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  1. Who advised clarke? Would it be someone with an anti Rangers agenda?
  2. I think if we click on the link there may be a better chance of getting more positive stuff from the Dude. it shows the paper that we are interested in reading good stuff about our club rather than that scum across the city. its the only bit i would look at in that rag.
  3. No but I bet a lot do. I dont read their blogger.
  4. Just imagine how high that would be if it wasn’t just the obsessive scum fans that read it.
  5. Don’t worry I’m sure GCC will step in at sometime to sort it out.
  6. tam57

    The Goals

    The first one off the post, If Alfredo hadn’t started his celebration run he would have been well placed for the rebound.
  7. But this is what they are good at, especially the scum,they get in early and defend. We wait a couple of weeks then defend our player when the narrative has been set without upsetting anyone. alfredo should have been defended after the scum game straight away, it is now accepted that he was a thug in that game and indeed since he started with us.
  8. No, it will never be mentioned again that he is a scum fan.
  9. Is this the pitch that they told us would take them to another level when it was being laid.
  10. Still droning on about Alfredo.
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