give a f about us when they put us down and kicked us at every turn do not forgive or forget . And the way they treat us now it’s a NO
  4. We seem to play better in Europe as don’t come up against a brick wall of players . got to love McGregor 👏
  5. It the one thing I hate about the way we play every game . And teams all know and flood the box .
  6. We need to up our tempo we shud not be struggling against Hibs .
  7. Brill news still fit 💙
  8. He can’t be impartial when it’s anything to do with us . Best to be ignored and not allowed near Ibrox.
  9. Clancy cheating letting dangerous tackles happen to injury our player’s. if he can’t give us red cards
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