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  1. https://www.vipleague.lc/2-olympique-lyonnais-vs-Rangers-live-streaming working for me
  2. Was just thinking the same...references to other cases, laws & acts im struggling to understand what hes on about
  3. The goal that took us into the group stages
  4. skirting round allegations again with his use of "SPFL staff"
  5. Internal investigation my arse. All just empty words to give the perception that they perceive their actions were all above board and they don't understand how it has led to this. This is their last throw of the dice. They know they have fucked this up and are frantically scrambling to find a scapegoat to blame this whole mess on to preserve their own places of power so they can go again when they hope this all blows over. They've not bargained on this level of dissent within the ranks and are panicking.
  6. From what I make of it seems you can change a 'No' to a 'Yes' but you can't change the other way
  7. Absolutely, the majority of documents are sent in PDF to prevent them being altered. Are we really to believe the SPFLs email server is setup to block them
  8. Very good point mate, I wasn't even think about mandatorys when I was talk ng about it! Got completely carried away, still a few fights to go first!
  9. Absolutely, wish him all the best and he's a great roll model tbf. Astounding what he's come through. Hope he calls out AJ. It's what we all want to see... Can't bare more of this ducking and diving. Think AJ will be shitting it though based on that performance. Would be great to have a British unified heavyweight champ.
  10. This is why I can't take to fury.....
  11. Not sure what the clause was but can't see Fury being interested in a rematch.... Surely sights focused on AJ next
  12. Wilder is gone, corner needs to throw in the towel tbh, he's gonna end up getting seriously hurt
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