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  1. Good they will think it’s a forgone conclusion until the next leg then maybe Zenit will turn up.
  2. BBC speeding it up there to try make Dembele look better.
  3. Jordan Jones Trolls The Legomuncher

    So that’s how high you can pile shite
  4. The scum want to be known as invincibles then Broonaldo moans when a team celebrates after beating them. So all the other clubs in Scotland need Brenda’s permission to play 16 year olds and ask broonaldo how much are we allowed to celebrate?
  5. With that face I’m assuming she jumped in front of a bus twice.
  6. We will have to get in touch with Brenda to see what’s the youngest age player we can have on the park against them.
  7. Now we know why Lennon is always angry, Bennell probably knocked him back.
  8. Delusional sheep

    Will it be called the ewe camp?
  9. Rangers training at ibrox

    Couldn’t make it up here as he would have had to pay his own fare.
  10. They could. If it was us they where playing.
  11. He is now in a major huff and taken her Mercedes back.
  12. Why does Sinclair have his tarts pubes on his heed?