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  1. Never expected much and wasn’t disappointed.
  2. Bit of a kick about for the Germans so far.
  3. Another breakdown in communication from us,wish their players had the same problem.
  4. Nah not a pen although Goldson done his usual with the attempt of a header.
  5. Our passing compared to theirs is worlds apart.
  6. Hard going but 3 points is 3 points a massive improvement on recent games I suppose.
  7. Before tonight I’d say No,after tonight Yes.
  8. Surely Rangers fans must be feeling cheated watching this.
  9. Wait for us to go behind ya took it was obvious a goal was coming.
  10. If they score we are fucked we won’t come back from it going on this horrendous performance.
  11. Fuxsake mate,that was a pen all day long he moved his arm and guided it away from that wee cunt.
  12. Wish the Rangers games at home weren’t on the TV just stick to Europe.
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