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  1. The Hag blocked me on twitter literally within seconds just there for daring to call her out on her bullshit lies when she commented on the initiative.
  2. Very glad to hear it! Feel awful for whoever it was. It was grim.
  3. A body has just been pulled from the canal outside my house at Spiers Wharf. Not far from where he went missing.
  4. “Due to the expansion of club operations, a new and exciting opportunity has arisen to join the current First Team Kit Controller at Rangers.” Jimmy is staying.
  5. Bydo

    Ibrox Maintenance

    Some people here are getting angry about wooden panelling, and you are suggesting that we take the trophy room out? good luck!
  6. Bydo

    Ibrox Maintenance

    And we’ll change the posts ends at half time as well?
  7. Clyde reporting TLB has been offered the job permanently.
  8. https://twitter.com/clydessb/status/1132327251750588417?s=21
  9. Dundee United can get fucked. The longer they are down there, the more chance the bastards will go bust. Fuck them
  10. I said it when he got the Killie Job that it was some coup. Hate the cunt but whether you like it or not he had our number. Absolutely drilled his players to know exactly what to do. Hope Scotland get shagged though.
  11. Fucking hopeless. Hard to believe the change from last week. Final passing woeful and we are being cut open every time they counter. If ever there was an indication that our second string aren’t good enough...
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