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  1. I’m a silver mygers member and I was in today.
  2. Probably better not seeing my eyes tbf. You lot would just rip the pish.
  3. In case anyone want to know- pretty much all the orange training kit is away.
  4. The quality of this top is unreal. Material like I’ve never experienced before in a football top. First class.
  5. I think it looks miles better than the shite we have had up there for the last two year.
  6. I’ve literally just left mate.
  7. I’m driving hame like this.
  8. Fuck all mate, Still haven’t heard a thing. It’s a fuckin shambles.
  9. Just arrived at the shop the now and I’m feeling like a wean.
  10. It’s literally only for one day. Why shouldn’t MyGers members get the first look/opportunity to buy? You only need to wait until 6pm, then you can come and go as you please.
  11. You’re at it. I’ll say it again. You cannot, will not and will never get our new kit from the Glasgow and Belfast stores. They are dead as far as Rangers and Castore are concerned. You might as well forget they exist. Also- for the first time in 8 years we actually do have our merchandise in order. If you shop at the Elite stores, Rangers are seeing fuck all of your money.
  12. I’m not trying to be funny mate but this must be the fourth time you’ve been told... Ashley owns SD. Don’t shop there. Elite/Hummel own the Glasgow and Belfast shops- nothing to do with Ashley. (In fact, Ashley tried to block them from operating.) Don’t shop there. Rangers and a Castore run the new shop at Ibrox and the new online store. Shop there!
  13. No- they are owned by Elite/Hummel, who still haven’t paid the money they owe Rangers.
  14. Managed to get myself a ticket to the shop opening tomorrow at 1pm. Might just buy a shirt there then ask Castore for a refund when they eventually answer their fuckin emails.
  15. I’ve still heard fuck all from Castore or Hermes so I’m expecting to get an email like that.
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