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  1. Bydo


    He was at fault for three of their goals last night. Obviously the OG which isn't even one of those "he couldn't help it" efforts. Every cunt knows you clear that with the inside of the other foot. Their third started from him deciding to try and pass it out of defense rather than clear his lines. I told my mate it would cost us, and it did. Their fourth- what the fuck was his trailing leg doing there? McGregor had it covered.
  2. Bydo

    Qualification From the Group Stage

    I think we’ve fucked it. To be ahead three times and lose is criminal- even at this level.
  3. That Mark Daly article is damning, and should be shared with every bheast there is. Finally the MSM acknowledge that Big Jock Knew, and they say it in no uncertain terms.
  4. Bydo

    Andy Halliday

    He’s been more than decent the last few games. He deserves the appropriate praise for that. The fact is though the next time we have a bad result when he plays he will be slaughtered, even if it’s not his fault. A no win situation for him I feel. The only way he will convince people otherwise is if he turns into Messi overnight, and we all know that's not happening.
  5. Bydo

    Bolt ya rocket!

    Oh way, oh way oh way oh way Usain Bolt Halliday...
  6. You know what we just aren’t doing any more? Closing players down and disposessing them. Early in the season we were fucking fantastic at it, wouldn’t give teams the time of day. Now we are standing off them and allowing them to counter attack us. The goals against Aberdeen and last night would not have happened had we not allowed them that space.
  7. Bydo


    Can take a much better corner than Tav can. Every one was into a dangerous area and that’s not a bad thing to have in your side. Played well tonight.
  8. Bydo


    Gerrard is 100% to blame for yesterday. I am convinced that absolutely anyone (including Grezda and Halliday) would have done a better job than Sadiq last night. His inability to substitute him at HT for fear of owning up to his mistake was the killer for us. Speaking of subs- he must start being more proactive. Just because things are 'going OK' doesn't mean a sub isn't appropriate. Subs bring energy, and they bring an uncertainty that the opposing team needs to react to. As soon as Aberdeen scored last night, we all knew that was it. All they had to do was sit in for ten minutes, and christ knows that they did it well enough for the previous 80. An earlier sub could have avoided that completely.
  9. Bydo

    Us at hampden

  10. Bydo


    “Should’ve tapped it in” will be the new “should’ve passed it to Dodoo”
  11. Five cunting semi finals in a row I’ve had to go to that place and walk away feeling sick. Not good enough for Rangers. Never acceptable. If we get to the SC semi final, I’ll have a horrid feeling in my chest.
  12. Bydo

    Please Tav

    Amazing what just one decent corner delivery can do, eh?
  13. Hahaha Nice to see Naismith fucked. Ya wee rat bastard.
  14. Bydo

    Europa Group G Table

    If Villarreal win both of their games we will go through. If either of them get another result against them we will really need to put them to the sword ourselves.
  15. Bydo

    The Atmosphere

    It’s not just that though. “The Ukraine” for example. I suppose that Ukraine didn’t get their CVA and started in the lower divisions as “The Ukraine”?