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  1. He was excellent today,his movement and positioning was class and topped it off with two great goals.Hopefully he goes on a run of goal scoring brilliance.
  2. Aye mate I agree with that,then we gave a goal away and the didn’t know whether to stick or twist.
  3. Aye seen it a few times this season and it’s annoying that sometimes we slip into playing that way.Watching Gerrard’s post Mach interview it’s obvious it’s the players doing that and not part of the game play from the Manager.
  4. Frustrating the way we started to walk about with the ball with no urgency or forward passing as we were doing earlier on and that gave them the sense of being back in the game when they should have been buried early on.But 3 points and we march on.
  5. Fuck what a result,Didn’t play well in the first half but still came out winners.A sign of a winning team that wants to win that we’ve been missing for so long.
  6. Hopefully they will tire and will need to push up and we can take advantage.
  7. That’s what’s let us down in the last two games in Europe.
  8. That was hard work and fortunate going in evens,massive improvement needed in the second half or we’ll fuck it.
  9. Winning 2-0 with the clock ticking down feels like it is.just the same as the last game against them it felt like a defeat.
  10. Like watching every time Rangers are on the tele.😂
  11. I would like to see us do more from midfield to front and take the pressure off the back line more than we are in the first 45.
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