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  1. Some of it I loved and some not and it’s been hard listening to the slagging from others . so this has made the 55 more enjoyable. we deserve to scream cry wtf dance in the streets turn the sky red white and blue. We will never forget but we have stayed with them and thanks to Dave king and SG we thank you 🇬🇧💙
  2. Nobody’s mentioned Alex Neil he’s also one of them
  3. Ha ha we’ve played better with no fans on the players backs . And they crumbled due the refs calling it as no pressure . Plus other teams were getting allowed to play at parkhead without getting abuse . they won most when we were down the divisions or rebuilding .. They were to cocky and didn’t see us coming 😂😂 Glad to see him go as he’s a horrible person will def get a job with the BBC sports which says enough about them 🤮😂
  4. Because they can’t intimidate the referee 🤣🤣
  5. Took all the green jelly beans out the jar 🤣🤣
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