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  1. Absolute dug shite. Players proving again they don't have the bottle to cope with being top of the league.
  2. I have a ticket for the game, arrived today. Govan Rear 5 if anyone is interested. Update: Ticket going to sendintank
  3. Looks like he's going to be a big hit this season
  4. I got one but can't make it. So if anyone wants it for face value just let me know.
  5. Great result for them 👏 thoroughly enjoyable evening. Hope they all had a great time.
  6. The amount of people jumping on a couple of posters claiming they're blaming Dorrans is a joke. That's not what they're saying at all. Regardless, shouldn't be happening to anyone nevermind our players who seem to be a target now for these rancid bheasts.
  7. £1,060 for the renewal... Could have been worse I suppose
  8. Cheers 😂 taking my mates wee boy and the other ticket is for SJ Rear. But he'll get a seat next to me no bother, just not wanting leave him to go through himself.
  9. Was just looking to find out if you can access the stadium with a Bar72 smart card through one of the regular turnstiles for Sandy Jardine Rear? Any help would be appreciated
  10. Lesser teams have beat them. I'm more concerned about the last time we went in to a game against them with real desire, aggression and belief that we could beat them.
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