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  1. Article today

    Yes, so look how good we have done by not getting there in the first place. If you go by their logic
  2. One down, a few still to go...

    Big John has to go through they 2 to get to me.
  3. Just Poor Refereeing Part 2..............

    There will be at least one Motherwell player sent off in the final.Rogers knows exactly what he is doing.
  4. Anybody else miss the old Ibrox?

    Now the scum have a tranny lover and they are are gay as they come.
  5. Anyone else get this?

    I got it but a bit of cream got rid of it.
  6. Bobby Russell growing up in Easterhoose.
  7. Miller to train with the Kids

    He used to play with the scum. I wouldn’t let him near the kids.
  8. scum in 'Best fans in the world' vote.

    Best fans in the world?
  9. Questionable to say the least I'd say

    If the polis and stewards where there why didn't they do something about the abuse. Load of pish.
  10. Haven't listened in over a year and I know who you are talking about. aaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee.
  11. Who was the spectator who ran on the pitch? Broonaldo !
  12. Bheast FC: Statement

    A decoration of war
  13. Friendly Fire

    No it wasn't it wasn't a Rangers player who did it.
  14. Bheast FC: Statement

    Release a strongly worded statement just before the euro game coming up. most of the scum fans would concentrate all their energies on the statement and forget about the game. I think the fact they re employed a known peado should be shouted from the rooftops. make a big deal of the fact that if they hadn't employed him a few kids could have been saved from his torment.
  15. Fight Fire With Fire

    One should not be surprised at two startling developments in the crazy obsession of the sevco-ists this week, namely the relevations that celtic CEO Peter Lawwell has been agitating for further punishment of Rangers with regards to EBTS, both in 2012, and several weeks ago. It seems that Rangers being demoted to the bottom division, losing a squad of full international players, being fined while in Administration, being penalised points in the 2011/2012 season, with the result effectively handing celtic both a free run for 5 years at the title, and 5 years riches of the champions league is not enough. You'd think celtic would realise how lady luck has smiled on them, since they stopped their own EBT usage (without punishment I may add), and since former celtic Chairman (and friend of Dawn Primarolo) John Reid's friends at HMRC moved the goalposts on tax, at the same time that Govt owned Lloyds bank, were attempting to strangle the club. Like most Rangers fans, I detest what David Murray did to the club, how he operated our tax arrangements, and how he left us vulnerable to forces looking for an excuse to damage or kill Rangers, however, it is those forces who will not rest and those forces who appear to have reached the end of the road, so are looking for any avenue to damage a resurgent Rangers. The throwing of Stewart Regan under the bus by Lawwell and Neil Doncaster for not being stupid enough to pursue a non-case against Rangers on use of EBTs following the final EBT judgement, is not surprising, however, we should not forget that the final five way agreement was signed by Regan while incomplete (as revealed by VB), meaning that those present in the room after he left are responsible for the small print that mandated Rangers should face no further punishment, including Doncaster, and SPL/SPFL lawyer Rod McKenzie. The desperate act to try and find a case elsewhere by the SFA on Rangers UEFA application in 2011, looks very much like a sop from Regan to Lawwell to placate the hordes, and I expect, like several other ill thought attacks on Rangers, that this will fail. Lawwell, of course, was careful in 2011 not to be a public face of the moves to demote and punish Rangers and it is now clear as we all knew that he was instrumental in this fight. I have no issues with a CEO looking out for the best interests of his business, and clearly Lawwell believes any successful attack on Rangers is a success for celtic, however, lets kill any pretence that Sporting Integrity is in any way relevant to this, other than to show it's the exact opposite of what Liewell and his friends are indulging in. Lets also not forget that, while Rangers were 'out of the way', celtic's sponsorship takings, ticket sales and tv takings reduced significantly. If this is how acting in your own interests ends up, I'm not clear why Lawwell is revered as a great business man. He is, in fact, a snide cowardly bully who doesn't like a fair fight. As the SFA's Tony McLennon begins his futile investigation in to Rangers UEFA application in 2011, it indicates clearly that historical conduct in Scottish Football is open to be investigated and punished. Therefore, it's time we asked when the following are going to be fully investigated; * How many coaches at celtic Boys club have now been charged with child sex offences, who from the club was involved in keeping issues silent, and what is going to be done about it. Let's not forget, that Penn State in the USA were stripped of all trophies for the period they had failed to act. While this was later reversed following legal action, it certainly indicates a more appropriate priority. * How and why did so many celtic employees become members of movie tax avoidance schemes shortly after joining celtic? * Where did the payments in to these schemes on behalf of these employees come from? * Were there payments in to players' bank accounts not documented on their salary slips? * How was Robbie Keane's salary funded? Newspaper reports at the time, carried boasts of Dermot Desmond paying Keane's salary himself. Could celtic not afford him? Was this declared anywhere in celtic's accounts? Was this declared to the SFA or SPL? * Were Roy Keane and Thomas Graveson paid directly by the club? I'm sure we could go further back, and question the promises made by celtic to Paul Elliot that resulted in an out of court settlement too? Scottish Football stands at a crossroads. Do we tie up the game in historical issues for eyars to come, while potential sponsors conclude that the whole thing is a basket case, and we sink further and further behind all of our competitors? It's beginning to look that way. Should Rangers turn the other cheek to move the game on? The quick answer is No. All avenues for attack require to be closed off before this can happen. There is no other option than for Rangers to fight fire with fire.