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  1. Turns out it was Madden, not Beaton. Still, operation stop ten in a row an aw that. What do I never learn?
  2. Good last name 😎 wonder if I’m related...
  3. I can’t help but feel extreme sadness at the thought that Alfredo will score 30+ goals for us in a season, but we won’t win the league and we will punt him. A title is no less than he deserves.
  4. We haven’t had a consistently good corner taker in seven years IMO. Davis used to be fantastic at it.
  5. I’m not confident we will beat Kilmarnock. I’m also not confident we would beat Aberdeen. So... naw. I’m not confident.
  6. I look at it conversely. With the stadium full, it is less acceptable.
  7. Can’t disagree more with that statement.
  8. No way do we expect too much. the fact is that our resources far outstrip any other club bar the bheasts- so even if we don’t win the league we should be far more consistent against the rest. Put it into perspective- they absolutely demolished St Johnstone three times in two weeks and we can’t muster a single goal against them in front to 50,000 dedicated supporters that pay their wages. That’s a scandal.
  9. I applaud you mate- but being one of the only 10,000 who sat on a fucking freezing pishing night watching us get pumped by Raith Rovers, I realised that many didn’t.
  10. It still absolutely sickens me that people who bought STs for those seasons were (and still are) not offered any discount on premiership STs.
  11. Bydo


    Cunt that spliced that highlights package together needs to stop making videos. Unwatchable!
  12. I hope they had cheddar cheese and pineapple on a stick.
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