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  1. It could be these are half hearted offers to make sure the club and player are not interested. So they can say they tried to sign players to keep the scum fans at bay.
  2. They will be standing with their fingers in their ears singing la la la, before they would answer any of these questions.
  3. Wow just wow and meanwhile in snp land there is silence.
  4. I think it would be more fitting if the scum give the officials a guard of honour.
  5. Give them the guard of honour and call everyone of them a prick as they walk bye. Remember we have been told its ok to wind up the opposition and they shouldn’t retaliate.
  6. No sympathy for him but he is yet to crash into an elderly man and get away with it. Like some scum players.
  7. They know exactly what they are doing. highlighting fans singing about peodo’s against them to make it into a hate crime. They know they will get it sung to them at Ibrox then there will be the usual media outburst. So singing about the scum will be worse than harbouring peados.
  8. When i look at the toilet seat i see a frightened face.
  9. If he leaves i will wish him well and follow his progress and know it wont be hampered by Scotland’s hammer throwers,bad refereeing and a media who want him gone.
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