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  1. West stand, better look out the binoculars!
  2. Surely this could be massive after what we have been through, the fact the liquidation of the oldco has never been signed off could suggest King's previous comment about merging the companies back together may have something in it.
  3. According to 4lads, anyone heard who it is?
  4. Plays far too deep for us, don't know how many times today he was in our half picking up the ball.
  5. Because if he's not picked for a certain number of games we owe Liverpool money.
  6. Oh and lets not forgot Ojo, looks as if he couldn't care less, should be sent back down the road asap!
  7. Fucking raging, Bottled another chance to put them under pressure and also came up against another mob who cannae kick their own arse all season but turn it on against us! Plus get Tavernier to fuck, waste of a jersey and joke he's still captain.
  8. Looks like another fuck up after coming back from a break is on the cards here!
  9. Yeah so it was, Big Eck was in charge then👍
  10. South stand for me. Not been there since we beat them 3-2 in the cup final, 2000 I think!
  11. Can't get to game due to illness today, any 'coughs' yet?
  12. Any details of the incident, it could be deserved a ban?
  13. The company/family that own Bengaluru are worth billions, maybe future investors?
  14. I'm in that (probably!) Was in the crowd when they filmed at Rugby park😂
  15. Kinda insignificant after the result but what was with the different style 32 red logo at the weekend?
  16. FFS survives the killie pitch for umpteen seasons them does this!
  17. We were told it would be quality over quantity, its been the exact opposite. Been spun more bull (unless a lot happens in the next few hours!?)
  18. Apart from the last 2 mins against kilmarnock he's been dreadful.
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