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  1. Pretty sure it was announced not long ago that we had a long term lease on the astroturf park and building across from the main stand.
  2. They just do not get that for every other team it is their cup final! Until they get that and match the desire in every game we won't win the league.
  3. Out fought and out thought, inexcusable when going for the league! Kamara was a disaster waiting to happen since we came back, midfield non existent! If they think what we have is good enough we are fucked again. Absolute joke!
  4. Need him to be on sky, coverage is so biased its a joke!
  5. Yeah brought my self to watch the highlights and agree, the big twat in goals just had one of those days, it was almost a howler he made of the one that he let slip under/through him, on another day that skiddles into the net.
  6. Took the day off! But can't stop wondering when we are actually going to be able to break the current cycle? Yesterday should have been it and we still couldn't do it.
  7. Complete bottle job here, absolute joke and won't be surprised if we lose now!
  8. What has happened to Scott Arfield this season? anonymous today and a shadow of the player he was last season.
  9. Yeah could be something in it, maybe our new commercial director starting to make an impact. Also heard a few whispers that all these recent Indian links may be leading to something.
  10. Coincidence we are partnering with them for our Dubai winter break?
  11. West stand, better look out the binoculars!
  12. According to 4lads, anyone heard who it is?
  13. Plays far too deep for us, don't know how many times today he was in our half picking up the ball.
  14. Because if he's not picked for a certain number of games we owe Liverpool money.
  15. Oh and lets not forgot Ojo, looks as if he couldn't care less, should be sent back down the road asap!
  16. Fucking raging, Bottled another chance to put them under pressure and also came up against another mob who cannae kick their own arse all season but turn it on against us! Plus get Tavernier to fuck, waste of a jersey and joke he's still captain.
  17. Looks like another fuck up after coming back from a break is on the cards here!
  18. Yeah so it was, Big Eck was in charge then👍
  19. South stand for me. Not been there since we beat them 3-2 in the cup final, 2000 I think!
  20. Can't get to game due to illness today, any 'coughs' yet?
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