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  1. Burst the Bank Dave

    Nae chance.
  2. Republic of Ireland

    Fenian headphones?
  3. Ange Pestecoglou

    What’s the guy from shooting stars got to do with this?
  4. Dalcio out for Halloween as

    When did we sign her?! Can she play instead of Windass please?
  5. Wing woes

    ."wing woe, sweet chawwiot..."
  6. Scotland Squad

    I had to google him to even know that.
  7. Scotland Squad

    Is it bad that I genuinely thought MoH was an Irish pape? I had no earthly idea he was Scottish.
  8. BBC bias

    Good lads.
  9. BBC bias

    Sorry mate but the word that should be in that sentence is biased. Does my tits in when folk say people are ‘bias’ and I can’t let it go!
  10. General Press Chat

    We don’t want to approach NL because he’s a scumbag bastard who hates us just as much as we hate him and we would be happy if he never set foot inside Ibrox ever again. Delahunt is a knob.
  11. The table at full time

    That’s not how it works ya Maddie 😂
  12. Aye. We would have lost today and Killie wouldn’t have had the confidence to draw
  13. Training

    Cardoso has a couple of cracking keekers
  14. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    isn't it amazing how much thing have turned since that 3-0 game only 3 weeks ago
  15. Pedro Caixinha Sacked