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  1. My favourite top ever, even if it was a re-hash of the France World Cup top.
  2. Bydo

    The sash

    Me and @Spectre were discussing this at the SF. The rhythm that they sing it to is really off-putting and just sounds plain shite. It even had us wondering if we were misremembering the tune as it was supposed to be.
  3. Funny, but he nearly made a cunt of it himself as well.
  4. Hahaha. So much for us gong back top today. Fucking disgraceful.
  5. That’s not what anyone here is saying IMO. We are saying we should NOT have wished him all the best in a club publication knowing what he did.
  6. The whole defence we have hinges on exactly this- that we did know and that we did sack him.
  7. That’s all we need, is some kind of evidence or indication that he was reported. If we said we did, but we didn’t, then I’m sorry but we have fuck all moral high ground ever again on this issue.
  8. If he was sacked, he should not have had A nice wee parting of the ways paragraph under the Rangers News, under any circumstances.
  9. Obviously Daly has done everything possible to dig up dirt on us to try and tar us with the same brush as that lot (miraculously finding a Rangers News from 1991 FFS) but honestly this doesn’t make good reading. I can only hope that if we did know and called the police, we can prove it in some way. Doesn’t make it right wishing him all the best in the club newspaper though.
  10. If he hadn’t got that “squash injury” we would have won the league that season, and 10 in a row for that matter.
  11. Ohhh, the paper said sorry. That’s alright then. I’m sure “Hugh Jordan” (whoever the fuck that is) has been dealt with appropriately.
  12. Our headers from corners have been fucking abysmal lately.
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