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  1. Sporting integrity has been postponed as well.
  2. Ok boss, this is the way I’m supposed to react when someone kicks me.
  3. Of course its bullshit Christie has monkey nuts.
  4. I think they will play better but i don't know if their keeper will play as well as the cup final.
  5. This is the problem with this guy he cant be consistent the next article will be big digs against.
  6. Well they cant be talking about the peadoteque disco lights then.
  7. Articulated lawrie’s at the end of the road, his tyres are deflated and he has ran out of gas.
  8. And how quickly did they answer compared to anything we do?
  9. celtic supporters group ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ have hit back at Rangers over claims they aimed 'sectarian and misogynistic abuse' at women players on Sunday. The controversial fans organisation attended celtic's 3-1 win over Rangers in the Scottish Women's Premier League at K-Park in East Kilbride. Rangers say they will have to step up security after their players were left intimidated by the group due to the level of abuse aimed at them over the 90 minutes. But the Green Brigade have rejected the accusations and say Rangers need to learn more about what misogyny and sectarianism is. The group also took a thinly-veiled dig at the Ibrox club over sectarianism, an issue that has blighted Scottish football for decades. READ MORE Rangers to bolster women's team security in wake of Green Brigade's alleged 'unacceptable sectarian abuse' The statement said: "ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ takes pride in our efforts to support access to football for all irrespective of race, religion or sex. On Saturday we displayed banners and distributed leaflets to highlight the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers in Glasgow. 0:000:00 "On Sunday, we offered our support to the celtic Women’s team, enjoying a familiar victory over our inferior Glasgow rivals. Neither action was monumental however merely a continuation of the small, humble steps we take to tackle discrimination and promote inclusivity. "Clearly, we treat recent allegations of misogyny and sectarianism with the contempt that they deserve. We are content that our efforts across the weekend have been well received and would encourage the offended party from Sunday to re-educate themselves on misogyny and sectarianism. Given their vast experience of the latter, we would expect them to be better informed." celtic's Green Brigade often have banners at games (Image: SNS) celtic also say they have no knowledge of the incidents and this is the first time they have heard anything about it. A celtic spokesperson said: "We are surprised by these claims which have been made today. We have no knowledge of any incidents at all and nothing whatsoever has been raised with the club either at the time or since Sunday's match." Earlier today, Record Sport Online exclusively revealed Rangers were angered by the alleged incidents and even highlighted them to the match official. A Rangers spokesperson said: “Our women were subjected to misogynistic and sectarian abuse, which is totally unacceptable. “Perhaps security measures need to be introduced for Rangers women when they have a match away from home against celtic.”
  10. It could be these are half hearted offers to make sure the club and player are not interested. So they can say they tried to sign players to keep the scum fans at bay.
  11. They will be standing with their fingers in their ears singing la la la, before they would answer any of these questions.
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