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  1. Candeias title talk

    We will fight 'til the day is done. Good on him.
  2. Ibrox Maintenance

    I bet it’s Paul Modelled’s office that’s being remurrayed.
  3. New deal for Wes

    This is my most scathing criticism of Wes. Close range he’s excellent but shots from near the edge of the box towards his far post? He’s been shite.
  4. Murty and Cummings Post Match Interviews (Ayr)

    Murty giving a shout out to the Naked Bear
  5. Dundee United

    Thomson chucking it.
  6. Sellouts v Aberdeen & Hibs

    What’s the latest you can get in? I need to stay at work for a cunting parents evening...
  7. Naismith Showing Us What We've Missed

    Hearts can get to fuck but at least yellow teeth got pumped out
  8. Welcome to Rangers Russell Martin

    No option to buy on this one?
  9. Some fuckin moron decided to share the video that was recorded at that party Cummings was at all over Twitter just because he signed for us. Congratualtions- you’re now a sex offender.
  10. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    That’s a real shame, sorry to hear of your loss mate.
  11. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    My understanding (according to the plans) is that the interment walls are exclusive to ex players:
  12. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    Love the idea of a fitting memorial. Looks good too. Not sure about that interment wall though... something I don’t like about the final resting place of some of our former players being open to abuse from bheasts...