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  1. Bydo

    Europa League public sale?

    Perhaps your right- I think that day trips are a bit different given that it’s mostly going away. My opinion sadly is that the prices for these games are verging on too much, and if I didn’t pay it and someone else did, fair play to them.
  2. Bydo

    Europa League public sale?

    I think you’ve missed my point entirely. I am saying that there is a limit- somewhere. That limit is going to be different for different people depending on circumstances. As it happens I didn’t feel so aggrieved that I didn’t buy them- but at some point it will have become too expansive for me. Quite honestly, if you tell me that if they had put the prices up to, say, £120 that someone else would buy my seat if I didn’t? I doubt that.
  3. Bydo

    Gerrard has Brendan rattled...

    'As much as that is true, if he walked before the seasons end, they are well and truly fucked. It will send them into complete disarray and they will never be able to recover. I want him gone as it will virtually guarantee our title win.
  4. Bydo

    Europa League public sale?

    Totally agree. Where's the line? £130? £150? There has to come a point where the head rules the heart and we say 'hold on a minute'. We all love Rangers but that doesn't mean we should be taken as cash cows.
  5. Bydo

    State of this

    Yes I have, and I absolutely agree.
  6. Bydo

    State of this

    You know what, I get that it’s a tiny wee thing and nobody should be greeting about it, but when you look at all the chaos that has surrounded our kit sales over the last few years: - Boycotting them - Lionbrands shameless fakes - Selling them but only if we pay Ashley £3M, but in the process giving him first refusal, and not bothering to tell the fans that fact after they fly off the shelves. - Announcing three cracking kits with no known sale date. - The surprise red training kit in our first Euro away game - Ryan Kent inexplicably wearing a fucked up top for no apparent reason And now this? I’ve probably forgot loads too. The whole affair has been an embarrassment from start to finish. It’s no surprise people are moaning about it.
  7. Finally got me a home top. I’ll maybe pick up a third kit when they’re a bit more plentiful.
  8. How come our kit tonight was different to the one unveiled? Black sponsor on that to just doesn’t work.
  9. Bydo


    Where the fuck are that cunt’s ankles??
  10. Bydo

    Group stage payment cccs

    I’ve had three lots of £33 taken. Odd. I suppose it makes me a little happier that my tickets didn’t cost me over the symbolic £100 barrier- but it’s still too much.
  11. Without a doubt- the sweetest of ours or any lifetime.
  12. Bydo

    Group stage payment cccs

    I have two payments pending- both £33. Very strange.
  13. Looking at it objectively, I am a convinced that if the roles were reversed and that was given as a foul against us, we would be outraged. It was an aerial challenge where he came out second best and there was hardly any contact IMO. As for the rolling about comment, Jack wasn’t taken out to the extent that he shouldn’t have been able to get himself up and at least try and track back. Instead he played for a foul that wasn’t coming.
  14. Wasn’t a foul and it didn’t cost a goal. Him rolling about like a wee lassie and then our inability to deal with a counter attack cost us that goal.