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  1. TheQueensEleven


    203 mate
  2. TheQueensEleven


    Looked decent from Bar72
  3. TheQueensEleven

    Steven Gerrard Press Conference

    He said Dorrans was weeks away but not too many, and Rossiter is further away so I'd assume probably a month at the earliest.
  4. TheQueensEleven

    John McGinn (Hibs)

    Said it time and time again, complete non-starter. He stated himself he would never play for us. Any talk of us getting him is complete nonsense.
  5. TheQueensEleven

    Johnny Hubbard

    Terrible news. A genuine Rangers legend and a gentleman. RIP
  6. TheQueensEleven

    ***Rumours thread***

    That's mental, didn't realise he played his entire career in the SPFL
  7. TheQueensEleven

    Uninspiring new smart card :(

    The lighter design is for Bar72 mate.
  8. TheQueensEleven

    Possible leak kit???

    I was informed 1st August for kits. This being due to the SD deal ending.
  9. TheQueensEleven

    Welcome Goldson

    If he's not a shitebag and can play a bit, he'll be a massive improvement.
  10. TheQueensEleven

    Possible leak kit???

    Just seeing if the wee Turkish cunts will make me one
  11. TheQueensEleven

    Possible leak kit???

  12. TheQueensEleven

    Uninspiring new smart card :(

    Mine is the same, think it may just be the Bar 72 ones that have that design.
  13. I don't know. I can't count that high, I'm from Greenock originally.
  14. The fact he can count to 12 on both hands was a dead giveaway for me.