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  1. I learned today that he played for Motherwell for half a season. LOL.
  2. Sick of people forgetting this.
  3. Got to say he was not at the races at all yesterday. His defensive clearances and passing were always about a foot short, and he really should have done better before their goal. On a more general note we need to sort out clearing our lines. Far too many needless corners given away, two of which we probably should have conceded from if not for Davis.
  4. Just in the house and fucking burst. Thank fuck I’m not at work in the morning- mon the Rangers.
  5. I’m fucking sick of folk forgetting that we actually had played an extra game on them at this time last year. Not comparable in the slightest.
  6. LOL. Mind when they called Lee Wallace a grass?
  7. Aye, they’re all fucking gutted just now.
  8. At least it wasn’t one of those β€œfour years ago we lost to Alloa” shitey threads.
  9. Even worse. Fuck sake. Well done though!
  10. Cos they opened up the online store at 8:30- which meant that cunts like me who actually joined at 9am like we were supposed to had nae chance. Wanks.
  11. Fucking got online after waiting 20 mins, and the L and XL are out of stock already. Shite.
  12. It's the wee mini group thing mate. Absolutely bananas!
  13. So basically if we match or better Porto's result we are through?
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