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  1. Daily record and sun will be running this on front page anyday now.
  2. Can see us being in for, but not necessarily getting the backbone of the sheep's team, McKenna, Shinnie and Cosgrove.
  3. Dont get why is picked before McCrorie who is our player while Coulibaly will most likely be gone next season?
  4. Probably from a Killie fan! Fully expect a 10min review by the BBC showing his guilt.
  5. Great video. They seem pretty heavily invested in us, would be interesting to see how much they are paying.
  6. Shared a tweet about it, don't click on it all good!
  7. At the start of the season the majority was of the opinion that cutting the gap and a cup win would be acceptable progress, we can still do that. Where the negativity for me comes is with a number of what ifs we would be right in a close title fight.
  8. Not enough clicks when just linking them? Ok then add Rangers to the story, plus bonus when he signs for them we run how they trumped Rangers!
  9. If the club are talking about wanting 20m for him he needs paid like a 20m player, hence the new contracts.
  10. Four lads on twitter are saying they have been advised its a done deal
  11. Hope Barca get papped out as well, would be good to see someone completely different win it.
  12. Another absolute must win! Cut the gap and put the pressure on them before they play the sheep.
  13. I can, twice before when we played them at hampden and ibrox and lost. Just typical us for last few years, put a few results together, think we are the bollocks then get humped by some pish mob and have to start again!
  14. Does Jack owe them a favour or something? More passes to red shirts than anything else!
  15. Shambles of a performance here! Might as well take Morelos off, he is getting absolutely nothing in this match.
  16. Think its pish as well, but would take it, in todays over inflated pricing for premiership players you could see Kent costing £6 or 7m
  17. Heard an ahem transfer 'rumour' about Morelos and Kent during the week, apparently Liverpool are considering offering £10m plus Kent for Morelos!!
  18. Far as I'm concerned he should be first choice LB
  19. Yes, But first would get an independent body/company with no affiliation to clubs or club employees to run the whole set up, they set rules, formats etc. based on FIFA/UEFA regulations. Clubs have no imput and must accept them to be a member. Takes away all grievances about bias, agendas etc.
  20. Can't see it, tried to be different last time we went there and didn't happen, tried and trusted for me tonight.
  21. Dont think i have disliked any ex player of ours, but Mcinnes has made it happen, he is just such a pathetic person you wonder how he got to play for us and especially in that era when the team was just about winning?
  22. Only way to ram it to all the haters is...
  23. Same team as Wednesday apart from Defoe for Alfie,
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