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  1. £1,060 for the renewal... Could have been worse I suppose
  2. Cheers 😂 taking my mates wee boy and the other ticket is for SJ Rear. But he'll get a seat next to me no bother, just not wanting leave him to go through himself.
  3. Was just looking to find out if you can access the stadium with a Bar72 smart card through one of the regular turnstiles for Sandy Jardine Rear? Any help would be appreciated
  4. Lesser teams have beat them. I'm more concerned about the last time we went in to a game against them with real desire, aggression and belief that we could beat them.
  5. He's Roma's player and he's a diving prick with next no actual footballing ability.
  6. Yeah. Not really sure what's taking them so long.
  7. Still had nothing taken, with nothing pending.
  8. Had only read the first page and was hoping the big man was as comfortable as can be. Sad to hear he's now passed away. Rest Easy.
  9. Pretty much mate. Mine was £1008 some are £1040 odd. Obviously if you go out the cups and Europe early it's a hefty fee to be paying.
  10. It includes every home game mate. League, cups, friendlies and European games. If you get a good run in the cups and in Europe then it's a good investment.
  11. This is where my seat in Bar 72 pays off. Can understand why some fans aren't too happy at the prices, but I also understand that the club need to make sure they're maximising profit on this.
  12. Where would you even begin with a price on this bit of history. Absolutely wonderful piece. Keeping an eye on this
  13. Was skeptical at first about Hummel doing the kits... Then they released the designs and they looked superb. However, this has been amateur at best. Wrong socks, last minute kits, colours the wrong way round, the altered crest... Ridiculous.
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