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  1. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    He still has TWO YEARS on his contract?! We are a shambles giving that cunt a deal like that.
  2. Livingston vs Thistle

    Top 6 to championship in a season. Ha fucking ha.
  3. Livingston vs Thistle

    Off you pop you fucking hipster cunts.
  4. Forbes Tailoring

    Those weird waistcoats are fucking horrible
  5. The Five Way Agreement

    The one thing we can truly be thankful to Ally for. But that's it.
  6. BBC Article

    Here’s a question... If ‘David’, Rangers fan, and season ticket holder at Ibrox, is so concerned about justice- why is he pursuing us for monetary gain when he knows our recent financial situation? It was reported to the police and he was sacked. Our liability ends there.
  7. BBC Article

    Absolutely fucking stinking. That bit especially.
  8. Season Tickets

    Not sure how relevant the number of years is to anything, but genuinely good on you. I hope that I manage to get to 45 years on the trot! I however don’t like being seen as a cash cow who will always be there no matter how much shite we need to put up with. Eventually there will come a breaking point for me and many others and if that happens we will know who to blame.
  9. Season Tickets

    Not a chance
  10. Season Tickets

    Sorry. but i have to disagree on that one mate. Not on the loyalty point of course, but on the contempt the board show us in the face of that loyalty. It's because of that loyalty they think they can get away with what they want, and so far have done.
  11. Season Tickets

    I renewed, but after a lot (and I mean a lot) of self deliberation. The way my mate put it earlier sums it up- "They know we button up the back."
  12. Realistic Expectation Next Season

    I think we will be lucky to get those two. IF we can get a couple of wins against them we will be title contenders- after all, if we had one two against them this year there would only be 6 points in it.
  13. 10 years ago today

    Kirk fucking Broadfoot.
  14. 10 years ago today

    I've been dreading this day coming. A wonderful experience to begin with, but it's so so painful when you think of what could have been, and where we are now.