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  1. Now then now then how old is the kid at the back?
  2. Just imagine the high some scum fans got then they got brought back down again.frothing at the mouth.
  3. How am a supposed to tie this to a goalpost?
  4. They should be trained in how to throw a half bottle of Buckie.
  5. If one of our players put anything on a post it would get blown out of proportion. imagine if a player put a union flag on the post a piradump it would be condemned by everyone.
  6. He gets away with this. We talk about it on here but we don't have the desire to take the same action that scum supporters do. They sit in front of the TV listening and watching like hawks to be offended. He clearly goaded the home fans but it was ignored by the press who back them up with this victim crap. Thats why they get noticed more when they complain about us looking the wrong way at someone or sing a song that the little angels can't handle.
  7. Donation made lets get her a turbo charged vehicle.
  8. Hated the way he went into a tackle with his arms out in front of him.
  9. You are right but anything we can get them on would be good. hit them with as many things they have done wrong.
  10. I can only remember at the the time everyone would talk about it. I don't think anyone bothered that much to do anything about it.
  11. And the club who only declared half of their attendances and kept a large amount of their gate money.
  12. I agree with you on this one but I think it good to highlight this to the scum who are wanting us to lose titles.
  13. How many scum fans who do the children's lottery are disappointed when they find out it's money you win?
  14. They are trying to get ten in a row and we are trying to build a team to stop them. If it was us going for ten they would be looking for some underhand way to stop us.
  15. A club you wouldn't be scared to leave your kids with.