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  1. He will be reported and have to remove them.
  2. These pricks are media whores who will say anything anti Rangers to get attention,if it all goes good for us and Pedro they will say nothing and their earlier comments will be forgotten. If they are right and he fails they will be telling everyone how they told us so.
  3. This is what I think of when I see Waghorn trying to head a ball
  4. Steins reputation won't be stained in their eyes as they will just keep denying it. Everyone knows about Stein the story has been about for years but there is no one going after them on this. If it did go any further they would claim that jock was a separate entity.
  5. Let's hope that this works again them. hopefully this prick now thinks he is going to get away with these kinds of tackles and gets sent off again today. I wont hold my breath.
  6. This is why I turn to spirits.
  7. The daily rebel will have us with a bigger peado ring than the scum because one of our supporters is giving sweeties to kids.
  8. There are a lot of journo's who went to catholic schools so maybe in the ring too.
  9. This from me too
  10. oh ra up yer ma, oh ra up yer da, oh ra up your auntie, oh ra up your in uncle who is probably yer da in the first place. As long as they are close relations its ok.
  11. Fake news FC in overdrive again.
  12. The scum will be getting excited about that, there will be a lot of close marking from them. It will make It hard for Fod to bend down to pick the ball up.
  13. If Pedro is confusing us hopefully he will keep confusing the opposition.
  14. Thought that was the thumb for a minute there. but they are too good looking and have too much hair.
  15. Someone from the rhebel is reading the forum as they have just used the story about the defender causing a riot.