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  1. Clyde reporting TLB has been offered the job permanently.
  2. https://twitter.com/clydessb/status/1132327251750588417?s=21
  3. Dundee United can get fucked. The longer they are down there, the more chance the bastards will go bust. Fuck them
  4. I said it when he got the Killie Job that it was some coup. Hate the cunt but whether you like it or not he had our number. Absolutely drilled his players to know exactly what to do. Hope Scotland get shagged though.
  5. Fucking hopeless. Hard to believe the change from last week. Final passing woeful and we are being cut open every time they counter. If ever there was an indication that our second string aren’t good enough...
  6. To be fair, they were already ahead of us before we were deducted any points. The only person who gift wrapped them that one was McCoist.
  7. Aye. What the fuck is that about?
  8. Bydo

    New Kit Reveal

    Fucking topper of a home top
  9. As much as I’m very much enjoying this, it just goes to show you how shite they are and how they’ve no chance in the cup final.
  10. I remember this scene all the time! Brilliant find!
  11. Promises to be an explosive evening then
  12. Losing 4 out of five (three of which we never laid a glove on them, two of which were embarrassments, and the other we shat ourselves at home) and drawing the other one with a last minute equaliser? Hardly worth crowing about.
  13. let’s just forget the 2-0, 4-0 and 5-1 games shall we? Thats a total of 13-3 to them.
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